Research Paper on Sex Crimes

Sex crime is any act of a sexual nature without consent. UK criminal law (Criminal Justice act, 1991) allows courts to impose long terms of imprisonment, if the person committed sexual crime constitutes a danger to the public. As a rule, such crimes are committed by male individuals.

Sex crime (sexual violence, child sexual abuse in the family) is participation of one or more persons in sexual activity against their will, regardless of their age, gender, or origin, when at least one of them is unable to appreciate the nature of the activities to which he is conscripted, or cannot give informed consent for this activity.

The phenomenon of sexual crime is common in many societies and in all social groups. As a rule, male individuals are violators, and the victims are predominantly women and girls, while boys more rarely become victims of such crimes. According to the latest studies, women can also be guilty of sexual abuse, but such cases are relatively rare. It is known that domestic violence is often accompanied by sexual abuse.

There is growing evidence that rape and sexual abuse are much more common than it was considered among the married persons and cohabitants, as well as in other types of relationship, when the partners did not know each other. However, the social workers and health care workers main concern during the last decade is child sexual abuse.

There are additional considerations relating to the sexual assault of children. Standing Conference on Sexually Abused Children gives such definition to the problem: “every child under age of eighteen may be considered a victim of sexual abuse, when sexually mature person, intentionally or in disregard of the generally accepted or specific duties in relation to the child, engage it or let the child be involved in any activity of a sexual nature, conducive to sexual satisfaction of sexually mature individuals. This definition does not mention any violence, genital, or other physical contact, provocations on the part of the child and the apparent damage in the near future. Sexual abuse takes many forms, including contactless (voyeurism, provocative remarks, demonstration of genital organs), physical contact, including kissing, petting and necking, and any other form of non-penetrative sex acts, as well as masturbation, and sexual exploitation, including prostitution and pornography.

Most cases of sexual abuse involve two persons, but sometimes there can be more participants. The perpetrator is usually an adult, but sometimes children can be both the perpetrators and victims.

A recent study in the UK revealed that no less than 10% of young people over 15 years of age were the victims of sexual abuse; 77% of the respondents denied the sexual abuse, another 13 percent refused to answer the question. Other studies in the United Kingdom and the United States show that these figures are much higher.

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