Happy Birthday Letter Sample

Do you remember that magnifying magic of being a child when all the senses seem to be brighter, and all the events feel much more exciting? I remembered and always thought about those times as the happiest period of my life. The sky was higher, adventures were more exciting, and even the world seemed to be spacier when I was a child. Especially crucial for me personally were my birthday parties, and fifth of them, which was not actually a party, but rather a family day, was the most exciting experience of my whole life as simple things that showed the love of my parents made me the most cheerful little birthday girl in all the world.

On that day, I wore the pinkest and the fanciest dress I had, and those new shoes which I was not allowed to wear on my walks. I had two white bows in my hair and my favorite doll who supported me on every occasion. I had trouble falling asleep last night; however, I woke up early, carefully chose my outfit for such an important event, and came downstairs with a huge smile. Just in that second, I found myself in the arms of the most important people of my little shiny world: Mommy and Daddy. They cuddled me so warmly that I was sure how the magic felt. Mommy and Daddy told me that since that day I was almost adult: surprisingly, Il also felt older and wiser than the previous day. All in all, just before going downstairs, I spent as long as ten minutes in front of my mirror exploring how a five-year-old young lady drastically differed from a four-year-old child. The changes were visible! For this occasion, Mommy cooked my favorite pancakes, and I was struggling to eat them in an adult way: with a knife and a fork. I loved both pancakes and how smiley and cheerful my parents were: Daddy was not hurrying being late for work, and Mommy looked stunning with that red lipstick and antique pearl necklace.

Even though I was doing my best trying to behave myself as a lady, I was so worried that could not sit still. I tried to borrow patience from my doll, who sat next to me and succeeded in good manners way better than I did. However, this feeling was much stronger than an already five-years-old lady; it was something hot and cold, something pleasant and terrifying at the same time. I wondered if a person was able to have alive butterflies in the stomach, but did not ask because well-mannered ladies do not speak during the meal.

Those twenty minutes of breakfast and five more for a tea felt even longer than piano lessons which I had twice a week. Finally, parents had a quick glance at each other, smiled, and Daddy suddenly appeared with a huge present box! I did not notice my own screams: I found myself ripping off the red ribbon and bright gift paper scrupulously. My heart was beating faster as more pieces of gift paper that were flying over the room. At last, I screamed and burst into tears: it was a dollhouse! A perfect pink dollhouse for my favorite doll! I was somewhere on cloud nine when parents whispered: “Happy birthday, honey!”.

After that, I was let to play with my new favorite toy for a couple of minutes: my doll definitely loved her new home, and I was so excited about her real estate! The house was fascinating: it had two floors, a terrace, and a beautiful red roof. The ground floor included a kitchen, dining room, and living room, while the second floor has a bathroom, two bedrooms, and a terrace. All the furniture was included as well, and I was so excited about the present, that spent hours playing with it.

Childhood times were always noticeably essential for me as a memory of being happy with little things that might seem unimportant, yet played a crucial role in my life. A simple dollhouse which I had for my fifth birthday became my favorite toy among numerous others that might be more expensive or beautiful, and that modest celebration was far more breathtaking than first teenage dates or wild parties of young adult years.

Through the years, parents’ phrase “Happy birthday, honey” always resulted into a dazzling smile and memories of that special day.

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