Essay on Indigo Children

If ordinary human beings feel reassured by the “categorization” and membership in defined groups, children called Indigo are simply terrified to have another “label,” whatever that is. They were in turn called Indigo children, children of Oz, Crystal children, or children of the sixth Ray. They said to be the ‘new’ children, children of the ‘new land’, ‘New world’.

However, a child who is born with indigo colored energy field doesn’t need to be told that, it already knows!
All these children said to constitute the majority of the world’s population born since the beginning of the 1990s: they know who they are. Not that they don’t need anyone else around them, it is just they do not have the need to define socially the world that surrounds them. They know that the reality which surrounds us is not limited to what our five senses are able to perceive, but that we are part of a broader universe, invisible, which encompasses and affects every moment of our destiny.

If somebody says that you’re a very intuitive person, that you are responsive to the people surrounding you, their emotions and their vulnerability, that your have special gifts of healing, extrasensory perception or ability to communicate with animals, or even that you speak confidently by having the conviction to hold the truth, without doubt – there are high chances that you be inspired by Indigo energy.

The peculiarity of the Indigo energy lies in the fact that it favours the integration in all its forms. This is why, when it is present in your energy body, it makes you sensitive to recognize that “all that is around you is already present in you”. For example, the Indigo child reads a book and he had the impression that he already knows this information he reads yet for the first time. Same thing when it meets someone and know in a glance if this person can be trusted or not. It has access to the network of knowledge which is carpeted the entire universe, to the data contained in the “Akashic implementation”, the memory of time. The more one believes, the more he will develop this energy unlimited knowledge and heightened Intuition.

Since the beginning ot time, children are born with Indigo energy dominating in their subtle bodies. Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci, St. Francis of Assisi, Joan of Arc, Uri Geller were individuals, who grew up being ‘inspired’ by this Indigo ray in them. In ancient civilizations, they were recognized as shamans, healers, witches, mystical or “geniuses”, unique in their kind.

In their time, they appeared to be ‘different’ from others, “exceptional” in the sense of “outsized” among their peers, as was my case when I was born in 1964. As a child, I was talking to my guides and saw them around me, but like many people, I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut and ignore these “mental aberration” which consternaient my parents. It took me over 25 years to open mysekf to my gifts of healing and clairvoyance.

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