How to Write a Convincing Research Proposal

Sometimes students are asked to prepare an effective convincing research proposal which should reveal the topic under research from all possible sides. Of course, the student’s duty is to persuade the professor in the success of the chosen topic and one can do it if he learns to prepare the proposal correctly relying on some professional convincing research proposal writing tips for PhD or Master’s degree:

  1. The first thing which has to be done is the generation of the appropriate topic for the research. The student should focus on the creation of the topic which would be close to his interests and would motivate him to conduct profound research and devote much time to the process of writing.
  2. The second is the creation of the right title of the research proposal which would attract the reader’s attention. It is important to create a brief and catchy title which would reflect the idea of the proposal and the problem which would be mentioned in the research. After that one should prepare a good outline for the proposal in order to make the process of writing logical and well-organized. Finally, one will need to compose an interesting and short abstract which informs the reader about the idea and purpose of the investigation in a few words.
  3. The student has to collect information about the problem which he wants to research and demonstrate the hypothesis of the research in order to explain to the professor the peculiarities of the issue, the points which he wants to investigate and what results he wants to achieve. Naturally, the reliable sources can provide the student with the useful information about the problem and will probably help him generate a few additional ideas for the research of other matters.
  4. If the student wants to succeed in persuasive writing, he will need to master the special skills of the presentation of information. First of all one will have to prove that the topic and the problem he has chosen for the analysis is really worth it. One should make the professor believe that the issue is a relevant one and the research of the problem will be useful for the discipline and the student himself, as his background knowledge will be improved considerably. It is smart to persuade the professor in the fact that the topic has not been researched by anyone yet and the student’s ideas are really original and can be useful for the analysis of the matter.
  5. In order to succeed in writing one will have to create a really logical and well-balanced outline which will contain all the points and issues which require research. In the end one should provide a few arguments, the list of the used sources and methods which will be used for writing.

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