Essay on Role of Grandparents in Our Life

Thanks to grandparents as a child we believe in magic. Yes, and without them there would be no MOM and dad! And what else?
They love us with their unconditional love!

Yes, only our grandparents can love that way: expecting nothing in return and not demanding from their grandchildren to speak at least three languages or to know read and write at the age of three. Their grandchildren are always and no matter what the most intelligent, beautiful and beloved grandchildren, even if there is not one or two, but several there is always enough room for everyone in their hearts.

Our grandparents forgive us almost everything. They always support us with their fingers crossed and are full of pride when they tell others about our successes or show our pictures. They never forget our birthdates, however much grandchildren they had, and give us sense of security.

Grandchildren usually have absolute power over their grandparents and use it in their interests.

If grandparents can they come from the other end of town, just to pick up their kid home from nurseries or tell him a bedtime story — and not only when mom “goes down” after an important meeting, or dad leaves for long business trip in some delegation. They can take a vacation only to take their grandchildren to Zoo, or even just walk in the street. Help their child draw a hare, or take their side when they are not right.

They have plenty of time for their grandchildren. They are in no hurry, as their adult children, and remember the days when there were no faxes, the Internet, ATMs, and holiday greetings sent by mail but not by e-mail. They did not have free Saturdays, because one only the laundry occupied the whole day. However, grandparents can quit what they are doing to feed their grandchildren, to build a castle on the table or even to repair a tape recorder for a whole week.

We can always talk seriously about important matters to our grandparents. They recall the names of our friends in kindergarten and do not interrupt us in the middle of the story about the love of your life little girl Lisa that prefers to play with Cyril from a senior group. They are very wise and know exactly when the child wants to just cry. More than that, our grandparents are great negotiators between their grandchildren and their parents.

And another big advantage – they know a lot of children’s puzzles and a lot of stories, and can even tell how my mother boasted that ate all the holes in the cheese. Kids love these stories, thanks to them, they find out that dad was the same inept as we are, and mom didn’t always work until late in the evening as she does today.

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