Research Paper on Gender Roles in Society

Gender roles are the types of social roles, the set of expected patterns of behavior (or rules) for people of a particular sex (more often social sex or gender), representatives of a particular sexual orientation. A role in social psychology is defined as the set of rules that determine how people should behave in a given social position.

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Feminine gender role requires women to be caring, emotional, sensitive to the interests and concerns of other people. Masculine gender role requires male aggressiveness, dominance, ambition, etc.

The term gender role has among other things developed by American physician and psychoanalyst Robert Stolle, who studied transsexualism and discovered that people’s gender role was not always consistent with the sex of their bodies seemed to belong.

In the English-speaking realm, term “gender” refers to the biological sex (sometimes written as just sex) and social gender role.

According to gender theory, gender is associated with a role that today’s people more or less consciously live with. An example is that “woman should stand at the stove and cook while the man has to provide family’s living expense.” Another example: “girls like pink, boys like blue.” Gender roles are perceived as stereotypical patterns, where each gender more or less is forced into this evaluative thought that both men and women have characteristics and needs that can be found in both gender roles, and that the idea that “men will be men” and “women should be feminine” leads to the gender discrimination and other social problems.

Gender differences were traditionally considered a manifestation of internal substantive differences in the characters and for women and men.

Although the masculinity/femininity and related features are considered to be the opposite, research clearly shows that people, regardless of their biological sex, have, to varying degrees, both sets of characteristics.

A division of labour based on gender and traditional gender roles for men and women, as a result of which any activity external to domestic economic activity has been a male domain, and household was women part, led to the economic dependence of women on men, which reflected in the character of the distribution of responsibilities among the genders.

Gender roles are part of the rules of social behaviour specific to each society. Each society thus reveals the differences between men and women.

However, the gender is a social category that does not exist in isolation. Each person is subject to conditions of social gender with regard to its culture.

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