The Avengers Movie Essay

I think this is that rare case when a long entry is not needed at all. Since everybody already knows about the existence of the Avengers movie and many have already seen it. That, honestly, is not even surprising. When going to the cinema I was hoping to see a luxurious blockbuster, but somewhere after the first half of the movie, I realized that my expectations were exceeded significantly. To be honest, at the beginning, the appointment of Joss Whedon as the director confused me. Joss was more known in tv series and had no experience in this kind of work. That’s maybe just based on the effect of novelty, Joss shot perhaps the most entertaining movie about the super heroes on such a level of spectacularity that all those done before, even the last Transformers seem not to bright against it.

The Avengers movie tells the story about the universal evil that wants to get hold of Tesseract — an inexhaustible power source to conquer new worlds. Behind all of these, a dear son of the god Odin, Lokki, which has long been eager to enslave the Earth, to hurt his brother Thor, who has there something to lose. At the same time the head of a top-secret anti-terrorist organization, Nick Fury assembles a team of the best heroes the Earth ever knew and including super-soldier Captain America, demigod Thor, extravagant billionaire and inventor Tony Stark, known as iron man, a huge green monster Hulk and a couple of first-rate killers with impressive nicknames: the Black Widow and Hawkeye.

If you look at some of the previous work of the Marvel Films, it becomes clear that Avengers was conceived well before writing the script. As recently there was a movie or two about each of the presented personages: Captain America: The First Avenger, the animated series about Hawkeye, two films about Tony Stark and his alter ego, and even a Thor movie, released just a year ago. There was not only the movie about Black Widow.

If you was waiting for a deep and complex story, you was waiting for a wrong movie, because the greatness of it is in massive battles, cool superhero atmosphere, spectacular special effects, character interaction, a nice touch of humor and unparalleled actress Scarlett Johansson, performing the role of the Black Widow. It’s all there and on the highest level. In addition, despite the fact that the movie is over two hours long, they are gone with wink and you still want more. The only thing that could confuse you a little at first is a new actor playing the Hulk. I think many would prefer to see in the role Edward Norton or Eric Bana.

The Avengers is a really cool movie, from which you can get a lot of pleasure and considerable positive charge.

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