Research Paper on Communism vs Democracy

Communism is the actual movement that overcame/abolished capitalism. Its replay, its revival, its reformulation, its updating, its recondition from its existing passes by the flourishing of each as a condition to the development of all.

Use free sample research papers on democracy vs communism to learn that the power here is the power of the people. Yes, but the people is association of the citizens, looking for the creation and construction of best live and the source of wellbeing inside each of us. The meaning of the common good, more or less present in everyone of us, pulls the thread of communism. The sense of the common good, it is what communism is all about.

The communists do not take power, they want to be able to act. Communists do not seek the seizure of power, but are in quest to allow everyone to be a link in the chain to change the society, passing through a critical assessment of what we have done so far. This assesment is a springboard for overcoming the obstacles and not a tribune for judgment. Communists are free; they act according to their knowledge, enlightenment and are changing and evolving constantly. Communists do not fight against the people, but against a system. They do not think, they act collectively for the good of all.

Democracy in which we live is liberal, it promotes, it maintains capitalism, it is a sieve for the market economy. It is liberal because it is a part neither of the world of work, nor of finance. It lets the minority to rule and exploit the majority. It divides the work of the employee, it makes him an actual performer, not a decision maker of what he produces. By becoming a social liberal democracy would solve nothing in the basis, it would leave the people slaves of capitalism. Social liberalism wants to make the socialism in a capitalist context. It wants to do a fair distribution in the unfair world. It does not attack the roots of problem, which cause the injustice. So, for democracy to becomes communism, a citizen, a shareholder, an employee must be able to intervene politically in all acts of his social life. Democracy must be a [art of the world of work and in that of finance to release all the exploited.

Democracy is the government of the people by the people and for the people; it is therefore the government by everyone and for everyone, who are bind together for a common goal. Communist democracy will be able to overcome capitalism if we see how to develop democracy in which we live, how enhanced it to abolish capitalism. It is therefore necessary to analyse gaps, deviations of liberal democracy, and imagine, create and build the communist democracy.

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