Essay on Tourism and Community Development

The world experience shows that community based tourism is seen as an alternative to agriculture. Today, agriculture cannot suggest ways to substantially improve the situation in rural areas, and therefore tourism, taking into account the perspectives of community development, can provide some economic stability. It is community based tourism that offers new economic activity that is recreational in its form, environmental in its essence, and social in its approach.

In addition, use some essays on tourism and community development to learn what determines investment in rural infrastructure, transportation, communication, trade, and public utilities.

Starting from 70’s. in European countries there has been a significant increase in the development of community based tourism.

Among the main reasons for this process are the following:

  1. a difficult economic situation in the agrarian sector in most of Europe countries has led to the search for new, “outside the agricultural rural employment”;
  2. during this period against the backdrop of a tourist boom and significant commercialization of mass tourism, the popularity of alternative tourism, which promotes an active vacation in a clean natural environment and local population, significantly increased.

All the national organizations of community based tourism joined the European Federation of farm and village tourism (Euro Gites) in the late 90s of the last century. The main purpose of the Federation is support and promoting of community based tourism, study and preservation of the capacity of tourism in Europe, the promotion of green tourism in rural areas of Europe, the targeted investment in the community based tourism development projects that promote conservation of biological, landscape and ethno-cultural diversity of Europe, providing consulting, advertising, educational and training assistance to the organizers of community based tourism.

At the beginning of the 21st century, most rural regions of Europe have successfully overcome the greatest obstacles to the development of community based tourism, in particular, the transport distance of leisure and recreation places. Community based tourism in most EU countries (especially France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Poland) is an integral part of an integrated socio-economic development of the village and justifies the need for the use of the capacity of tourism to expand rural employment and the improve the infrastructure for economic development in rural areas.

Stimulating small business development in rural areas updated the accommodation base and brought the rural hospitality standards to the generally accepted standards for the city’s hotel business.

Many European countries, namely Italy, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Hungary is widely develop rural tourism sphere, however, approaches to the development of this type of tourism and its prospects in these countries differ somewhat.

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