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Dentistry is the science that studies the structure, function, and pathology of oral cavity and maxillofacial area.

In more narrow sense, dentistry is a branch of medicine concerned with examining the teeth, their structure and functioning, their diseases, methods of their prevention and treatment, as well as diseases of the mouth, jaws, and the border areas of the face and neck.

Use free sample research papers on dentistry to learn that a specialist in dentistry is often referred to as a dentist (from Fr. dentiste), although the concept of dentist includes not only dentists, but as well dental nurses and dental technicians.

To repair and refine the teeth is a very old phenomenon. Already with the Cro Magnon-man who lived about 25 000 years ago damage to the teeth has been found. Both the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians used dentistry – and as late as in 2006, the French anthropologist Roberto Macchiarelli (a journalist from the Nature magazine) discovered, based on examination of teeth/jaws found in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, that man drilled teeth already 9000 years ago. Macchiarelli, found the nine skeletons (dated to 7000-5000 BC) having done sophisticated dental work (drilled holes with diameter of 3.5 mm).

The Greek historian, Herodotus told us the name the first dentist who lived. He was called Hesy-reoch and lived in Egypt circa 2650 BC. The ancient Egypt’s dentistry, however, contained some elements that are not used today: magic, and superstition have been used copiously. Ptah was the Egyptian God who was attributed to the power of the mouth, including human speech/noises. In Egypt, the Ebers papyrus was also found (CA. 1700-1500 BC), which tells us of the different tooth pains/injuries and the methods recommended to relieve/cure these.

Although the Egyptians were the first with their knowledge on the oral hygiene, the very first sign of toothache was written down by Sumerians, when 5000 BC, they wrote about “tooth worms” which was considered to be the cause of tooth decay.

The Greek physician Asclepius (1300-1200 BC) is often attributed the fame to be the first who removed the damaged/dead teeth from a patient’s mouth.
A medical student named Celsus (100 BC) treated and focused on problems such as bleeding gums and bad breath, and Arabian medics emphasized the importance of keeping their teeth clean – by scraping/brushing and regular mouth rinses.

In medieval Europe, the rich had access to the dentist services who made home calls. The poor, however, had to settle for treatment at the open square, where dentists were amateurs who also offered patients haircuts and other unqualified services. According to Italian sources, from the 14th century, local dentists have been using gold and lead for fillings. The French surgeon Pierre Fauchard (1678-1761) commonly referred to as “the father of modern dentistry” described the anatomy, symptoms, treatment, and so on in several books.

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