Term Paper on E-Waste

E-waste is the computers, TV-sets, cell-phones, home appliances, etc which have been thrown away by their owners. There is no precise definition of the appliances which are recognized as e-wastes, but the general understanding of the problem is the wastes which consist of the appliances used for the storage and manipulation of information. In spite of the fact that the definition of the issue contain the term “wastes”, the actual meaning of the matter is a bit different, because the electronic devices which are thrown away can be still used.

For example, the most common types of wastes are the old parts of the computers, the owners of which decided to improve the quality and power of the machine. In spite of the fact that the old parts are not as effective as the new ones, they can still be used on practice. So, the main problem of e-wastes is the unreasonable use of the resources which are at the human disposal.

It is possible to insert the old parts into another computer instead of throwing it away, utilize or repair the details, but people fail to do it and waste enormous amount of resources.

The first country which started utilizing e-wastes was Switzerland. At first it was possible to utilize only refrigerators, but very soon people started utilizing other electronic devices reducing the amount of e-wastes. The problem of e-waste is very serious, because huge piles of electronic wastes pollute the environment – soil and water; and the problem is not reduced as the electronic devices become cheaper and no one cares about repairing them, as it is not a problem to purchase a new appliance.

E-waste is a relevant problem which is characterized with the unreasonable use of electronic devices causing serious waste of resources. The student is able to study the topic deeply and complete a quality term paper about the explanation of the relevance and importance of the reduction of e-waste. One should think about the description of the types of e-wastes, their danger for the environment and the human life; moreover, the young professional should brainstorm the ways out of the problem reducing the amount of e-waste and prolonging the life and service of electronic devices.

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