Nitric Oxide Research Paper

Nitric oxide or nitrogen monoxide, NO, is a gas that is toxic at concentrations higher than 30 ppm (parts per million). NO is formed during combustion in air. Nitric oxide is an irritant to skin and eyes and inhalation of large amounts can lead to death.

To prepare a successful research paper on the topic you must know that nitric oxide is formed when a mix of nitrogen and oxygen is subjected to high temperatures and high pressure. The longer a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen is subjected to high temperatures and high pressure, the more nitric oxide is formed. The main source for the formation of nitric oxide is combustion engines in cars or the combustion in power plants. Nitric oxide reacts slowly with oxygen. Nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is formed. Continue reading “Nitric Oxide Research Paper”

Trade Area Analysis Essay

Trade Area Analysis: The Example of Best Buy in Toronto Area
Part A: Trade area delimitation for Best Buy stores
Ten Best Buy stores are shown on the map and have an almost even distribution all over Toronto. However, there is still a higher concentration of the stores in the south-western section of Toronto city, which is more densely populated. Apparently, Best Buy aspires to serve all the customers in Toronto, and this explains the wide area distribution of its stores. Each store is located a relatively far distance away from other stores to avoid overlapping the market, while at the same time covering a larger market area.

Possible new store locations can be identified using the Thiessen polygon technique to Map One. Theoretically, the boundary line vertices are considered as being the best sites for new stores. These locations are recognized as being poorly served areas since the people residing around the areas have to travel fairly long distance to get to a Best Buy store. Moreover, best Buy stores in such locations are less likely to be in competition with Best Buy stores around it.  Continue reading “Trade Area Analysis Essay”

Free Sample Essay on Leadership

leader in question is an enthusiastic individual who supports the efforts of individuals in the organization. He is the team leader of the operations department in the organization. His role involves continuous interactions with his followers and clients of the organization. His work involves verification of operations and works flow processes at all levels of the department. In addition, performance appraisals are his responsibility in the operations department of the organization. Furthermore, the possibility of achieving organizational goals at his level is fundamental to his position.

This individual is open to discussions and suggestions from team members concerning the department, as well as how to make it better. He is friendly, open minded, and responsible in the context of business affairs. He ensures that there are weekly meetings in the operations department that highlight issues, views, and progress. The team leader reports to the line manager of the operations department in the region. His key responsibility is to manage operations in the department at all times. The team leader has a master’s degree in operations management, and this helps him in the achievement of his daily duties.

Followers and situation: brief description/analysis of the followers and the situational context.  
The followers of this leader are individuals in the workforce who follow his command. The followers are processors and supervisors. The processors are the people who start the chain of operations in the department. The supervisors countercheck the work of the processors to ensure relevancy. The supervisors look for any errors and make corrections where necessary. The supervisors then pass the last details to the team leader for verification. The team leader analyses the work done by the followers and agrees or disagrees. Agreement to followers work or duties happens when the team leader is completely satisfied that the work done is up to standard. In a situation where the product is not good, the team leader would ask the followers to repeat the actions. This enhances quality of operations and maintains the performance of the organization. Continue reading “Free Sample Essay on Leadership”

Fuel Energizer Research Paper

The operating principle of fuel energizer is based on fundamental research in the field of global magnetic field. This principle is used in fuel processing in the space industry of Russia and the United States. The main element of the fuel energizer is a set of special high-energy magnets made ??of the alloy NdFeB containing rare-earth metal neodymium. This type of magnet does not lose its properties with time, suggesting the unlimited service.

When the fuel passes by the magnets with patented circuit arrangement, it passes high-energy electro) magnetic field that provide additional division of the fuel ingredients and their additional ionization, which in turn leads to more complete combustion.
If you look through free sample research paper on fuel energizer you know that the history of the fuel energizer dates back to the mid-80s in one of the Soviet Research Institute, where this method was as the basis of experimental development of fuel magnetization. The developer received a patent for the invention. Continue reading “Fuel Energizer Research Paper”

Essay on Daisy in The Great Gatsby

When I read The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald I really understood that this is in all senses a classic of the genre, the perfect love story, its variety, maze, and a heck of a fascinating story about the ways of man, of his dream, the pursuit of it, about personal life failures.

Most surprising is the author’s ability to dip a reader into the atmosphere of the 30s, where it was the beginning of the Jazz Age, mind-blowing parties, full of the champagne and girls in the brightest outfits. The world created by Francis Scott Fitzgerald is very expressive, colorful and easy to imagine. The author draws a hectic world and an unforgettable New York, but also the secular world of intrigue, wealth, destruction, limited to only by the Vila of Jay Gatsby, which is really great, despite some ironic subtext in the title.

Gatsby is especially with his great willpower and stubborn attempt to fulfill an American dream. He tries not only daily to go over the wall which was seen in his schedule, but he also tries to go over the dream, to find happiness, even if it would take on a long and painful journey. Continue reading “Essay on Daisy in The Great Gatsby”

Biblical Counseling Research Paper

In the 1970s, Biblical counseling by Jay E. Adams has launched an approach entirely based on biblical counseling. Unlike traditional counseling psychology, the proponents of biblical counseling claim that the Bible is the only school counseling may be based on. Just familiar with the Bible believer or pastor can be counseling others and do not necessarily have to be a trained therapist. The doctrine emphases behavioral problems, rather than refers to a variety of psychological factors (e.g. family problems, childhood trauma, etc.).This doctrine also refutes the current popular psychology, claiming the later to be too secular, not scientific, and too abstract.

If you are writing research paper on the topic you have to know that the proponents of biblical counseling believes that recently, some authors began to express their assumption that the crisis of the modern church’s mission lays in the absence of contextual missiological body. Continue reading “Biblical Counseling Research Paper”

Essay on Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was one of the founders of the theory of communication, translating the works of scientific research psychologists of the time in the practical field, having developed its own concept of conflict-free and successful communication. He developed psychological self-improvement courses, effective communication skills, and others. His books remain popular to this day. Dale Carnegie believed that the world is not bad place and people are mostly good, but only unpleasant circumstances, which can be controlled, and are not worth to spoil your life and that of others because of them.

Dale Breckenridge Carnegie was born on November 24, 1888 on a farm in Maryville, Missouri. He was a poor country boy, the second son of James William Carnegie and his wife Amanda Elizabeth Harbison. Continue reading “Essay on Dale Carnegie”

Research Paper on Life Cycle Assessment

The life cycle analysis (LCA) provides an effective and systematic way to assess the environmental impacts of a product, a department, a business, or a process.

The fundamental purpose, following the logic of life cycle thinking, is to know and be able to compare the pressure of a product on the resources and the environment throughout its life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials up its end of life treatment (landfill, recycling,…)

  • a procedure, that is to say a series of standardized stages;
  • a model of mathematical transformations to transform flow potential environmental impacts.

To write a good research paper on life cycle analysis it s important t understand positioning in terms of sustainability analysis. LCA is a method of analysis for complete knowledge of the sustainability of the system studied. It does not include the economic factors or social elements. The systems studied are considered normal operation, accidents are excluded. Impacts surveyed places in the biosphere and not in the techno-sphere. What happens in the production environment is not developed. Continue reading “Research Paper on Life Cycle Assessment”

Quinceanera Research Paper

Quinceañera or the feast of fifteen years is a traditional festival in Latin Hispanic world, especially in Mexico; it is commonly called Quinceañera or Quince Años. This festival is the celebration of the fifteenth anniversary, but the ceremony is different. It also gives the name of the quinceañera to the girl who celebrates this holiday.

To prepare a good research paper on quinceañera you should know that the festival represents the transition from a child to a woman of the girl celebrating her fifteenth birthday. It serves as a way of learning for the young girl to understand what is good and how to become a good wife. The ceremony, following a Catholic rite, begins with a Mass of thanksgiving (Misa de Acción de Gracia). The quinceañera arrives dressed in her party dress, often in shades of pink, accompanied by her parents, her grandparents, seven bridesmaids and as many suitors as she wants. After Mass, the younger sisters, cousins, and friends of the quinceañera go out first to head the party while the girl lays her bouquet on an altar erected in honor of the Virgin Mary. Continue reading “Quinceanera Research Paper”

Research Paper on Wilfred Owen

Wilfred Edward Salter Owen MC (born March 18, 1893 in Oswestry, Shropshire, England – died November 4, 1918 at Ors, France) was a British soldier and poet. He is considered the most important witness of the WW1 in the English literature. His most-known works today were not published until after his death. The preface written by him to the collection of his poems, which should appear in 1919, contains several expressions, which were received as phrases in the English language.

Owen came of a family of Anglo-Welsh origin. His parents Tom, a railroad worker, and Susan Owen lived in a wealthy house that belonged to her grandfather. After his death in 1897 she had to rent a furnished apartment in a poor residential area of ??Birkenhead. Wilfred Owen visited here the Technical School in Shrewsbury and Birkenhead Institute. During a holiday in Cheshire in 1903 or 1904, he discovered his poetic talent. He was educated in a protestant school. His first influences include John Keats and so, like many of his contemporaries, the Bible. Continue reading “Research Paper on Wilfred Owen”