Thalidomide Research Paper

Thalidomide is a drug that was developed in the late 1950s by the German pharmaceutical company GrĂ¼nenthal. Drugs containing thalidomide are produced under different brands, but in its country of origin it has been marketed as Contergan.

To prepare a good research paper on the topic you should know that Thalidomide is a medicine, which was marketed as a harmless sleeping pills especially appropriate for pregnant women, turned out to provide extremely serious side effects in the form of birth defects. Thalidomide caused scandal for more than 10,000 deformed children in 46 countries.

The damage from the drug, which manifested itself in the form of absence or severe deformation of the extremities (arms and legs incl. hands and feet) and sometimes even damage to the eyes, ears and internal organs, primarily affected the fetuses whose mothers took the preparation of one or a few times during the three or four first months of pregnancy. A single tablet intake during this period was sufficient to cause these birth defects. Continue reading “Thalidomide Research Paper”

Research Paper on Bill Cosby

William Henry “Bill” Cosby, Jr., born 12 July 1937 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is an American author, director, film producer, and comedian actor. He was the first black actor to win an Emmy, and has also won several other awards, including Aftonbladet TV Prize four times. He has also directed the film Bill Cosby on stage (1983).

College students, who are about to write their research papers on Bill Cosby need clearly understand that Cosby dropped out of high school when he had to repeat the tenth grade and went to the Navy. With a football scholarship, he came to Temple University, but dropped from the study due to the success as a stand-up comedian in “Gaslight Cafe,” which marked the beginning of his career. However, he later earned his doctorate.

His acting career began in 1965 with the series I Spy, in which he represented a CIA agent on the side of Robert Culp. After that, he starred in many series, which bore his name in the title. The series The Bill Cosby Show ran from 1984 to 1992 on NBC and was one of the most successful sitcoms in the history of the U.S. television. Continue reading “Research Paper on Bill Cosby”

Research Paper on Blockbuster

Blockbuster LLC, formerly Blockbuster Inc., was the largest chain of rental services and video-game based in the United States.

Initially the production could be hired through stores, later through mail and finally streaming on demand and in cinemas. At its highest point in 2004, Blockbuster had more than 60,000 employees and 9,000 stores worldwide. Due to poor results and poor strategic plannings, Blockbuster lost significant revenue and filed for bankruptcy on September 23, 2010, unable to compete with the online rental companies like Netflix or Redbox. On April 6, 2011, the company and its remaining 1,700 stores around the world were bought by Dish Network, a provider of satellite television for $ 223 million in May. In July 2011, Dish closed 200 stores in June, 2012, 500 other in 2013, and 300 in August. November 6, 2013, Dish announced it would close the remaining U.S. stores in September. Continue reading “Research Paper on Blockbuster”

Research Paper on Laundry Detergent

Detergent is a kind of cleaning agent that is primarily intended for cleaning, bleaching, softening and disinfection of textiles in various qualities water and temperatures.

Laundry detergent is marketed mostly in solid form as a powder but washing liquids are also available. Laundry detergent characteristics are key selling points; they indicate if the detergent can be used for washing foods, its best effective range of temperature, its stain removal properties and its implications for people with allergies as well as its impact on the environment.

The first detergent for household use, Persil, was marketed for the first time on June 6th 1907 by Henkel & Cie in Dusseldorf. Nowadays, most detergents are manufactured synthetically, but until the 1950s, soap flakes, produced from animal and vegetable oils, were still common.

To write an interesting and argumentative research paper on the topic you should know that laundry detergents are marketed in different forms, in powder, liquid, gel, packaged as tablets, cereals and so on. Liquid detergents besides regular laundry can be used to pre-treat stubborn stains. Continue reading “Research Paper on Laundry Detergent”

Essay on Ultranationalism

Ultranationalism is extreme form of nationalism, which, in turn, is a worldview that is based in the Community of Nations borders.

Ultranationalism celebrates the nation, the culture, the history and sees the nation-state and its interests above all. Those who profess ultranationalism is called ultranationalist.

Ultranationalism emerged in Europe during the 1900s and led to the creation of fascism, expansionism, totalitarism,, and irredentism as we know them today. After the Second World War ultranationalism was used together with Marxism as an ideology in several colonial liberation movements.

In his celebration through history, ultranationalism can also be linked to romance. This is because ultranationalists believe that nationalism intention is to promote an altruistic, unselfish act for the sake of the nation. Thus the ultranationalists consider that ultranationalism can unify forces and reduce frictions in society and therefore believe that it provides a strong positive impact on society. Continue reading “Essay on Ultranationalism”

Number Theory Research Paper

Number theory is a branch of mathematics that deals with the properties of integers. The application of the elementary arithmetic or number theory includes a generalization of arithmetic, the theory of Diophantine equations, the analytic number theory and algebraic number theory.

From antiquity to the seventeenth century, the theory of numbers was asserted as undergraduate discipline and came out without other mathematical sub-regions. Its only tools were the properties of the integers, in particular prime factorization (Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic), divisibility, and calculating with congruence. Such a pure approach is also known as elementary number theory. Important results can be achieved using elementary methods, which are small Fermat’s theorem and its generalization, the set of Euler, the Chinese remainder theorem, the set of Wilson and the Euclidean algorithm. Continue reading “Number Theory Research Paper”

Research Paper on Body Image and the Media

Our body image depends on the historical and cultural context in which we live. In today’s world this context is largely determined by the media. Culturally constructed images of feminine beauty and implicit assessment of the female body is an integral part of the media, whether it is specifically oriented or relatively neutral. Simply look at the rack of glossy magazines or browse one of them to understand that we are infinitely imposed certain standards of appearance, which have very little to do with how women look in real life.

To write a good research paper on body image and the media you must understand that women are told not only to fit “expected” body image, but as well to fight tirelessly with their own body to meet these expectations. Besides fighting pathos and advertisements, articles about the “beauty problems” often carry an implicit message that a woman should be afraid of her age, her food, loneliness. Thus, the media inspire fear, “if you do not buy (do) all this, you will get fat, grow old and look bad.” Continue reading “Research Paper on Body Image and the Media”

Term Paper on Terrorism in Nigeria

is a troublesome country in Africa which has a great number of problems which prevent the country form the regular development. First of all, there are such problems as unemployment, economic crisis, population crisis, troubles with education, healthcare and social services. But probably the most obvious reason of all possible problems which destabilize the life and economic growth of the country is terrorism.

Terrorism in Nigeria is a very serious problem which causes much harm to the citizens of the country and nearly every month the country suffers from serious terroristic acts which take dozens of human lives. The major cause of terrorism is the conflict between radical Islamic organizations and Christians. The most well-known and radical terroristic organization in Nigeria is Boko Haram. This organization is known for its severe terroristic acts which are characterized with explosions, kidnapping, threats, etc. Continue reading “Term Paper on Terrorism in Nigeria”

Voice Browser Research Paper

Voice browser is an app capable to understand and synthesize the speech.

As speech recognition technology added accuracy and ease of use, the promise of Conversational Computing Corporation (Redmond, Washington) to finally liberate Internet users from the mouse and keyboard becomes more and more real.

Use free sample research papers on Voice browser to learn that in an effort to bring that day closer Conversay (another popular company name) is about to present Conversay Voice Surfer – an optional application for the Internet Explorer by Microsoft, which will allow to surf the Web, using some voice commands.

First to be released beta Voice Browser, which is a modernized Conversay Web 3.2 – a desktop application that runs as an IE add-on. The main improvement will be a toolbar with voice level indicator – a horizontal strip along its length indicates the volume of the voice commands, and the color – the quality of their identification. Continue reading “Voice Browser Research Paper”

Research Paper on Natural Dyes

Natural dyes are organic compounds produced by living organisms and stain animal and plant cells and connections tissue. They have mainly yellow, brown, black, and red colors of different shades, very little are blue and purple and green is usually absent.

To prepare a research peper on the topic, you should know that prior to the second half of the XIX century, natural dyes were the only dyes for dyeing the textile, perfumes, leather, paper, food, etc. With the development of organic synthesis industry, natural dyes were unable to compete with synthetic dyes and basically lost their former practical significance. Small amounts of natural dyes are used in the restoration work. They are also used in the food and perfume industries, in studies by optical and electron microscopy in cytology and histochemistry, in analytical chemistry. Many natural dyes have considerable physiological and antibiotic activity, and therefore are commonly used as medicaments. Some natural dyes are plant growth regulators, as well as signal substances that attract pollinators and pest repellents. Continue reading “Research Paper on Natural Dyes”