Term Paper on Happiness

Happiness is the psycho-emotional condition of the deep satisfaction and joyfulness about the human life. It is obvious that happiness gives the biggest joy for the human being and this condition can be called the major one if one speaks about the quality and the sense of life. The issue on happiness can be observed form different points of view – philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology, economics, etc.

Naturally, the phenomenon of happiness is quite an abstract one and it is very difficult to explain its nature from all possible sides. The easiest way to describe the state of happiness goes through the field of psychology. There have been created a lot of concepts and explanations of the cause and effect of happiness but all of them have something similar.

It is possible to observe the problem from the point of view of the research of the famous psychologist Abraham Maslow who claims that there are such sources of happiness – the satisfaction of physical needs (hunger, thirst, sleep); needs for safety; love; respect and self-actualization.

So, a happy person is the one who satisfies her needs. From the point of view of physiology happiness is the high concentration of the hormones of happiness – endorphins. Religion understands happiness as the total following of the rules of the church through which one can reach joy and pleasure. Another idea is the possibility of reaching to happiness after death; this idea can be called the major one in the absolute number of big religions. Finally, happiness is analyzed through the field of philosophy and every philosopher of the certain definite trend or philosophic school has his own understanding of happiness.

Happiness is an abstract phenomenon which can be called the main thing the majority of people are longing for. The student has the opportunity to observe the problem on happiness in detail and prepare a good term paper which would reflect the analysis of the issue form all possible points of view. The young professional has the chance to complete a good assignment which would explain to the reader the meaning of happiness form the point of view of different sciences. One should also try to share his own concept of happiness in order to make the term paper look in the personal way.

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