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The term “Chinese food” refers to the food originated in some regions of China, as well as the culinary traditions of the Chinese diaspora. The history of Chinese cuisine begins at Neolithic; over time, different regions have their own preferences depending on the climate and courtly fashion. With the passage of time, Chinese cuisine adopted foreign ingredients and cooking traditions. It has specific culinary peculiarities characteristic of people of different social classes and nationalities. The most famous Chinese food is Peking duck, Dim sum, fried rice, century egg, and turtle soup.

Use free sample research papers on Chinese food to realize that like the French, the Chinese appreciate food and eat very many native plants and animals. However, the basis of the Chinese people diet since the beginning of agriculture was and is cereals, while meat is consumed in relatively small quantities. Cooks in China have the same status as important officials. According to a legend, the founder of the Shang dynasty appointed his cook a Prime Minister. In the annals of Zuo Zhuan “combination of ingredients in the soup is described as a symbol of harmony as such. Confucius likened well-prepared dish is well-managed state. Many thinkers believed cooks exemplary for the ruler to feed his people.

In ancient times, the cooking was strictly regulated by the laws: for example, the emperor could eat beef and pork and lamb, and his ministers were only allowed lamb. In the early historical period (the Shang dynasty and Zhou dynasty) to salting, drying, pickling, and marinating meat were already known. The first cereal were millet (in the North) and rice (in the South), and later the Chinese began eating barley and wheat. They also actively used fruit: in the stomach of one of the wives of Wu, many melon seed have been found. Chinese borrowed from Mongols the habit of eating lamb as well as cooking the food on a high heat and simmering in pots.

Rice is the main ingredient of the Chinese food, mostly white, eaten boiled or fried. Cooked noodles and steamed rice dishes (zongzi and other rice cakes) in addition to the use in a variety of dishes, is used for the production of alcoholic beverages and vinegars.

Chinese noodles has many varieties, differing in size, texture, shape, and composition. Some types of noodles are symbolic suggestions of longevity. The noodles are served with or without sauces, hot or cold, with additives, as well as in dry form.

Soy is the second main ingredient and one of the top providers of protein in the Chinese diet: tofu and soymilk, soy paste, soy sauce and soy oil is the major irreplaceable product.

It is believed that the first Chinese cook book for ordinary people was prepared and published by the artist Ni Czan: it described the methods of preparing shellfish, chicken, mushrooms, wheat gluten, alcohol, and soft drinks. There were published in it, probably, the first known recipe of Surimi. Most of the recipes are simple, although there are several gourmet dishes.

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