Forensic Psychology Research Proposal

Forensic psychology is the branch of psychology which studies the psychological problems which occur during the trial. The importance of forensic psychology can not be overestimated, because very often it is difficult to define whether the suspected person is guilty or not and the only way out from such a situation is to analyze the condition of her psychics. The main aspects of forensic psychology are the psychological analysis of the suspect, professional study of the crime by the psychologist, careful search and interrogation, etc. In the end, much attention is paid to the prevention of crimes and psychological help to the criminals on their way of socialization. Nowadays the experts in the sphere of crime and punishment dwell on the human psychology in order to define the motives of crime.

It is obvious that if the suspect was in the heat of passion, he can not be treated like a criminal, because he did not understand what he was doing. In this case the suspect is not imprisoned but he has to survive the treatment at a mental hospital in order to be able to live in the human society normally without causing harm to anybody.

Moreover, forensic psychology is focused on the help to the suspects and victims who are questioned during the trial. The process is difficult for the both sides of the trial and the professional forensic psychologists take care to find the special personal approach towards the criminals and victims to maintain the quality of the trial. In the end, the psychologists work with the prisoners in order to influence their mentality and facilitate their socialization and regular life in the human society when they are free.

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