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Drug Abuse Resistance Education, short DARE, is a US-based drug prevention program. Since the beginning in 1983 it has become the best known prevention program against drug abuse in adolescents. It arose from “a collaboration between the police and school administrators in Los Angeles” and is a non-profit organization managed (DARE America, Los Angeles).

DARE is a phased program in which the following objectives should be achieved by means of targeted teaching by uniformed police officers in
elementary school:

  • Increased knowledge;
  • Decision-making ability;
  • Self-confidence;
  • Ability to peer pressure withstand.

The writers seeking to prepare a good research paper have to know that currently, the program is present in 50 states and in 58 countries.

It arrived in Brazil in 1992 through the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro, and since 2002 is in all Brazilian states.

The DARE is developed in public and private schools, on the 5th and 7th year of elementary school, as early childhood education (DARE Kids) and for adults as DARE for Parents, by the trained police officers and prepared to develop it in a playful way, especially through a methodology geared for children, adolescents and adults. The goal is to convey a message of appreciation for life, and the importance of staying away from drugs and violence. The DARE for parents reinforces the importance of friendship and supervision of parents with children. After four months of DARE course, the children receive the certificate, the occasion providing the commitment to keep themselves apart and away from drugs and violence. The DARE for parents consists of five sessions of approximately two hours.

The program consists of some pedagogically structured lessons, taught compulsorily by a police officer in uniform; that besides their physical presence in the classroom as a social educator, provides a strong link to the school community in which it operates, strengthening the triad: Police, School and Family.

The program offers in the language accessible to the age groups a variety of interactive activities with the participation in cooperative learning; activities that were designed to encourage students to solve the main problems in the phase in which they are living.

The program does not invalidate any other program, as Work Activity prevention, aimed at young people as a whole. The company’s cooperation and effective participation giving the boost to the business, economic and financial viability and continuity of DARE is essential to create a growing protective network against drugs (legal and illegal), as well as against the attitudes that generate violence.

Only in the state of Rio de Janeiro, the DARE has served more than 790,000 children since its inception in 1992.

In the state of Santa Catarina, 1998, the initial year, until 2013, the DARE reached the milestone of one million children enrolled in 5th grade, which corresponds to approximately 15% of the population of Santa Catarina.

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