Research Proposal on Climate Change and Food Security

Food security is the element of national security.

A situation in which all people at any given time have physical and economic access to sufficient amount of food needed for an active and healthy life.

Using of free research proposal samples on the topic will let you know that food security should have the highest priority for the state with the idea to ensure ideal conditions for the population free access to food. In this regard, the pursuit of food security is a continuous process. At the same time to achieve it there are often changes in development priorities and mechanisms for the implementation of agricultural policy.

One of the most notorious effects of climate change is changing of the water distribution in all its forms on earth. Rising sea levels due to thermal expansion of seawater, while melting emerged glaciers imbibes and salinizes the coast, when more than half the world’s population lives in coastal areas.

On the other hand, the huge masses of water under the influence of a redistribution of temperatures cause a significant change in the dynamics of ocean currents, which are, with the north/south distribution and the continental land, the main factors determining the climate in a given area. The modeling of these factors is so complex and yet the climate change is so poorly understood and unpredictable that it is currently impossible to determine in a sufficiently accurate manner what climate change will appear where and when, as well as the duration of stabilization after these changes are extremely difficult to predict.

Thus, climate change is followed by a very important unpredictability of the new local conditions. All this will of course greatly affect agriculture:

  • difficulty of choosing the species to grow, with risk of total or partial loss of crops;
  • increased risk of the arrival of invasive/nuisance species;
  • increased risk of crop destruction by extreme weather conditions;
  • increased risk of inability of poor farmers to grow a crop because of the precariousness of their situation;
  • risk of heavy use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers to reduce the unpredictability of weather conditions and pest attacks;
  • in parts of the world exposed to higher precipitation the risk of accelerated erosion, and thus the loss of arable land.

These risk factors are cumulative with the effects of chemical pollution, deforestation, land degradation in all its forms to endanger the world food security. It should also be noted that climate change can result, in short and medium term, the reactions that worsen life of the farmers, who for maintenance of their immediate livelihood and food security of mankind, will have to resort to more harmful practices.

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