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John Stuart Mill (May 20, 1806, London – May 8, 1873, Avignon) was a British philosopher, economist, and politician. Mill made a significant contribution to the social studies, political science, and political economy. He has made a fundamental contribution to the philosophy of liberalism and championed the concept of individual freedom as opposed to the unlimited State control. He was a supporter of the ethical teachings of utilitarianism. It is believed that the Mill was the most notable English-speaking philosopher of the 19th century.

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From an early age, John showed an intellectual talent, encouraged by his father, James. John began to study the Greek at the age of three, at the age of about six he already was the author of the independent historical works, and at his twelve, Mill began the study of higher mathematics, logic, and political economy.

During his the teenage years, Mill experienced strong spiritual crisis, which nearly led him to suicide. A trip to southern France in 1820 was of great importance in his life, as it introduced him to French society, French economists and public figures and resulted in strong interest to continental liberalism, which he kept to the end of life.

Around 1822, with several other young people (Austin, Tuck, etc.), hot followers of Bentham, Mill formed a group called “the utilitarian society”; It was the first time, when the term “utilitarianism” was introduced. In 1830, he wrote a small book, Essays on some unsettled Questions in Political Economy that contained all the original ideas created by John Stuart Mill in the field of political economy.

At the same time, Mill lived through the turning point in the life, which he so vividly described in his Autobiography. As a result, Mill freed himself from the influence of Bentham, lost his confidence in the omnipotence of conceptual element in private and public life, paid more attention to feelings, but had not developed a new attitude. Introduction to the teachings of Saint-Simonianists shattered his previous confidence in the usefulness of social order based on private ownership and unrestricted competition.

As a political figure, Mill has been active since 1865, as a representative of the Westminster constituency in the House of Commons; He could not be a member of Parliament earlier, as has been employed by the East India Company. As MP, he insisted particularly on the need to vigorously help the Irish farmers; advocated granting women voting rights — these ideas were partly implemented in the Representation of the People Act 1867. In 1868, he was defeated in the new elections caused, in his opinion, by his public statement of his sympathy for the famous atheist Brèdlo.

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