Marketing Strategy Research Proposal

Marketing strategy is the complex of efforts and actions aimed at the professional organization of one’s business and promotion of his goods and services and receive the highest profit. Obviously, it is not enough to produce quality goods and services, because one should also do his best to make them popular among consumers and a good and well-balanced marketing strategy will be quite useful in this case. Marketing strategy includes a great number of components which have the idea of promoting the product to the target audience. The first element is the choice of the target audience which will purchase the product eagerly. The experts will need to pay attention to the cultural, ethical, social and economic background of the target audience in order to persuade them to buy the product. For example, a smart promoter will dwell on the practical usefulness of the product advertising it to men and on its look and exclusiveness advertising it to women. Then, the strategy depends on the expert’s ability to work out a successful pricing policy.

It is important to produce affordable goods and services which will be not too expensive in comparison with the similar products of the other firms.

In addition one will need to think about the discounts and great sales which attract thousands of customers. Next, the strategy also depends on the right organization of the advertising policy, so the firm should think about the promotion of its products on TV, social networks, blogs, radio, posters, printed media, etc. The choice of ad depends on the type of the product and on the financial abilities of the company.

Marketing strategy is a broad structure of methods and schemes which are aimed at the promotion of the production on the market and receiving of the biggest income. The student who has marketing as his major can research the problem of marketing strategy in detail and observe the issues and question of the problem which have never been mentioned before. One can insert his ideas, methods of the research and literature review into the research proposal with the purpose of convincing the professor in the success of the chosen topic for the analysis.

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