Student Retention Research Proposal

Student retention is a strategy aimed at the improvement of prestige of educational institution in order to save the number of its students and to prevent their transfer to another school. Obviously, student retention is a very relevant problem, because every college and university wants to attract the best students in order to increase its own prestige and improve its rates in comparison with other educational institutions. Naturally, if there are many talented students who receive high scores, their influence on the average progress of a college or university can not be overestimated. If a college possesses high average rates, it will receive grants and donation from the state government.

Therefore, administration of every university strives to provide its students with the best conditions in order to avoid their transfer to other universities and colleges.

In spite of these efforts nearly 40% of students transfer to other colleges and universities, because they understand that they have chosen a wrong faculty or the conditions of their college do not meet their requirements. It is a norm that students receive their Bachelor’s degrees at one university and continue studying for Master’s and PhD degrees at other institutions, because they have some advantages over their previous university. Then, many colleges have articulation agreements with other colleges and universities when they exchange students or agree to transfer their students from one college to another to continue their education. It is obvious that students can stay at a college when this institution meets their expectations and provides them with the proper conditions for education. In this aspect, student retention is closely connected with student satisfaction.

Student retention is a good topic for research, because young people are able to learn about this issue a lot. One is able to share his ideas about this topic with his academic advisor and prepare a good proposal for a research project that will be accepted by his professor. Everyone will need to study about the principles, cause and effect, strong and weak sides of student retention and think about the effective solution of this problem. Obviously, one can insert the right methods and useful sources that can be used for the quality investigation of this issue and persuade his teacher in the relevance and importance of the problem about student retention nowadays.

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