Term Paper on Identical Twins

Identical twins are the twins who are formed from a fertilized single zygote that is divided into two embryos of the same gender. It is very difficult to differentiate identical twins, because their appearance is very similar and only close people are able to recognize them. In addition, identical twins are connected with each other on the emotional level and they have the same temperament, similar types of behavior and traits of character. No wonder, such twins are always the best friends and they spend the most of their time together believing that they are an ensemble. If one tries to research the problem about identical twins, he will say that these cases are occasional and they are not connected with heredity and genes, because it happens that parents have identical twins, though their families had never had such cases before.

Monozygotic twinning occurs very rarely and its percentage is only 0.3% of all pregnancies. Moreover, parents’ ethnicity and age do not influence the chance of identical twinning, because this phenomenon occurs with different people in different parts of the world. It is quite interesting that identical twins have the same model of behavior and manners, even if they have been separated and have not communicated with each other. Due to such facts it is possible to claim that some elements of human behavior and character are innate and exist on her genetic level. Identical twins have always attracted attention of people, no wonder; nearly every culture has in its folklore a few legends about their famous identical twins.

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