Term Paper on Digital Photography

Digital photography is the technology of taking photos with the camera which captures the image with the help of electronic photodetectors and lens. Digital photography can not boast of the long history, because its massive usage started not so long ago. The previous generation of photography is called analogue photography and it is based on the use of photosensitive materials and lens. The image was “recorded” on the film and it enabled photographers to make black-and-white and colour photos. Digital photography is the next generation of photography and it is based on the use of high technologies in the process of taking photos. Such cameras have to be connected to the computer, so digital technology is supposed to be a branch of information technology.

The photographer has to process the photos which the help of the special programs which add various effects and improve the quality of the photo taken by the camera. With the rapid development of the technology of digital photography, it is possible to make the process of taking photos easier and cheaper.

One is able to take photos with various devices – cell-phones, smart-phones, tablets, and other portable devices as nowadays nearly every device has an integral camera. In spite of the fact, that digital technology is becoming more and more popular, there are still many people who prefer analogue photography which requires more sophisticated skills and knowledge. The main advantage of digital photography is the ability to take photos rapidly, check the quality of photos at once and finally one does not need to purchase film all the time, as the photos can be seen and stored on the PC.

Digital photography is the process of taking photos with the help of high technologies based on electronic photodetectors and lens. The student can observe the problem in detail and focus on the description of the matter in the term paper. The student’s task is to explain the difference between digital and analogue photography; focus on the strong and weak sides of both and analyze the principles and aspects of digital technology. One should describe the structure of the cameras, illustrate the mechanism of taking photos and evaluate the development of digital photography in recent time.

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