Transport System in Africa Essay

As for the transportation networks in Africa, this is one of the factors that has a great influence on the economic and social development of this region. Lack of effective and reliable transportation networks in Africa hinders production and trade, and therefore the developments in this sphere have been the focus of many international organizations.

There is a clear and consistent need to facilitate the development of transportation networks in Africa, since ‘[p]oor roads result in high transport costs, which undermine Africa’s competitiveness.’ (Van de Walle, 2001, p.86)

If Africa aims at becoming a part of the global economy, transportation development should be firmly placed at top of agenda by all the governments. Continue reading “Transport System in Africa Essay”

Manufacturing Process Essay

According to the framework for manufacturing planning and control, MPS system operates in three distinct stages. At the first stage, the overall directions for the planning process are defined; second, detailed material and capacity planning activities can be accomplished’ finally, the MPC execution system is designed and implemented (p.7-8). This sequence appears logical and effective and acts in the best interest of the manufacturing company.

To start with, the whole activity of an organisation should be carried out according to the organisational strategic goals. Ideally, these goals have to be reflected in all organisational activities and allow the organisation to realize its strategic direction. Otherwise, if these goals are overlooked, the organisation will hardly ever achieve them. All activities are divided into the stages of planning, realization and control. Setting directions before material and capacity planning that breaks down the plans into smaller details allows the manufacturing company to prepare the guidelines for further evaluation of the overall strategy and thus helps to realize effective control. Continue reading “Manufacturing Process Essay”

MADD Essay

I would like to start by saying that the M.A.D.D. stands for Mothers Against Drunk Driving had be organized for the sole purpose of reduce the number of incidents involving alcohol and driving by their sons, typically high school students and to a lesser degree university students. In the following essay I will speak about some of the M.A.D.D. videos commenting on their role in the society, the mass media and by using some literature on the M.A.D.D. I will point out my personal opinion together with the educated findings on the M.A.D.D.

Making existing drunk driving laws more strict. For instance M.A.D.D. wants to make illegal blood alcohol content of 0.08 or lower. Those who violate the norm will be sanctioned and punished for DUI as well as will be required to undergo treatment for alcoholism and other related alcohol abuse issues, and driver’s license suspensions. Continue reading “MADD Essay”

Personality Assessment Essay

Existing popular literature on management, recruiting, etc., those is quite profound and informative, but a bit lop-sided. Given theories are being discussed and implemented over and over again. And, it seems like it is about time to add some fresh air to the popular theories of personality assessment in the workplace.

The article ‘Personality processes’ by William Revelle deals with the contemporary situation in psychological theory. The author intends to cover the vast scope of theories existing in the modern personality reviews in both personality psychology and related fields.

The article is excitingly interesting in terms of covering personality traits and studies that are being developed and covered by psychologists, and their systematization. It might also be helpful for those, who are looking for new theories to read about and new aspects of personality psychology to implement in the workplace. Continue reading “Personality Assessment Essay”

Essay about Changes in My Life

Our world is a very diverse place, tying in one knot beauty and ugliness, happiness and suffering, meanness and devotion. Stepping out of the front door of my house, I cannot help admiring the wonderful landscapes I see about and the beauty of the sun, moon and the stars. When I look at the human world, however, I see many things I like to change. There are people tormented by their addiction to drugs, those who cannot make a step without alcohol, kids who are sexually assaulted, and politicians who kill others in bloody wars.

Wars are something especially ugly on this planet since they take the death toll that is not dependent on personal qualities and desire to get involved. The war simply enters your territory, and people are helpless to escape, to get away from the devastating military machine plundering their homes and land. Later, politicians can decide they made a mistake, or that the results were inconclusive, but this does not matter for millions or thousands that are already dead. Even against the background of the two deadly world wars and the recently mitigated threat of nuclear warfare, politicians still resort to war as a means to forward goals they fail to promote in other ways. Continue reading “Essay about Changes in My Life”

The Electrical Field Book Review

I would like to start this essay with the quotation of one critic’s words: “When personal and political traumas converge in a work of fiction, its success hinges on the avoidance of pop psychology, instead of expressing how a complex character suffers.”

We can surely say that all the characters of The Electrical Field by Kerri Sakamoto are impacted by internment of the Japanese Canadians in the time of the Seconad World War. Some of these characters were interned being just children, another were born after all these had happened, but noone of them was eager to escape the terrible impact of this social trauma. There was a great deal of either external, or internal pressure upon those who were a success to survive in the camps just to try to forget about what had happened to them, or to remain silent.

All Sakamoto’s characters live under these pressure and remain silent, they bear everything. All of them, except Yano. He is the only character who occupies his own position – it’s the position of remembering though he remains the outcast, the odd one out even among the Japanese Canadians. Chisako, his wife explains it as following: “All he does is talk about the war and the camps when they just want to forget. They think he’s crazy, I know”. This act of remembering is seen as a certain way of coping with the past, of moving forward with one’s life, of staying sane. However, as the text progresses, those binaries start to crumble. Continue reading “The Electrical Field Book Review”

University of Michigan Application Essay Sample

From the day of my birth my educational path was dictated by my parents and it was only last year that I personally made this choice of changing my life and doing something interesting on my own. With the permission from my parents to study abroad I started to pursue this eye-opening and personal horizon-broadening experience. I realized that I certainly want to meet new people from different countries and share my personal views, experience, habits and customs I obtained when living in Hong Kong. I wanted to learn new things and enrich my global experience. It did not take me long to understand that the best place to experience the new culture and learn new things would be a university, a place where beside informal learning of culture-specific things I would be able to learn formal skills I could use later in my life and future career back at home. Continue reading “University of Michigan Application Essay Sample”

Dollar Weakening Article Review

As the author of the article “Weakening dollar means buying power for foreign tourists in U.S.” has noted, the foreign tourists visiting United States benefit from the weakening dollar because they are able to spend more money not because the buying power of one dollar has increased or the prices went down, but because the exchange rates are different.  The article is based on the testimonies from tourists from versatile countries who are very pleasantly surprised with the ability to afford more goods and visit places that were too expensive for them before. Even the prices for air tickets are better and less expensive. Continue reading “Dollar Weakening Article Review”

Quadratic Function Essay

In the variety of mathematical functions studied in colleges and universities there is one of particular interest. It is quadratic function. On the graph it looks like letter “U”. Depending on the configuration of the function it can be inverted upside down and look like a horseshoe. Mathematicians call this function a parabola. The general form of quadratic function is

y = ax2 + bx +c, where a ≠ 0

On the plane parabola may lie in any part of the plane and intersect any reference axis or do not intersect them at all. This paper explains the behavior of quadratic function with respect to X axis. Continue reading “Quadratic Function Essay”

ADHD Medication Essay

Drugs are advertised in the newspapers and school authorities press of parents to make their children take these drugs. The situation described isn’t a scene from the fiction movie but a real situation American society faces at the moment.

Parents of the children with deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) make an effort to confront big industry producing ADHD drugs, which can be dangerous and cause addiction. New legislative initiative such as the signing of a law in Connecticut quickly spreads all over the country. The parents, disturbed by the growing pressure to put their children on ADHD drugs express their concern and turn to legislation to defend their rights. They have to confront a serious power presented by the whole industry, which produces these drugs. It will take time to develop such legislative levers, which would take ADHD advertising under control without breaking the right of producers but the process is worth effort as it concerns the health of children. Continue reading “ADHD Medication Essay”