Auditory Training Essay

Auditory training is the development of specific skills using speech to transmit information.There is two types of acoustic training techniques, the synthetic and analytic. The training is the process of learning to improve listening skills, especially for children who are deaf and blind.

Interpretation of auditory details enables the development of skills, such as mobility, literacy, and communication. The exercise of learning is increasingly difficult as an integral part of the program. The hierarchy of the program involves a different level of skills. They include sound awareness, discrimination, identification, and comprehension. An effective training program improves theory-passed information, ability to communicate, and adequate hearing, and it enhances the quality of an individual’s life. Auditory training programs are useful when the trainer applies different methods. Continue reading “Auditory Training Essay”

Blockchain Technology Essay

A blockchain is a form of distributed ledger technology for distribution and immutable ledger transfer ownership. It also involves record transactions, tracks assess and transparency, security, trust, and value exchanges in different types of operations with digital assets. Wells Fargo digital cash is one of the blockchains that run distributed ledger technology. It is a service that brings in operational efficiencies by completing internal book transfers of cross payments as it removes barriers to real-time financial interactions across its networks (WF Digital Cash). Continue reading “Blockchain Technology Essay”

Two Strategic Concepts with Google Strategy

Undoubtedly, Google has been a game changer in the modern world by revolutionizing how people connect and access information. Its services ranging from search engine optimization, web hosting, data storage, analytics, and advertisements have propelled it to become one of the top five most valuable companies. As of 31st September 2012, Google had a market valuation of $250 billion and was ranked as the second most valuable tech company after toppling Microsoft and only behind Apple. At this time, Google’s management launched a plan that aimed at becoming the leader and dominant player in online advertising, a niche that raked in billions of dollars yearly. To achieve this goal, Google adopted an acquisition strategy whereby it acquired several companies that operated in the online advertisement market. This strategy was supported by the argument that acquisitions saved Google a lot of time to develop products and gain a significant market share in different sub-sectors and regions. However, a deeper look into the efficiency of this strategy shows that it was inefficient and poorly thought as evidenced by Google’s failure to capture the Russian and Chinese markets. A better understanding of this case is gained when examined through the lens of publications by Nelson, Martin, and Powers (2008) and Simons (2010). Continue reading “Two Strategic Concepts with Google Strategy”

Gender Psychology Exam Essay

According to the research, men have been found to have higher self-esteem and self-confidence than women. The three a DSM diagnosis includes;
Characterized by how one thinks feels and behaves. These diseases show gender bias in terms of percentages of diagnosis as males are found to have higher rates than females. This makes the disorder to be associated with men.

Borderline personality disorder, the disorder is characterized by functioning instability, behavioral, ongoing moods. In terms of numbers, women are more diagnosed with the disorder than men are. It considered being gender bias since when women engage in irresponsible behavior like sexual acts due to this disease, they are perceived to be wrong, but for men, it looked like an ordinary act. The condition also is female serotype
Psychosis. The lack of contact or reality characterizes it. The disease may result in drug addiction and depression. People mostly associate this disorder with women. Continue reading “Gender Psychology Exam Essay”

Wayang Kulit Essay

This essay explores wayang kulit, a unique and precious Indonesian art form. Wayang kulit is an indigenous Indonesian performance art that has been cherished for many centuries and that forms a critical part of the native musical tradition of that uniquely multicultural nation.

Wayang kulit is a form of puppetry that is widely encountered on the Indonesian islands of Java, Bali, and Lombok. The words actually mean “leather puppet” in the predominant Bahasa Indonesia language. The wayang kulit figures, which are carved from leather by expert craftsman, are interposed between a translucent linen screen, and their shadows are projected upon the screen from behind by using a traditional coconut oil lamp. The interplay of the shimmering light and the dancing shadows, silhouetted behind the screen for the pleasure of the audience, makes for a dramatic performance venue in which the puppeteers act out classical dramas that treat grandiose themes of good and evil (Blumenthal 236ff.). Continue reading “Wayang Kulit Essay”

Essay on Information Policy

Ways of Solving the Emerging Problem
In the world today, 99% of contracts between two parties are embodied in written standardized documents (Braun, 2005). For example, upon getting a phone repaired, a receipt which contains the customer’s name and the price of the service on the front is issued. The back of the receipt contains various terms and conditions of the servicer that has been offered. When paying for an airplane ticket after entering the credit card number at the bottom of the form there are standard term and conditions and two buttons marked “I accept” and “I do not accept” respectively. Most people click on “I accept” even without reading through the terms and conditions. Often, the submitting party is placed in an inferior bargaining position which may result in abuse of the contract terms of the standard form (Braun, 2005). Therefore, measures should be put in place to protect from unfair treatment that may arise from biased contract terms and considerations to the broad implications on licenses should generally be made. Continue reading “Essay on Information Policy”

Essay on Dove: Evolution of a Brand

Question One
A brand is the identity of any business. It gives distinguishing features to a service or a product. Whenever used for the firm, the favored term is considered as a trademark.

Unilever’s vision was that lessening the number of brands would give room for the corporation to improve the image and the brand of its organization.

The current decentralized method had prompted a cracked approach to managing different geographical markets. With fewer brands, Unilever could use them with existing solid characters and showcase these brands as the organization’s worldwide “Masterbrand”. Unilever intended to execute this approach through worldwide brand directors and influence the organization’s capacity to team up across all markets. Under the “Masterbrand” technique, just two umbrella brands later called “Masterbrand” would be pushed forward in making the global vision among their differing geographic markets. It would be reached by cleaning their image portfolio and muscling up resources for building a more grounded brand. Continue reading “Essay on Dove: Evolution of a Brand”

HIV and AIDS Treatment Essay Sample

While great progress has been made in preventing and treating HIV and AIDS, it continues to be a problem for countries around the world. It is a global pandemic causing suffering and millions of death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2019), approximately 1.1 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV and about 15 percent of them are not aware that they are infected. An estimated 38,700 Americans became newly infected in 2016 (CDC, 2019). HIV is a virus which is spread through body fluids such as breast milk, blood, semen, anal fluids, and vaginal secretions. The virus attacks the body’s CD4 cells and overtime, it can destroy many of the cells that the body cannot fight off infections and diseases. This paves way for opportunistic infections such as cancer to take advantage of the body’s weak immune system and signal that the person has AIDS. This paper will focus on examining the known description of HIV and AIDS, how conventional and alternative medicine understands its cause and treatment, treatment, and research articles on the success of treating HIV and AIDS.

Known Description of HIV and AIDS Continue reading “HIV and AIDS Treatment Essay Sample”

Contextualizing Humor / Comedy in Culture Essay

Satire can be considered as a popular element of comedy that has been practiced for many decades. As an aspect of humor or an art form, satire can be used to point out the shortcomings of certain people, behaviors, and social issues in a manner that makes it rather absurd and funny and therefore, appealing to a larger audience (LeBoeuf 1). Furthermore, the use of irony to point out different problems and concerns is also commonly used in the satirical work. As it seeks to help the lower classes raise a voice against the class powers, satire thus can be contextualized in cultures as a form of left-culturalism (Barker and Jane 17). This essay will focus on the evolution and development of satire as a result of multiple forces and the work of famous satirists. Furthermore, this piece of writing will highlight the social actors that are connected to satire, and an episode from a modern satirical show will also be analyzed. Continue reading “Contextualizing Humor / Comedy in Culture Essay”

The Mind and the Body Essay

The existence and functionality of the mind and the body remains controversial concepts, both in the pre-modern and postmodern world. Ancient philosophers had difficult time explaining the connection or disconnection between the body and the soul – that is, the relationship between the physical properties and the mental properties. The physical science aspects of human beings include time, movement through space, color, weight, and size among others. Similarly, people have the mental properties, which entail mind consciousness – emotional experience, perceptual experience, and others and intentionality – desires, beliefs, and others. Since the self possesses the mental properties, they are private to the subject, unlike the physical ones, which can be observed by all. The body-mind challenge raises several questions – whether the mental states affects the physical states and vice versa. If so, to what extent? – causal question. On the other hand, the ontological question reviews the categories of the two states as well as their definitions. Continue reading “The Mind and the Body Essay”