International Business Essay Sample

decades the global business and economy displayed the trend to globalization no matter how the term of “globalization” is accepted by its supporters and opponents. The international business integration is taking place and growing steadily. The basic knowledge of economy and marketing is no doubt of great importance but apart of basic knowledge it is necessary to obtain a special set of instruments and tools to realize the international business operations. These tools need to be studied in details while preparing to the international business activity.

Normally any business is connected with the exploring the target markets. The integration processes occurring in various parts of the world now are aimed to unify the business processes. The formation of EU and other international economic and political alliances (ex. ECOWAS, West Africa), unify the procedures of developing the international cooperation within the territories of the agreements. Continue reading “International Business Essay Sample”

Essay on Confucianism and Daoism

thousands years people associated all inexplicable phenomena with some supernatural beings like God and Devil. Different cultures developed diverse points of view, traditions and explanations for the same phenomena, and unified them into different religions and philosophies. This essay concerns two philosophies – Confucianism and Daoism – which are among the most widely-spread and ancient world philosophies.

Daoism is one of major Chinese philosophical schools and traditional Chinese religion. The prefix “Dao” means the “way” and is the major category of Chinese philosophy accepted by most philosophical schools in China. “Dao” implies the deepest truth and the righteous course of life. The school of Daoism was founded by a great sage Laozi before the Common Era; later Laozi was deified by his progeny. Among the most important concepts of this philosophy are the following: virtue, name, eternal and other. Another major category in Daoism is Yin and Yang which symbolize two opposing but interdependent forces – the dark and the bright, the evil and the good, the night and the day, the water and the fire. This symbol implies that every aspect of our life has two sides depending on the point of view – good and evil, right or wrong, hot and cold – which never stand alone. Yin and Yang can not be absolutely divided – they present everywhere in relative amounts and there is only a little step separates the Yin state from Yang. Everything can be considered from the point of Yin and Yang. Continue reading “Essay on Confucianism and Daoism”

Criminal Justice System Essay

to some authors (for example Shaw & McKay) it’s very difficult to give an accurate explanation to the term social disorganization. It’s generally agreed that social disorganization may be regarded as deficiency of effective management of existing social institutions which leads to the cases of disorder in society. In many respects the main principles of social disorganization theory is the study and analysis of certain social organizations and communities which can have much in common in different locations so they give the characteristics to the number of social disorganization processes which occur in today’s society. Continue reading “Criminal Justice System Essay”

Annotated Bibliography Essay Sample

P., & Burford, G. (2004). Restorative Justice, Responsive Regulation and Social Work. Journal of Sociology & Social Welfare, 31, 7+.

The authors’ main purpose is to stress the importance of several dichotomies that underpin social work, including the correlation “between formal and informal helping and between care and control, or empowerment and coercion” (Adams, Burford, 2004). They bring in the work of J. Braithwaite, Restorative Justice and Responsive Regulation, that elucidates these concepts and try to put his ideas in context of social work.

Adams and Burford (2004) argue that every look at social work will exhibit a certain degree of social control implicit in the profession as even empowerment “disguises a coercive core”. Pointing to worries about the “colonial” relationship between middle-class social workers and those in their care. The authors introduce Braithwaite’s findings to sociologists, aiming to help them create a more equitable and democratic environment for their also shatter the rosy image of restorative justice stressing that convicts will often be shamed for their deeds, which does not help them to return to non-deviant behavior and argue for Braithwaite’s idea of replacing restorative justice in its contemporary look with responsive regulation that will draw on the criminal’s own social network. Continue reading “Annotated Bibliography Essay Sample”

Critical Thinking Problem

C.P.A. in this scenario assumes that the owner neglects the business because of his dying son; he also assumes that this is unfair to him, as he is the one who handles the work load and his pay is nevertheless decreased. Emotion might influence his decision to quite an extent, since he can imagine himself in the situation of business owner and realizes that work would not have been a priority for him as well under those conditions. Logic is important in this situation; the C.P.A. logically thinks that with time business will only deteriorate, and his pay will decrease as well.

There is certain conflict of values inherent in the situation: the C.P.A. wants to earn what he truly deserves (self realization and self esteem), but at the same time he cannot simply leave the owner with his dying son (sympathy and kindness). Critical thinking can be deployed in order to come up with the best course of action available to C.P.A. in this situation. The C.P.A. has one feasible option that would incorporate all the values described above: he can offer the business owner to become partners in the business at issue. Continue reading “Critical Thinking Problem”

Risk Analysis and Management Essay

in the Internet economy has become too complex and dynamic for Great Catalogs Inc. to deal with, and traditional approaches to security aren’t helping. A handful of products and an occasional audit can’t address a fast-changing security environment and provide the protection that organizations need. The advantages of cost, speed, and access demand that companies leverage the Internet and open their networks to partners, customers, suppliers (and sometimes even competitors). In this interconnected environment, new and unfamiliar security risks are a daily reality. (Richardson, p. 64) Continue reading “Risk Analysis and Management Essay”

Linguistic Analysis Paper

the following essay I will speak about four of Abraham Lincoln’s works, namely, the Gettysburg Address, the House Divided speech and the two inaugural speeches made by him as a president of the United States of America. In order to better understand these speeches in a greater detail one needs to employ the following frameworks with some of them being explained prior to being implemented: semantics, pragmatics, lexis, grammar and phonetics. In analyzing the speeches of Lincoln one will use them with the greatest focus being placed to those areas that are truly viewed by me as remarkable for these speeches. Continue reading “Linguistic Analysis Paper”

Essay: Newton’s First Law of Motion

human being is a very dependable creature that cannot exist in isolation from the surrounding people. In fact people are always influenced by different forces which may be divided into internal and external. It has always been an important question that philosophers and thinkers of different epochs and different nations attempted to answer, what these forces are and the extent to which they can change our life.

Speaking about external forces that influenced me in person I should say that at first glance my life is full of different events and I am surrounded by many people that seem to be important for me but, on deeper reflection, I realise that our life reminds me a river that flows constantly without changing its direction and it is out of our will to change it somehow. In actuality it is really seems to be that the direction can be changed very seldom but what is important is the fact that it is changeable and it is me who can change my life or the direction I move. Continue reading “Essay: Newton’s First Law of Motion”

Family Pressure Essay

For a young person like me, the family experience is frequently the most definitive one. My family life has been full of ups and downs that both served to make me a stronger, more mature person and foster resistance to life’s sharp turns. My professional interest in psychology has also developed under the influence of family relations.

To start with, my parents got divorced when I was only 8 months old, with my father leaving for Canada never to appear again in our lives. Financial struggles, pressures from the full-time job and cultural rejection of a single mother in her environment proved too big a challenge for my mother. She developed serious emotional problems and, unable to handle the baby, sent me to live with my grandmother who since then became the main source of love, affection and support in my life. Continue reading “Family Pressure Essay”

Accounting Scandals in America

The string of accounting scandals in corporate America in the past decade has contributed to public distrust in corporate operations and created an environment in which financial reporting is viewed with more suspicion than before. Together with Enron, WorldCom case has become a classical tale of accounting fraud.

Chris Ayres’ article entitled “Corporate America hit by Biggest Scandal in History” in The Times of London focuses on the accounting fraud at WorldCom Inc., a telecommunications giant. In June 2002 the world learned that the telecom company had overstated its profits by approximately $3.85 billion in five quarters. The amount of overstatement set a record in the US corporate history, doubling the previous overstatement of Rite Aid and was expected to lead to the predictable demise of the company already burdened with $30 billion of debt. Continue reading “Accounting Scandals in America”