Essay on Teaching Methods

Teaching mathematics is often corresponded by a number of problems which affect dramatically the process of learning and students interests and successes in the field of mathematics and related sciences. In such a situation one of the most significant problems concerns the development of students’ accuracy and automation in subtraction math facts to 100. Many specialists work on this problem and it is hardly possible to suggest some universal solution that would efficient for all students. Nonetheless, one of the most efficient ways to solve this problem is considered to be the wide use of mnemonics in fact fluency and accuracy. In this respect, it is worthy to mention that it is possible to help students to remember the order of operations in arithmetic with the word Brackets Of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction (BODMAS) and this method may be efficiently used in other fields. Continue reading “Essay on Teaching Methods”

Argumentative Essay on School Uniforms

School uniforms, in my deepest conviction, receive more attention than they should. After all, what a person wears should never eclipse what kind of person this is. In this sense, school uniforms are just an attempt to regulate what one thinks and does through clothing – and as every attempt of this kind it seems futile and hopeless. I believe that introduction of uniforms is pointless when teachers want to discipline their students. In terms of psychological development of the child, it may be even harmful for the young personality. Continue reading “Argumentative Essay on School Uniforms”

Group Training Needs Analysis

I would like to start by saying that in early 1990s many large public relations and advertising companies in UK employed occupational experts to conduct a teambuilding working workshop to identify issues inhibiting the optimum performance of their senior management team. The typical 1-day workshop used the teamwork exercises. The individual styles of team members and the dynamics and interactions of this intact team were identified. In the following essay I will speak about why an individual may not be performing his job as effectively as he could from the following 1- individual reasons, 2- interpersonal reasons, 3- organization reasons. Continue reading “Group Training Needs Analysis”

Faith and Knowledge Essay

The main aim of this paper is to concentrate upon the issues of knowledge and faith, upon the connection, if there is any, between them and to consider the extent to which faith is a legitimate basis for knowledge claims, in religion and different areas of knowledge. All knowledge systems do present a sophisticated structure, where faith is actually the foundation of it. Before building any kind of knowledge system we would have to start with some basic assumptions. Often these assumptions are called axioms and they help to construct the knowledge systems as they can not be either justified or contradicted by reason. Continue reading “Faith and Knowledge Essay”

Mastering a Skill Essay

It is remarkable what a significant role the basic principles of communication can play in our life. Some people often wonder why some of their friends and colleagues are more successful in communication and often as the result in life then the others. Or, perhaps, most of us sometimes wondered why it is more pleasant to communicate with some of our friends then the others. Of cause, some would say that it depends on how much people have in common, and those would be right, but there is something extra that makes communication between people pleasant. The ability to listen is that great gift that makes people talk and feel comfortable. Continue reading “Mastering a Skill Essay”

Essay: Is it Wrong to Lie?

One of the central concepts discussed in ethics is honesty, which implies always telling truth and never telling lies. Why is it important? When a person is lying it means that he/she is distorting the reality by saying and doing things which don’t correspond to the actual state of affairs. According to the majority of ethical theories, lying is considered to be immoral as it does not correspond to the basic principles of morality. Of course it is very difficult to follow all of the principles of morality; however, it is necessary to avoid lying as much as possible. In my opinion, it is wrong to lie. And it doesn’t matter who tells lies, it is still wrong. Everybody knows that lying is wrong, but still a lot of people continue to lie, while trying to justify their being dishonest. But when somebody else is lying such people would stand up against it, stating that lying is immoral. But how can it be so? One person lies and thinks that it is ok; however, when he/she is told lies, this person thinks that it is wrong. According to Kant, who was the follower of Deontological theory of morality, when a person told a lie he/she “implicitly said that it is morally all right for people to lie” [1], however, nobody would bare hearing lies constantly.

The author of the book “Contemporary Moral Issues: Diversity and Consensus” Lawrence Hinman states that “you cannot approve of your own lying without approving of everyone else’s, and yet the advantage you get depends precisely on other people’s honesty” [1]. Thus, no exceptions can be made when referring to lying. This is one of the basic principles of Kant as well as morality as whole. Continue reading “Essay: Is it Wrong to Lie?”

High Performance Team Essay

It takes a lot of time and effort to make a high-performance team out of a group of people. All people are different, possessing different character traits, interests and likings, thus it is not easy to create a team that will work like a single mechanism, performing simultaneous actions of all of its members.

The main goal of the current paper is to speak about ways how a group can become a high-performance team. While speaking about HPT (high-performance team), it will also analyze certain demographic characteristics and impact of cultural diversity that contribute, or detract from high-performance teams. Continue reading “High Performance Team Essay”

Employee Selection Process Essay

The practice of selecting employees based on one-to-one interview has proved to be an ineffective hiring practice. All over the world, the companies are trying to develop the new techniques for identifying the right candidates for the existing positions. The factors that urge the implementation of new practices include high turnover rate occurring at the first year of employment, high cost of drug-related issues and discrimination-related cases, the need to increase productivity, and the shift from individual work to team building.

Testing a skill or a set of skills is acceptable and the employer does not violate any laws or personal rights of the candidate if decides to test him/her. Testing helps to evaluate the individual’s ability to perform the job, integrate into company’s culture and cooperate with others. Knowledge and proficiency tests are the easiest and the most common tests. They might take the form of the typing test, the performance of the actual task or oral explanation of the processes necessary to accomplish the task. Knowledge testing provides the general ability of the candidate to perform the job at the basic level without further training involved. For example, if the candidate applies for the position of a secretary – the pre-employment testing will include the knowledge of different computer systems, office routine, working with several phone lines and office equipment. Continue reading “Employee Selection Process Essay”

Suicide Risk Assessment Research


Suicide has been something that people had committed since the time of human inception ssesnd ever since there had been made approaches to remedy the situation and motivate people to live. Various therapies had been proposed by doctors and philosophers around the world to allow suicidal patients to effectively overcome their obsession with suicidal thoughts. In the following essay I will speak about one of the suicidal clients and explore the formal approach to handling suicidal clients in a greater detail.

Profile and description of a suicidal client: Assessment

I would like to start by saying that the patient, Mark, a 62-year-old white male, currently has several problems that need to be addressed simultaneously in order to ameliorate his health. One first of all needs to assure that he quits smoking, which is a truly serious problem for a person of his age. He is a middle class widower living on his own. He had two married children (son and daughter) who never call him or pay him a visit. Three years ago his wife died of cancer and ever since he had different obsessive thoughts about committing a suicide and leaving this life as early as possible. Continue reading “Suicide Risk Assessment Research”

Civil Military Relations Essay


In recent years civil-military relations have undergone significant changes and such a shift produced a serious impact on the development of a certain gap in such relations. At the same time, the growing gap in civil-military relations affects different spheres, including the problem of major weapons procurement programs. It is obvious that there are a lot of reasons that caused such a shift, but, nonetheless, the problems threaten to become as serious as it has never been before since in the current situation the problem of civil control over military is of a paramount importance.

On the other hand, it should be pointed out that there is a number of factors that affected civil-military relations and the problem is very complicated. Obviously, the general shift in civil-military relations results from great changes that recently have occurred in military, civil society, and in the security environment of the US. As a result, the problem of civil-military relations, especially the problem of civil control over military operations, is of a primary concern. On the other hand, civil-military relations have been also negatively impacted by civil run contractors in major weapons procurement programs that deteriorated the situation dramatically. Continue reading “Civil Military Relations Essay”