Literature Review on Health Insurance Coverage

Article One
Citation: Jackson, C. (2015). Trends in the use of complementary health approaches among adults in the United States. Holistic Nursing Practice, 29(3), 178-179. doi:10.1097/hnp.0000000000000088
Year of Study: 2015
Area of Study: The United States of America

Demographic characteristics of the U.S adults are the main variables included in the study. The author focuses on variables such as sex, age group, race, and nationality. The article also relies on educational attainment among the participants and their health insurance status. According to Jackson (2015), data on educational attainment was collected from all adults and classified in reference to the highest degree achieved by the date of the interviews. Health insurance variables are categorized as private, public, and uninsured. Continue reading “Literature Review on Health Insurance Coverage”

Qualitative Article Critique

This is a critique of a paper presented on acute care of dementia. The article is called “Healthcare staffs’ experiences and perceptions of caring for people with dementia in the acute setting: Qualitative evidence synthesis” and it will be critiqued in two sections (Houghton et al, 2016). Part 1 will consist of a summary of sections of the paper, which will analyse the important parts of the research process such as the hypothesis, the methodology, and the discussion. Part 2 will consist of a rating scale, which will rate the quality of important sections of the paper as well as provide comments for each element that is rated. Continue reading “Qualitative Article Critique”

Summary Response Essay

In the book The Teens are not Alright, Cathy Vatterott shows how the quest for perfectionism among teenagers in America is causing unnecessary teen stress. The crammed schedules in schools and excessive workload have made many teens ignore rest, which is an essential part of their growth and development.

Although every student should strive to achieve a better grade in school, I find Cathy’s argument to be very convincing. I agree with her that sleep is a necessary part of growth for all human beings. Cathy consents that the worrying trend of expecting perfectionism among our teenagers should be brushed off, and instead, schools ought to adopt a sleep slogan. The author’s biggest worry is in the way schools handle teenagers by expecting them to achieve great deeds, yet little time is given for their rest. Lack of rest among teenagers in most American schools has proven to be an issue of concern among significant stakeholders in the American education system. Continue reading “Summary Response Essay”

Gun Control: The Necessity of Stricter Regulations

The ownership of firearms remains one of the most controversial issues in the United States. Often, instances of high-profile mass shootings generate major debates about the rights of Americans to wield weapons, with gun control supporters attaching special importance to public safety. Their pro-gun counterparts, contrariwise, usually advocate self-defense. They also claim that firearm control rarely reduces crime or violence. Both sides have convincing arguments. Nevertheless, does owning a firearm enhance people’s safety? I believe not. The United States, therefore, must enforce severer weapons control laws to decrease the regularity of gun violence and deaths. Continue reading “Gun Control: The Necessity of Stricter Regulations”

Essay on Coronavirus and Its Potential Economic Consequences

The World Health Organization (WHO), on March 11, formally declared the coronavirus epidemic to be a pandemic. The week before, the seriousness of the situation was recognized by investors and economists. A month before that, a pandemic with hundreds of thousands and millions of infected was considered unlikely, so no one tried to calculate its consequences. Now, this scenario is considered along with softer ones.

In early February 2020, economists focused only on epidemics of the recent past. It is important to understand that older episodes are not suitable for this analysis because the principles of the world economy in the beginning-middle of the XIX century were entirely different. A massive outbreak of SARS in 2003, is taken as the basis, but it also cannot be seen as a truly prospective prognosis. In a nutshell, a positive projection is this: the consequences of the new epidemic would be limited. China would lose less than one percentage point of growth, and then recover quickly; other economies of Southeast Asia would slow down; the rest of the world would hardly be affected (Russolillo, Chiu, 2020). Continue reading “Essay on Coronavirus and Its Potential Economic Consequences”

Summarizing Discussion on Maternal Child

Before and after birth, genetic mutations should be identified via preconception consideration of risk factors, family history, and immunity status. Blood related remedies should be found immediately through carrier statistics. Teratogenesis and affecting factors are studied along with drugs utilized during pregnancy such as DES and anti-convulsants resulting in non-neoplastic alterations, increased incidence of fetal injuries, and congenital heart disorders. Continue reading “Summarizing Discussion on Maternal Child”

The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe Essay

The Cask of Amontillado replicates Poe’s Gothicism that permeates his literal narratives. However, Montresor executes the murder in the smartest possible way without the grotesque graphics of murder and by sleuth escape of criminal justice retribution. The story further exudes Poe’s support for instinctive justice as opposed to legal justice. As a member of the Animal kingdom, man is endowed with inherent instincts to independently avenge himself/herself in the same manner that a wild animal defends itself against an attacker. Montresor abrogates himself the role of the jury, judge and hangman over Fortunato’s injuries and insults (Axelrod-Sokolov, 2018). The Cast of Amontillado thus portrays a “rule for the judge” kind of society characterized by instinctive justice in complete disregard of the state and criminal justice system that leads to chaos as each citizen exploits his biased rationality to mete unmeasured punishment on the suspect. Continue reading “The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe Essay”

Abu Dhabi Municipality Essay

Digitalization in front offices and call centers for public offices continues to be a significant issue in business. It is always essential for companies primarily in the current generation to make sure they stand in a better position regarding technology used and the number of customers they can service at a time. Abu Dhabi Municipality is currently facing challenges pertaining to customer service from the front desk and the call centre. They rely on paperwork to respond to demands in the markets and questions raised by customers. This creates bulk and a lack of a properly formulated response system that can be relied upon to make the final decision.

Companies and organizations in the current generation strive to use digitalized response systems to queries, and this is what Abu Dhabi Municipality should be looking forward (Walliman 2017). It is intolerable for a company of this magnitude to continue bearing such an amount of challenge. Continue reading “Abu Dhabi Municipality Essay”

Essay on Globalization Effects on Pakistan

Globalization has its positive and negative effects in the countries involved in it. Pakistan is one of the nations that have been greatly affected by globalization. Globalization has affected its economy, politics, technology and living standards of the people, society at large and the religion.

Pakistan has always followed an economic reform policy that made its economy open to the rest of the world. Initially, Pakistan strived to take structural reforms in order to make its economy policies liberal and to speed up the process of integrating itself with the international markets. Continue reading “Essay on Globalization Effects on Pakistan”

Lymphatic Disorder and Respiratory Disorder Essay

Lymphatic Disorder
Lymphoma is a common cancer among people, which starts from the immune system’s infection-fighting cells, lymphocytes. These cells are located in the spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, and bone marrow among other body parts. Therefore, the main attribute of a lymphoma is the overgrowing of the lymphocytes to the extent that it is out of control. The signs and symptoms of the lymphoma include fevers, swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpits, neck, and groin, and/or constant fatigue. The primary types of this condition include the Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, their treatment depends on the type as well as the severity of the condition, and it can entail immunotherapy, bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy (Sabharwal et al., 2013). The major cause of this cancer is not clear but it starts from the genetic mutation of the lymphocytes, which rapidly multiply resulting in unhealthy lymphocytes. Continue reading “Lymphatic Disorder and Respiratory Disorder Essay”