Essay: One Mistake Leads to Another

When I learned that my best friend, Anne, had missed her menstrual period, I knew that the course of her life would change forever. Prior to hearing about her pregnancy, Anne had just joined the track and band team. She was a top performer who scored A’s in every subject. She was ready to engage in sports and apply for university admission. While Anne and I were busy pursuing our new interests, she met Ian. He was the leader of the track and band group. Unlike my friend, Ian came from a well off family and was always in the company of beautiful girls. Despite these differences, Anne and Ian soon became close friends who played and studied together. Continue reading “Essay: One Mistake Leads to Another”

Alcohol in Ireland Essay

Alcohol has been a prominent issue since the country has a high percentage of alcohol consumption in Europe and all over the world. Alcoholism has continuously been increasing. It has been made possible by the availability of cheap alcoholic drinks in retail stores; thus everyone has easy access (5). Alcohol is also a significant part of the history of Ireland. It is also linked to prestige and joy. A recent survey carried out revealed that out of every ten people in Ireland, one is an alcoholic (5). With a population of over 4.7 million, this means that approximately 470,000 people are struggling with alcoholism. It also implies that there are roughly 470,000 unproductive people in the economy since addiction is a disease.However, the intake of alcohol by Irish folks is continually reducing. A study by the department of health showed a comparison of alcohol intake between 2001 and 2015 which revealed that the numbers have significantly dropped (6). It means that the society is slowly changing its attitude towards alcohol (6). More and more people realise the effects this powerful drug has on their lives, the lives of those around them and ultimately their country. Continue reading “Alcohol in Ireland Essay”

Indentured Servitude and Slavery Essay

To counter Spain’s growing influence in the Americas, England set out to establish colonies of its own in the New World. While Spanish- English rivalry had for a long time been political, England was concerned that the Spanish settlers in the Americas would manage to convert the region to Roman Catholicism (Olwell and Tully 24). Therefore, in coming to the Americas, the English had religion as an added objective. Contrary to the Spanish, they were mostly Protestants hence they sought out to convert the native people to Protestant Christianity (Price 29). Following previous failed attempts at establishing a permanent settlement in America, the English finally managed to establish Jamestown in May 1607 as their first permanent settlement. This establishment was marked by the arrival of three small ships landing in Jamestown with 104 men and boy and 39-crew members on board (McAneney 18). The English selection of Jamestown, Virginia was based on the fact that the location could easily be defended from any enemy attacks. Continue reading “Indentured Servitude and Slavery Essay”

Interviewer Quality Control Scheme Essay

The company recognizes that in order to gain a competitive edge in the market, high levels of quality data must be obtained. Therefore, the quality of the data is paramount and a basic requirement for the company to achieve its business objectives. This manual provides guidelines that will be applied during market research for the company’s products.

To ensure that the data collected is useful in decision making, it is critical that the procedures used to collect the data are effective to ensure quality of the data stored in the company’s database. To ensure proper quality assurance during data collection, the following requirements need to be adhered: Continue reading “Interviewer Quality Control Scheme Essay”

Retirement of a Colleague Speech Essay

There is this hammer in Avengers-End Game movie and since I have always been Thanos, I believe Thor is about to do his thing. It caught me by surprise to hear that my coworker who we have worked and shard moments together for the past 35 years is scheduled for retirement soon.

Although he is a habitual nag when it comes to job’s perfection, we have worked as a team to create a strong personal relationship. We have tested untested waters in the regal realm, but I can say without fear of contradiction, he is not a good swimmer in real life. Nonetheless, he can turn water into ice and vice-versa in law. I have seen him perform legal miracles where least expected. For instance, I have seen him grow since he joined here to become an outstanding lawyer. I once exonerated him for growing out of my advice boots since I welcomed him on the first day he joined the institution. That moment I knew that I will be given the mandate to terminate the case since I started it. Nonetheless, everyone dreams. I thought that since I mentored him presumably, I will be the first to retire and hand over the mantle to him. I do not comprehend how he cracked my secret; he had to beat me to it through unknown legal powers. Now, here we are, about to go against my primary objective, but I have no regrets, our bond still remains solid. Thank you, my friend, for the good memories. As I read this retirement speech, please note that I rarely weep, and so, I will not cry. Continue reading “Retirement of a Colleague Speech Essay”

Essay on Sex Differences in Pay

In the article “New market power models and sex differences in pay,” Ramson and Oaxaca discussed the difference in pay between male and female employees. The authors focused on the role of monopsony power over the labor supply in the market and how the same informed decisions regarding pay discrimination based on gender. Ramson and Oaxaca (2010) aimed to identify the reasons which inform labor supply elasticity for organizations and why there existed a difference between male and female employees. Continue reading “Essay on Sex Differences in Pay”

Chicken With Plums Essay: Review & Analysis

Marjane Satrapi is known for several works as: Persepolis, Monsters are Afraid of the Moon, and The Sigh. In this novel, Chicken With Plums, she shows Iranian culture, as well as situations that concern daily life in various cultures, also embracing topics as love, music, and marriage. The passages selected from this work are directly related to his instrument and the story around it.

In the first passage, one can find the story behind his marriage with Nahid. “The reader finds out that she is in love since she has met her husband, when she was only 8 and he was 15 years old. Firstly, he uses Nahid for delivering letters to another girl that he likes without realizing the latter’s interest in him.” (Satrapi 43). It is one of the signs of Nahid’s position as a victim of delusion, but she grows up foolishly in love with Nasser Ali. This first aspect shows how deep can a person’s conviction towards uncontrolled feelings be, and how one can sometimes sacrifice oneself for another person’s happiness, even if the feeling is not reciprocal. Continue reading “Chicken With Plums Essay: Review & Analysis”

Adolescent Anxiety Research Paper

Adolescence is a critical phase in the growth and development of human beings as it marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. Adolescents experience both physical and psychological changes. Not every adolescent can put up with the numerous changes they undergo. To some people, anxiety during adolescence is overwhelming and many results to severe psychological conditions. Some adolescents experience an overwhelming sense of fear while others find it hard to stop thinking about stressful situations. It is normal for everyone to be anxious for various reasons. Anxiety is a natural and essential emotion that every human being experiences in life. Psychologists affirm that anxiety to signal through a series of worry, fear and this alerts them that danger or sudden, frightening change is about to take place. In some occasions, anxiety is an exaggerated and unhealthy response to issues one might be experiencing in life. To some adolescents, anxiety becomes a chronic condition constantly affecting their ability to carry on with their normal daily activities with ease (Skriner et al., 2018). Incidences of adolescents’ academic performance deteriorating due to anxiety have been reported indicating the severity of the condition and its potential consequences. This anxiety contributes to a lack of interest in taking part in extracurricular activities in school, inability to make and maintain supportive friends among other social problems. This paper seeks to explore various issues related to adolescents’ anxiety, common signs of anxiety disorder among adolescents and reviews how adolescents can to be assisted to overcome adolescent disorders among other issues related to anxiety. Continue reading “Adolescent Anxiety Research Paper”

Final Exam Essay on The Presidency

The American presidency has much paradox because the people want an individual who is honest and has humility, but at the same time when one looks at the presidents voted in especially the recent one, they do not display this kind of character.

They want a president who is also areasonable person like himself or herself but at the same time the president even though normal should be extraordinary, that marks him different from a usual person.
The people want anice and down to earth person but at the same time, being too nice is considered a weakness because it means that they are weak, and if they are weak then it means that they are not fit to hold that strong position.

In other words, the individual character that the Americans wants does not necessarily match up to what they gate. Case includes the recent 2016 elections. Hillary was the ideal presidential candidate who had vast experience in public service, into the political realm but all that experience did not matter as American loudly spoke and voted for the candidate that they deemed fit to run their country. His character to the point of elections did not matter, the voters accepted him. Continue reading “Final Exam Essay on The Presidency”

Animal Behavior Essay

Orangutans do not belong to the monkeys’ family as a lot of people think since they are members of the great apes family, to which humans, gorillas and orangutans belong. Our human evolution split from Orangutans’ evolutionary process somewhere about 6 million years ago.

Orangutans live in such natural habitats like the humid forests, various mixes of savannas and deciduous woodland of West and Central Africa. Their physical parameters are commonly like these: the usual weigh is between 67 and 196 pounds and the usual height is from 28 to 36 inches. Their pregnancy period is quite like the humans’ (from 230 to 240 days). Usually orangutans live to about 45-55 years old which is greatly dependant of their place of environment – captive orangutans live up to ten years longer than the wild born. Another orangutans’ similarity to the human kind is their sensory abilities. Continue reading “Animal Behavior Essay”