SWOT Analysis of McDonald’s Sample

McDonald’s, a multinational American fast-food firm, has multiple strengths that explain its performance and dominance in the food industry. Firstly, the company has a stable income flow from its sales, franchising, and marketing. Over 90% of its 38,000 enterprises are franchising-oriented (“SWOT McDonalds 2020”). Thus, the organization is less concerned with its daily operation on each of its enterprises. Instead, it has smoothed revenue collection. Besides, its franchising helps in softening culture shock in foreign and new markets. Secondly, the company has a strong brand that is internationally recognized. Today, McDonald’s operates in more than 120 nations (Singh). The company’s brand is, therefore, known world-widely. Thirdly, the company sells quality and variety of products. McDonald’s works closely with its global suppliers to ensure consistency in the quality of its fast foods. The strategy has enabled it to serve food that tastes similarly. Continue reading “SWOT Analysis of McDonald’s Sample”

Self-Reflection Paper Example

Self-Reflection: Interior Designer
I regard myself as an interior designer by birth. Here is why. My name is Lisa, and from an early age, I developed a strong passion for interior design whereby I would rearrange furniture and household stuff at home to create a certain design. Interior design is a career path that can dare say I started nurturing before I understood what it was. This speech presents my passion for interior design, backed with my education achievement, and my future goals. Continue reading “Self-Reflection Paper Example”

The Reasons for the End of Imperialism Essay

The Reasons for the End of Imperialism
Imperialism represents one of the most influential political currents, which affects the global economical, trade, and communicative order. The specifics of the presented political current presents the orientation on the dominance of the specific country in the arena of global politics. The source of power relates to the trading, manufacturing, and the possession of the colonies. However, Imperialism represents the highest scale of Capitalism because of the orientation specifically on the wealthy unit, which controls the process of manufacturing undermining the rights of the employees. Therefore, the reasons for the cessation of Imperialism, represent the economic maintenance of the country’s army, civilians during WWI, the necessity to stabilize the national economy after WWII, and the overall intention to stop the dominance of the individualistic bourgeoisie. Continue reading “The Reasons for the End of Imperialism Essay”

Critical Thinking Essay Sample

The term critical thinking has been defined by various scholars in different ways, but the consensus is that it is one of the most important attributes which human beings possess to allow them to make sensible judgments (Joyce, 2013; Moore et al., 2012). In this paper, critical thinking is defined as the careful and deliberate application of reason to investigate the validity of a claim. Consider that this definition barely appreciates the manner in which a claim is generated. Therefore, it follows that one engages in critical thinking when they consider whether a claim is valid and sensible, regardless of how the owner came up with it (Moore et al., 2012; Renatovna, 2019). Thus, to enhance one’s critical thinking, one needs such skills as separating fact from opinion, distinguishing between claims which are emotional and the ones which are rational, and selecting the strongest and most practical claim. Continue reading “Critical Thinking Essay Sample”

Caryl Churchill Essay

Caryl Churchill is the person to mention when pondering upon the playwrights who presented extensive work on topics like abuse of power, sexual politics, and feminism. Churchill won numerous awards and proved to be a prolific writer and playwright. She deconstructed several critical political, social, and philosophical issues many prominent authors tried to tackle for decades.

Churchill was born in 1938 in London. At the age of 10, she and her family immigrated to Canada. Churchill started her academic endeavors at Lady Margaret Hall, the women’s college of the University of Oxford. She received her B.A. in 1960, and at the same time, Churchill wrote several early plays, namely Downstairs, Having a Wonderful Time, and Easy Death (Lotha). During the 1960s and 1970s, Churchill developed her crucial style. It started from the idea of the obsession with power and later proceeded to sexual politics. In 1982 Churchill won her first Obie for Top Girls. When she explored the concept of power in the context of a male-dominant environment and clash with femininity. Churchill’s later works focused on comedies concerning excesses in the financial world and Anglo-American stereotypes (Lotha). During her prolific career as a playwright, Churchill explored essential political, social, and gender themes. Such themes were crucial for the particular period of human history. Continue reading “Caryl Churchill Essay”

Essay on Luddism Anti-Technology Ethos

The popularity of “Luddism” ideology has grown in the 21st century as technology becomes part of our daily lives. No doubt, technology has caused major disruptions to markets and economies while replacing human labor. The term “Luddite” emerged from the British industrial protests in the early nineteenth century that opposed the use of machines in production processes that provided much-needed employment for people. With advancements in technology and innovations, more people are losing jobs to robots and Artificial Intelligence machines. The idea of opposing technology today, or being a modern Luddite is quite difficult because you can’t resist technology that we rely on everyday activities. This paper analyzes the Luddism anti-technology ethos that has been part of our history. Continue reading “Essay on Luddism Anti-Technology Ethos”

Research Essay Sample

Do People in Canada have a Responsibility to Change their Appearance or Mannerisms to Make Others Feel Less Threatened In Public?
Canada is one of the two nations located in Northern America and currently ranks as the second-largest country globally. Over the years, the Canadian culture has established the foundational influence of the British and French as well as the broader European region (Hansen 713). The social and public space also reflects the native aboriginal as well as immigrated ethnicities.

Every nation has its way of life, and Canadian culture is unique due to the cultural mosaic established by multiculturalism in the country’s ideologies. Canada is famous for bringing different cultures together while allowing diversity in a bid to pass the same social norms through the generations. Canada is a provocative nation, given the diversity of the population and culture, which creates a unique intangible element. However, people still need to adjust to general norms in a bid to present respectfully and peaceful even in cases of racial intricacies. Continue reading “Research Essay Sample”

The Three Types of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action is a set of practices and policies that a government or an institution implements to increase a certain group’s representation. The main goal is to bridge the existing inequalities in access to education, employment, redressing historical injustices, and promoting diversity (Leiter & Leiter, 2011). The main types of affirmative action include race-based, class-based, and geography-based affirmative actions. Continue reading “The Three Types of Affirmative Action”

Analysis of Obama and Trump

Not all Americans perceive new and potential immigrants the same way, as highlighted by the opposing themes and styles presented in Obama’s speech “Our Immigration System is Broken—and Everybody Knows It,” which contrasts sharply with Trump’s speech, “I Would Build a Great Wall.” An analysis of Obama’s speech and Trump’s speech emphasizes two conflicting perceptions of immigrants and how immigration should be monitored. Continue reading “Analysis of Obama and Trump”

Drama Essay: Oedipus’ Tragic Flaw

In “Oedipus the King,” Aristotle presents him as a good king and a great leader. He does this in the opening scene by highlighting him as a leader concerned about his people’s welfare. Aristotle views him as a man with acceptable moral qualities and a personality that fits a great leader. He shows love to his subjects and goes many nights without sleep, thinking of their welfare. According to Aristotle, Oedipus leads with excellence, authority, and esteem. In the play, the priest praises him as a person “surest in mortal ways and wisest in the wisest in the ways of God,” highlighting an authoritative but God-fearing king (Sophocles). However, Aristotle also presents him as a tragic hero because of his imperfections, tragic flaws. One of Oedipus’s main tragic flaws is excessive pride and self-righteousness, and Aristotle highlights this in the scene between him and Tiresias full of tragic irony. Continue reading “Drama Essay: Oedipus’ Tragic Flaw”