Compare and Contrast Essay on Two Works of Art

For this essay I have selected two works of ancient art being on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Louvre Museum respectively.  First is the statuette of Isis and Horus, dated 330-30 B.C.E., from the Metropolitan Egyptian Art collection, attributed to the Ptolemaic period. The second one is a male statuette discovered in the Cave of Psychro, Crete, dated approximately 1500 B.C.E. and attributed to the Neopalatial period.  Both sculptures are believed to have some religious context and are traditional for the cultures that have produces them. For both statuettes the artist remains to be unknown.

The Egyptian sculpture is made of Egyptian faience and is about 17cm tall. The goddess sits on the throne, wearing a throne hieroglyph representing her name. She is suckling her son Horus. Her head covering is typical for queens and goddesses. Horus is naked and is wearing a single lock of hear on the right side of his head. The Greek bronze statuette is a representation of male figure. The man is standing straight, back vaulted, torso bent back. Hi is wearing a long cloth around his waist. This piece of sculpture is similar in heights to the one previously described – it is about 18cm tall. Continue reading “Compare and Contrast Essay on Two Works of Art”

Company Leadership Essay

Katrina Brooker’s article in Fortune magazine entitled “Masterpiece Theater” presents a story of outstanding leadership, narrating about Bill Ruprecht, the CEO of Sotheby’s Holdings. Size years ago, when Ruprecht took the reins in his hands, the company was nearly ruined by a corporate corruption scandal involving former CEO Dede Brooks who colluded with managers of Davidge and Christie’s. Ruprecht saved the company, implementing a series of quick measures – at one time he was able to find cash for payroll within 12 hours. Ruprecht can also be credited for reinventing the old business, steering the old company through revolutionary transformations in the industry that saw a dramatic pickup in business and arrival of a new superrich class of clients. Ruprecht, hastily chosen when the scandal broke out as CEO, did not seem qualified for the challenge, even though he was most obviously a self-made man who had worked his way up in Sotheby’s from the typist’s job. Few people realize the challenges he faced in resurrecting the company, especially given the enormous difficulties with cash and the need to put up a show of stability in order to keep the clientele. Part of Ruprechts business acumen lies in his ability to react to the situation with flexibility and speed. Speaking of art auctions, he notes that it is “a business of unanticipated events” (Booker 2004). In the discussion of the prospects of opening a business in Moscow, he rejects the idea of “a fixed infrastructure” (Booker 2004). This did not, however, prevent the company from identifying a lucrative business opportunity in the city in a group of rich Russians. Continue reading “Company Leadership Essay”

Essay: The Separation of Powers in USA

The concept of separation of powers is an important aspect of the Constitution of the United States of America. Throughout history, this concept has been the subject of discourse among contemporaries such as Aristotle, who favored a mixed government consisting of a monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy, James Harrington, who won the minds of the American public and shaped their political discourse, John Locke, who separated powers into Legislative and Executive, and Montesquieu who expanded on Locke’s 1690 “Civil Government” in 1748 by adding the judiciary branch (Mahler). In consideration of these great minds and authorities, as well as the means for just ruling of the public, the Constitution was created with an aim to provide people with a balanced government system. Today, this is executed with the checks and balances systems that has made the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of the US government interdependent on and accountable for one another (Kurland and Lerner, ch. 10). Continue reading “Essay: The Separation of Powers in USA”

Prisoner’s Dilemma Essay

The paper represents a review of “Prior Experience and Patterning in a Prisoner’s Dilemma Game” by Albert Silverstein, David Cross, Jay Brown and Howard Rachlin. The researchers experimented with the prisoner’s dilemma game analyzing the efficiency of different strategies and revealed a cooperation-preserving effect of pattering of trials that were played in the form of game.

Traditionally, a prisoner’s dilemma was a subject of a particular concern of specialists dealing with the problem of decision making. Along the variety of researches and discussions related to this problem, it is possible to single out the study conducted by Albert Silverstein, David Cross, Jay Brown and Howard Rachlin and which they depicted in details in their article “Prior Experience and Patterning in a Prisoner’s Dilemma Game”. In this particular work, the authors basically focus on the effect experience and patterning in prisoner’s dilemma game produce on individuals and their behavioral reactions. Continue reading “Prisoner’s Dilemma Essay”

The Commitments Book Review

“The Commitments” by Roddy Doyle, being written in 1987, produced a significant impact on the cultural life and became a significant novel in Irish literature. The work became even more popular when Alan Parker created a film “The Commitments” based on this novel and soon this film gained public recognition and was so successful that it still remains quite popular. At the same time, it is worthy of mention that the reason for such a popularity of both the book and the film may be found in its theme since, basically, “The Commitments” both the book and the film are focused on the theme of hope which is extremely important for practically all individuals, especially in the modern extremely materialistic world where there is little room for hope. Continue reading “The Commitments Book Review”

Action Painting Essay

The author of the painting “Convergence” Jackson Pollock was born in the United States of America I 1912. He is considered to be one of the most prominent painters of Abstract Expressionism, and especially so-called Action Painting. Pollock never used careful brush strokes while creating his masterpieces.  He used to spread his canvas right on the floor and pour or drip different kinds of paint right on it. Pollock did a lot of experiments with his paintings, he never hesitated if he had to lean or step on his canvas. He implemented multiple changes to his existing works before finishing them. Pollock’s style of painting is unique and original, and his “Convergence” is a good example to prove it.  But can it be considered an example of fine art? Continue reading “Action Painting Essay”

Bank of America Essay

Bank of America is one of the most important financial institutions of the US. This is why its senior management team and its successful work are extremely important for normal functioning of the whole organization. The current senior management team seems to be very professional and perspective, especially, taking into considerations their experience and past work.

On discussing the main members of the senior management team of the Bank of America, it is primarily necessary to dwell upon the two key business line marketing executives for its Global Wealth and Investment Management division, which is particularly important in the current situation when the world economy tends to globalization. One of these two individuals is James Drury who has been recently named marketing director for Bank of America Global Wealth and Investment Management.

It should be pointed out that before this appointment he was managing partner of Boston-based Lochridge and Company Inc., a strategic consulting firm. He basically focused on marketing definition and assessment, development of segment-specific strategies, processes and organizations, and implementation of strategic growth initiatives for an array of clients. He also held key positions at The Allen Group and SC Johnson Wax that was also quite useful for his professional growth. Continue reading “Bank of America Essay”

Unemployment in the US Essay

California has always been perceived as a land of an American dream. Not only because Hollywood made the numerous people world famous, rich and successful. The whole state in the southwest of the United States is a dreamland. That is probably why the aspirations are so high, when one thinks of Los Angeles. Despite numerous flattering allusions provided by show business, LA is quite a problematic place to live.

We will not discuss highly controversial topics like drug use or sexual liberties – these are police concerns. The topic I would like to concentrate on is the problem of unemployment in the county. Continue reading “Unemployment in the US Essay”

Medicine Business Plan

Description of Products and Services

The company’s product line is going to include the following products:

  • Sunblock Tanning Pills that provide protection for the skin within 15 minutes equivalent to the levels SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 45.
  • Chewable Sunblock Tanning Pills for children with protection levels SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 45.

Both types of products will aim at making the vital task of saving the skin from harmful effects of sunbathing easy and even enjoyable. Protection of the skin from sunburns is of great importance since the UV radiation stimulates production of the melanin pigment in the skin. Melanin is extremely dangerous for a human being because it can lead to skin cancer. Even those who never develop this deadly disease can find their skin aging and developing wrinkles under the influences of sunburns. Continue reading “Medicine Business Plan”

Strategic Decision Making Essay

Strategic decision making is very important in the current situation and is actually applied in different spheres. Not surprisingly that recent researches are often dedicated to this problem, especially being applied to prisoner’s dilemma games as one of the major tools of behavioral researches. In this respect, it is very important to trace the impact games played produce on the decision making process and this is exactly what Ivo Vlaev and Nick Chater attempted to research in their article “Game Relativity: How Context Influences Strategic Decision Making” where they thoroughly analyze the existing models of strategic decision making.

First of all, it should be pointed out that the authors of the article are particularly concerned about the effects prisoner’s dilemma games played in the past produce on players’ current strategic decision making. To put it more precisely, they argue that the reliability of a traditional view on the prisoner’s dilemma game experience is under the question since traditionally it is viewed that only the game that is currently playing may define the strategic decision making and the past game experience of the players produces little impact on their decision making in the current situation. Continue reading “Strategic Decision Making Essay”