Essay on Organizational Development at Phoenix

The situation at Phoenix is a perfect example of the challenges that arise in running a business with varied interests and competition. Phoenix Sporting Goods is a small company that specializes in the production and sale of sporting equipment. Initially, Phoenix was running as a profitable business before the challenges of the free-market economy and competition from more innovative competitors caused problems. Additionally, the desire to cut production costs and maximize profits caused friction between different departments, leading to a situation in which the organization was no longer working as a unit. With this background, the General Manager, Sheila, decides to approach a professional team-building firm to make the employees at the organization work more closely. The problematic situation at Phoenix lends itself to an organizational development approach. Continue reading “Essay on Organizational Development at Phoenix”

Online Learning vs Face-to-Face Learning Essay

Online learning is the type of education that takes place through the internet. It can be a supplementary course or a full program diploma or degree. In most cases, online learning is asynchronous since learners are not mandated to carry out their learning from the premises of the instructor.

Conversely, face to face learning is the traditional form of education where instructors and the students interact in a physical manner, in the same location and the same time. Notably, online learning is as good as face to face interaction. Learners are able to enjoy both asynchronous and synchronous model benefits.

One strength of online learning is that it takes both the forms of asynchronous model just like in traditional classes. In addition to asynchronous learning, it also synchronous education model. In asynchronous model, students and the instructor interact on a one to one basis and at the same time Secondly, online learning promotes retention of students, enabling them to become consisted with their studies to the end. The retention of students in online classes is at the rate of 60%, which is above average. The high retention is a result of being able to control class clashes and time to do other activities comfortably. Notably, the retention rate in online learning is higher than that of traditional education. Lastly, online learning takes consideration of time management just like in traditional schools. It helps students to save their time to cutting off the time that would have been spent in moving from one class to another and also in traveling to school. Continue reading “Online Learning vs Face-to-Face Learning Essay”

Curriculum and Evaluation Case Study

Additional History
The patient may be suffering from a musculoskeletal condition that requires a series of X-rays and MRI to be performed from the case study and the descriptions (Ribeiro et al., 2017). The additional parts of the PE would have narrowed down to the possible case for discomfort that the patient experiences.

Most Likely Diagnosis
The signs and symptoms that the patient has identified indicate a musculoskeletal problem, which is manifested in pain at the posterior thigh and knees (Gallagher & Schall Jr, 2017). Moreover, a possible mental and nervous system challenge is evident through the depression of working from home and the daughter’s situation. Continue reading “Curriculum and Evaluation Case Study”

History of Coffee Essay

Questionnaire Responses
Question 1: What are the opportunities and threats to the coffee market in Europe?
Respondent 1: The rising user demand for transparency and traceability in the value chain has influenced the progress in uninterrupted trade between European roasters and producers.”
Respondent 2: I believe that sustainability continues to be a top priority for production shareholders.
Respondent 3: In my opinion, I believe that the continuous integration of multinational organizations in the coffee trade puts pressure on coffee pricing.
Respondent 4: I believe the modes of serving coffee, including single-serve methods, ready-to-drink, and specialty coffee, influence the market trends very much. Continue reading “History of Coffee Essay”

Ghassan Ahmed al Sulaiman Development Company LTD

Question #1
Ghassan Ahmed Al Sulaiman Development Co. Ltd is a Saudi Arabia-based IKEA franchise. It is among the leading organizations in Saudi Arabia (Khamis 19). For over six months, I have been working at this prestigious organization as a logistics procurement officer. My primary role at the organization is to identify and evaluate suppliers, arrange for transportation of purchased goods, identify any logistical challenges, monitor the use of materials within the organization, and ensure quality record keeping. The position fits into my training because I have learned various courses on logistics and can apply the concepts while working at the organization. Continue reading “Ghassan Ahmed al Sulaiman Development Company LTD”

Composition of Music Essay

Composition 1: Addiction to Love
The title of the music is, the addiction to love, which describes what love is all about. Furthermore, the music theme focused on a love story that occurred between two people who have been friends for a long. The rhythm solely repeats on love and highlights critical experiences such as depression, hatred and the subject of money that revolves around love. The key reason I selected this title is for the people to understand that one can be addicted to love at some point in life, and they find it difficult to move on when left with their loved ones. The heading also provokes and provides better teaching to those people who are willing to embrace the concept of love in their daily lives. Continue reading “Composition of Music Essay”

The Leadership Concept in Organizational Behavior

Organizational behavior is a discipline that analyzes how employees behave in an organization. On the other hand, leadership is the management’s ability to arrive at sound decisions while inspiring others to perform positively (Northouse 7). Essentially it involves directing other people’s behavior so that they can achieve a specified goal. Leaders excel in their duties through commitment, courage, communication, self-awareness, and empathy. Continue reading “The Leadership Concept in Organizational Behavior”

Essay: How Can Patriotism Be Demonstrated?

Patriotism is defined as love and fidelity for one’s country. Love and devotion are defined by giving, and sacrifice and the same concepts define loyalty to one’s country. First, loyalty to one’s nation can be shown by willingness to serve in in the military (Morales 2). The readiness to combat and willingness to remain in military service define patriotic officers. The attribute goes beyond serving in the military as a profession and entails heartfelt service and dedication to protect one’s country. In extreme cases, patriotic officers sacrifice their lives for the well-being of the country. Secondly, patriotism can be demonstrated by respect and fair treatment to individuals who have served the country, both those who are alive and the deceased (Hutchinson 1). Acknowledging the service offered by these individuals by thanking them, calling them heroes, helping them and protecting their burial places are signs of patriotism. Continue reading “Essay: How Can Patriotism Be Demonstrated?”

Cryptocurrency Investment Essay

Cryptocurrency investment is on the rise in several fintech markets across the globe and has the potential to transform the business world. Cryptocurrencies are digital forms of cash that do not only enable purchase of goods and services online but also present viable investment opportunities (Chuen, Guo, & Wang, 2017). Investors across the world are fast embracing the idea of investing in digital currencies and financial markets continue to experience a shift from traditional currencies and investments.

To this end, cryptocurrencies are considered digital financial assets that present investors with risks and return like other assets. Since the launch of bitcoin in 2009, several other types of cryptocurrencies have been developed in different economies. The digital currencies possess certain attributes that have been at the center of their increasing popularity among investors including anonymity of transactions, quick transaction execution, low transaction costs, transaction security and control, and transaction transparency. However, skeptics of cryptocurrency investment argue that such investments are volatile, have low acceptance rate, have no elaborate regulation, and are not flexible because of irreversibility of transactions. Continue reading “Cryptocurrency Investment Essay”

Management Skills in Healthcare Essay

Summary of the Mole of Management
Management plays a critical role in the performance of an organization. Mary Follet Parker, defined management as “the art of getting things done through people.” From this definition, it is clear that management involves mobilizing resources to achieve the set goals of an organization. Usually, the main role of the manager is to coordinate and oversee the work of other individuals to help him/her achieve tasks that could not be completed by a single person. Moreover, management has been perceived as the act of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling activities within the organization. The work of the employees together with other resources ensures that the set goals are attained. All these aspects of management facilitate the organization’s effectiveness to achieve both long term and short-term goals by coordinating and efficiently utilizing the organizational resources. All sectors need management and healthcare is no exception. Just like other institutions, healthcare organizations such as hospitals require proper coordination, control, supervision, good customer relations, effective internal interactions, and regulation of the quality of the services. Continue reading “Management Skills in Healthcare Essay”