Article Review Essay Sample

In the article “The Other 1492: Jews and Muslims in Columbus’s Spain” Fouad Ajami describes the sad story of exile of the Jews from Spain in 1492. During this time Ferdinand and Isabella signed a verdict that all Jews should live the country leaving all their possessions behind them. The Jews traveled to the regions where the Jewish religion was still accepted – in Portugal, the Netherlands and Italian city-states.

The last ship with the Jews left the country on the 2nd of August and just a day later another famous ship left the shores of Spain – ship with Christopher Columbus on board. Months before these two events Boabdil, the last Muslim King of Granada, has also departed. The Muslims who left were offered to convert or leave the country and later even those who have chosen to convert were forced to leave.

The 10th and 11th centuries were times of prosperity for Jews and Muslims – these were times when literacy spread and economy developed, culture and philosophy were on their rise. The Jews lived well in Muslim Spain, however, the author describes as well anti-Jewish riot in 1066. Soon Muslims lost all their Spanish cities and with the Christian absolutist monarchy the life became unbearable for the local Jews. According to the author, around 25,00o people were killed in the massacres in 1391 and many had to convert. Those who converted could occupy important positions in the country. That also has aggravated the church and now it wanted to destroy the Jews completely. Many Jews escaped to the Ottoman Empire. The author calls the Muslim world of those times quite tolerant, but this tolerance was quite controversial. Now the Jewish quarters in the Muslims cities are empty. Continue reading “Article Review Essay Sample”

Pill Camera Research Paper

Pill camera is a video camera used for the capsule endoscopy, a procedure of a patient examination by means of endoscopic videocapsule, id est a video camera built-in in a capsule combined with a videotransmitter. In the process of gastrointestinal tract examination, the capsule takes a few ten of thousands of pictures during a few hours. The pictures are then transmitted to the receivers fixed on the patient body and registered in the built-in memory. The power can be provided either by built-in battery or by a wireless method from an external power supply.

Those university and college students who have the intention to choose pill camera as a topic to write a persuasive and argumentative research paper on, might be interested in using free sample research papers on the topic as a guideline through the complex process of writing proper scientific text. These free papers can as well be considered as quite a decent source of the relevant data that will help you collect enough information for your investigation. Studying these research proposals you will understand that it is thanks to the capsule endoscopy and, in particular, to the pill camera, without which this method of the examination would be impossible, that delivered the possibility of examination of earlier inaccessible for endoscopy areas of intestinum tenue. Capsule endoscopy is certificated in the USA (since 2001), the countries of the European union, Israel, and Australia. Continue reading “Pill Camera Research Paper”

Term Paper on Function Generator

Function generator is the appliance which is used to test various electronic devices and their functioning. It is natural that every electric device requires profound testing and it is possible to do it with the help of a function generator. The appliance is not a big in size and it powered by batteries or electricity and its duty is to produce electric signals of various shapes which demonstrate the effectiveness of the tested device. The generator produces electric signals of several kinds and wave shapes: sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, etc.

Every shape of the wave demonstrates the definite type of the tested device and shows whether it works well. Function generators are most often connected to computers with the special software which guarantees the quality and accuracy of the analysis. Generators are able to produce noises and support AM and FM modulation of the radio waves. Generators are used to check the effectiveness of work of TV-sets, radios, robots applied in industry, etc. Sine waves can be seen on the device when the generator checks the quality of the energy supply to the certain building and these waves go up and down smoothly. Triangular and sawtooth waves differ from one another with the speed of rising and dropping. The field of usage of the function generators is quite wide, because the device’s service can not be overestimated in such spheres are telecommunications, broadcasting and energy supply, as these branches require constant and quality work of its numerous devices. Continue reading “Term Paper on Function Generator”

Metaphysical vs Scientific Thinking Essay

Scholars are mainly concern with finding explanations for the things we see around us. Their goal is not only to provide good arguments for why something acts or looks the way it is, but more importantly to use those explanations to create new understandings, based on analogies, natural rules and so on.

Scientific thinking is based on finding hard evidences for well-defined questions. Such evidences can be found through experiments, observations and prior knowledge, all are based on generally accepted mythologies, statistics and logical pattern of drawing conclusions. Many scientists using axioms in their thinking processes, assuming that some facts do not require further investigation.

However, scientific methods suffer from several significant disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages is the dependency of science on the limitations of human perception and intellect, as well as the tools that are used for the scientific research. The result is providing evidences which may be proven in the future, using more sophisticated technology, as false or that can be only partially true. Language also may lead to manipulations, as the usage of a word to define something serves not only as a name but also tells us something about the object itself.

Let us take, for example, my blue t-shirt. I think it is blue and so are 100 of the people I ask. However, the 101st person might be colour-blind. For him, my t-shirt is grey. Another person might say that the shirt is neither blue nor grey; his explanation will be that there is some chemical on the shirt that makes us to believe it is blue, because that is the way our brain analyse the visual information e gets from our eyes. Continue reading “Metaphysical vs Scientific Thinking Essay”

Public Speaking Class Essay

Why public speaking course is important to college students?
College studies are the main key for social mobilization and for sound professional development. The role of college has gone beyond the classical role of academy; its responsibility is to prepare its students at all levels, in particular to develop the interpersonal traits which are critical to succeed in the “new economy”. This responsibility of colleges has evolved from several main foundations; the main one is the new structure of jobs.

Today’s jobs are much more specific than they were in the past, and are expected to continue this pattern in the future; the 1920s “all-around” banker has disappeared, and has been replaced by the investment consultant, the loans clerk, etc. The same happens in most businesses and professions, especially in high-qualified jobs such as medicine and accounting. The direct result on the academic system is that professional training is much more an on-the-job process, whereas colleges are not expected to train students for performing specific tasks, rather than to provide an overview of the relevant field (at best). The graduate will learn a set of assignments to perform and then will be expected to master them only. Continue reading “Public Speaking Class Essay”

Domain Name System Term Paper

Domain name system is a varied system of alteration of the name of a computer or any other network device into the IP address.

Every computer in the Internet has its own address – the number which consists of four bites. It is obvious that it is difficult to remember dozens and hundreds of numbers, so all the machines possess names which can be easily remembered. The whole system of names in the Internet is hierarchic and it is done not to support the single source but distribute it into the smaller ones. The whole domain name of the machine can be divided into two parts: the name of the domain area and the machine’s name. In order to maintain domain name system administrators follow the originality of every machine’s name with the special computers in order to avoid situations when there are several machines with the same names. The system can be compared to the tree which is turned upside down. The tree has a root which is marked as «.». The list of the root servers should exist in every server – it is placed in the named. ca file. The file can possess another name – depending on the settings on the server. There is a certain name of the domains of the higher level, the most famous among which are com, gov, net, org, etc. Naturally, domain name system is very important for the functioning of the global network, because every computer has to possess its own definite address. The address is standardized and meets the international protocols and can be maintained all over the world. Continue reading “Domain Name System Term Paper”

Lehman Brothers Essay

The Effectiveness of the Measure Done by the Government for Lehman Brothers in 2008
The modern era has witnessed a number of financial crises that have had an effect on economic functions in many countries. The economic turmoil in Japan and Hong Kong after 1990 and 1997 respectively and the global financial crises of early 21st century are some examples of recent crises in history. Governments worldwide play a central role in managing economic environments to either avert or mitigate the effects of financial crises.

Fiscal policy and monetary policy are the main tools that the government seeks to correct economic turmoil. In light of the frequency and effects of financial crises within the last and present centuries, various governments have adopted better steps in managing prevailing economic conditions. This has included reinventing fiscal and monetary policies and practices to improve monitoring and control of economic activities, provide frameworks on preparedness and recovery and offer financial aid to mitigate the effects of economic crises.

The 2008 financial crisis tested the financial structures of the US financial markets. Ideally, the epicenter of the crisis was the US Mortgage markets. The government decided on a stimulus program which aimed at increasing the money supply to ease credit in the market (Pariente, Bora & Omar, 2011). The objective of this stimulus program was to trigger investment through ensuring that institutions and individuals who require credit are able to obtain from commercial banks. This program was quite successful. However, it faced serious objections from the Republican Party. In this regard, the federal government opted to use US treasuries to pay for the massive fiscal stimulus programs. The 2008 financial crisis in the US and increased government spending as part of recovery was fundamental in demonstrating facilitated economic recovery through deliberate fiscal policy by the federal treasury. Continue reading “Lehman Brothers Essay”

Taxidermy Research Paper

Taxidermy (from Greek ????? it is putting in an order and ????? is a skin, hide) is a method of making of models of animals with its skin. The skin is usually mounted on some basis, a skeleton and is stuffed with a filler. Taxidermy is used mainly for making of museum-pieces, and also for keeping hunting trophies.

University and college writers who are to prepare, outline and conclude their research paper on taxidermy have a great opportunity to write a successful research paper on the topic, as it considered as the one allowing you conduct a full-scale investigation on the phenomenon, revealing all the different facets of this complex process. This subject may be as well interesting from the scientific text writing point of view as there several different techniques that the topic may be studied or reported with.

For making such a model of the dead representatives of fauna the parts of the body with the least of damages on a hide are used. To keep original appearance, the skin is frozen or put in 70% solution of alcohol. Continue reading “Taxidermy Research Paper”

Essay on Implied Warranties

According to the law, implied warranty is not something explicitly promised by a seller, but rather implied in the circumstances of a sale. For example, when a person is selling reading glasses, we automatically can assume that he understands something in what he/she is doing and can rely on his/her advise. Each time when we are buying we are assuming that the products are of proper quality and correspond to our expectations of such products. This refers to product’s merchantability. For example, when we buy vitamins, we expect that they will not harm our health, but on the contrary, will provide our body with the important elements, will be properly packaged and have necessary information about usage. We rely on the knowledge of a company producing the vitamins and a pharmacist selling them that the vitamins will contain the proper balance of the ingredients and will improve our overall health, in other words have proper quality commonly expected of such products. Continue reading “Essay on Implied Warranties”

Vandalism Research Paper

Vandalism is one of the forms of destructive deviance towards the works of art, culture, and other community or private property, which in this case are destroyed or desecrated.

To write a decent research paper on vandalism, college students interested in the phenomena have to take a look at the free example research proposals on the topic, which may give them an understanding that vandalism has several was of manifestation and the most known are:

  • Graffiti, in its amoral, anti-social demonstration.
  • Tegging (a type of graffiti), in its amoral, anti-social demonstration.
  • Bombing (a type of graffiti), in its amoral, anti-social demonstration.
  • Burning the books.
  • Desecration of graves.
  • Destruction the culture monuments.
  • Damaging the paintings.
  • Burning the churches.

Continue reading “Vandalism Research Paper”