How to Help Students Who Struggle with Writing?

Every young person who studies at the educational institutions at any level has the same problems – the right organization of the text, lack of knowledge and writing experience and the lack of knowledge about the appropriate research approach towards the selected topic. It is not easy to prepare a successful paper if one does not know about the standards and norms of writing and formatting of the text, so the most obvious helper in this case is the Internet.

With the assistance of the web the student is able to learn about all the essential peculiarities of writing following various pieces of advice which can be found online. The most well-known and frequently practised ways to struggle with writing are: free example papers on different topics and subjects, free writing tips which explain the manner of writing of various types of college and university papers, online writing services which complete customized papers for students for money. Continue reading “How to Help Students Who Struggle with Writing?”

Research Paper on Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis sativa (aka hemp) is a very durable and fast-growing annual herb with fingering of three to five leaves. Hemp is one of the oldest and most hardy of cultivated plants, with an ability to grow on poor soils in most climate zones, and at altitudes up to 3000 meters above sea level. In favorable cases It can be nine feet tall. In northern Europe, it grows to about two meters. The species is dioecious and has male and female flowers on different plants.

If you look through free sample research papers on the topic you will know that Cannabis sativa has been grown and processed at least since 4000 BC, both for the textile industry and for some medicinal purposes. As drug – for the recreational, religious, and more medical stimulation – it arose in India after the plant was imported from China, and is referred to in the earliest religious writings dating around 1500-2000 BC. In Europe, hemp was historically used in the textile industry. Continue reading “Research Paper on Cannabis Sativa”

Visual Cryptography Research Paper

Visual cryptography allows to encrypt information that is available in the form of white and black pixels. The decryption can be done only by using the optical perception, in particular the help of computers required.

To write a successful research paper on the topic you should know that visual cryptography visual cryptography was first introduced Moni Naor and Adi Shamir in 1994. It was used to encrypt the image or the text presented in the form of images. The basic idea of the visual cryptography model was to break the original image into a plurality of encrypted images (or shadow images), each of which would give no information about the original image except maybe its size (image – a la “white noise”). When superimposing the encrypted images, the original image can be obtained. Thus, the decoding does not require special knowledge, HPC and even computer (if shadow images are printed on transparencies). Continue reading “Visual Cryptography Research Paper”

Term Paper on Natural Disaster and National Development

Natural disaster is the factor which influences the national development of a country and is characterized with the country’s potential which is revealed under the effect of the disaster. It is obvious that the country’s development depends on climate and geographical location. If the country is situated in the favourable climatic belts and has constant access to the renewable natural biotic resources (vegetables, fruit, wood, meat, etc), its economic growth is not a rapid one, because the people are satisfied with the conditions and do not take many efforts to change something for the better. The countries living in the severe circumstances, on the North, islands, which are under the threat of tsunami or mountain regions, are observed to work hard for the improvement of their conditions of life and their national development indicator is very high. If the country survives natural disasters frequently, it improves its technologies and its population is always ready to resist the threat and restore the damaged objects. Continue reading “Term Paper on Natural Disaster and National Development”

Research Paper on Youth Homelessness

Youth homelessness in the United States reached a record level by the end of the 2011-2012 school year. At this time there were about 1.2 million of the homeless young people.

In the 2011-2012 academic year in the United States, there were about 1.2 million homeless students. As a specialized research center funded by the U.S. Department of Education reported, it was the highest level on record. It is 10% higher than the previous year, and 72% higher than in the pre-crisis years.

To prepare a research paper on youth homelessness you should know that the term refers to the children and adolescents from the families who have lost their own homes. Many of them continue to attend classes in public schools, even those living in shelters, but do not wish at the same time to get registered. In addition, homeless parents fear that their children could be simply taken away from them. Therefore, as the expert from the National Association for the Education for Homeless Children and Youth Barbara Duffield explained, the real picture is probably worse than the official statistics. According to her, there is a problem even in high school. This year, more than 58,000 students of universities and colleges in the United States indicated in applications for grants to study from the federal government, they do not have housing. A year ago, they were almost 4,500 less. However, these statistics are also known to be incomplete, since many families are unaware or unwilling to admit their affiliation to the needy. Continue reading “Research Paper on Youth Homelessness”

Carbon Dioxide Research Paper

Carbon dioxide (Latin name: Dioxidum Carboni) is a very common gas, which is odorless and colorless in normal temperatures. Currently (July 2013), it represents the approximately 397 ppm of the atmospheric volume. Concentration in the atmosphere increases with a rising rate and the growth is currently at just over two ppm per year on average. Carbon dioxide has a significant biological importance, playing a vital role in the earth’s climate and has many industrial applications.

Those who write research paper on the topic should know the main toxicological properties of carbon dioxide:

  • Odor: No odor warning. In high concentrations, however, has faintly pungent odor.
  • Features: The gas is heavier than air. Risk of accumulation in confined spaces, particularly at ground level. Highest CO2 concentration is normally found in the room’s lowest point.
  • Suffocating by inhalation as it displaces oxygen in the air.
  • Even low concentrations cause rapid circulatory insufficiency.

Continue reading “Carbon Dioxide Research Paper”

Theory of Constraints Research Paper

Theory of Constraints is a repository of knowledge, methods, and tools for interdisciplinary management of organizations. The lead author is Eliyahu M. Goldratt, with other contributors.

The theory of constraints is a fundamental principle that the flow generated by an organization is limited by at least one process, that is to say, a neck or bottleneck. Production value can be increased by increasing the production capacity at the bottleneck.

Those who are writing their research paper on theory of constraints have to know that there are five key stages of implementation of the theory of constraints:

  1. Identify the constraint (bottleneck).
  2. Exploit the constraint (increase its use and efficiency).
  3. Make all processes in the process forced.
  4. Raise the performance of the constraint (if necessary).
  5. Repeat step 1 if the constraint has changed.

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Research Paper on Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions mean the total amount of CO? released in the atmosphere, due to direct and indirect human activity.

Since there is still no internationally accepted definition, it refers to greenhouse gases even involving additional factors.

Carbon emissions (measured in CO?) and greenhouse gas emissions (measured in CO? equivalents) are often measured in tonnes per year or in vehicles in grams per kilometer.

Students who write their research papers on the topic must know that carbon emissions have increased in recent years, especially since it could became a useful tool to determine the climate impact of products, services, and other events in the life of every person. Only with this information we can effectively minimize the climate impact by providing symmetric country measures – for example, to reach the limiting of the global warming to 2° C. Continue reading “Research Paper on Carbon Emissions”

Research Paper on Stress and Health

The cause of many diseases is a reaction to modern living conditions and lifestyle. Stressful situations can have a catalytic effect, but can also lead to disease. Stress, especially if it is frequent and lengthy, have a negative effect on the psychological state as well as physical health.
When a conflict situation requires quick reaction and immediate response, the body triggers the mechanisms of adaptation.

Those college students who are about to prepare their first research paper on stress and health have to know that stress interferes with the person’s behavior, leading to such common disorders as depression, anxiety, emotional instability, neurosis, mood decline, or, conversely, anger, excitement, fatigue, insomnia, impaired memory, etc.).

Stress can manifest itself, for example, through high blood pressure, inability to fall asleep at night or on weekends. People exposed to stress, often feel tired. Various trivia or other people remarks may seem so annoying to them that it can bring people out of themselves for the day. Stress weakens the body’s resistance forces, causes changes in the autonomic nervous system, hormonal glands, and metabolism. Continue reading “Research Paper on Stress and Health”

Essay on What is Love

Love is interested, caring and attentive attitude to the people we love. We can talk a lot about love, but if short, love is unselfish and joyful concern for others. It is caring and attentive attitude to the person, objects or any affairs and events. If you like an adult, intelligent, and responsible person, love should comply with other requirements: it should not be blind sighted, but intelligent, to not be only a feeling, but also responsible behavior. Love without respect is fragile and unstable, respect without love – cold and feeble.

Many judged love by their feeling and their partner’s feeling, but it looks like the feeling of love is just a reflection, a glare of the present (or not present…) that actually lives in our soul. It is separate and not simple topic about the basics of love, its driving forces, or how and why love is born. In any case, loving feelings are very different, containing both delight and tenderness, fear and hatred – depending on the form of love.

If you look closer to love, we will find a big depth of the feeling. However, it is not just a feeling, and behavior, it is a certain way of life with its own values, worldview, priority of attention and even breathing and intonation. In love, as in relations, there are a few lines. Continue reading “Essay on What is Love”