Research Paper on Holistic Medicine

In the last decades, different directions of alternative medicine become increasingly popular all over the world, as people, suffering different diseases, more and more often are calling for help various types of unconventional treatment. Worldwide Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the methods of alternative medicine already a long ago, including in the official list homoeopathy, osteopathy, bioresonant therapy, east medicine and other directions.

If you want to study this complex and multi-faceted topic you would have to explore all the various nuances of the matter. For that you might want to look through some free sample research paper on holistic medicine, where you can get acquainted with the idea that it is one of the best-known and popular directions of unconventional medicine today, which regards the human organism as single unit, takes into account interaction of human organs with other systems of organism. Continue reading “Research Paper on Holistic Medicine”

Essay on Religion in the Works of Kafka and Voltaire

François-Marie Arouet Voltaire (1694-1778) and Franz Kafka (1883-1924) were highly celebrated writers and social thinkers of their respective eras. As can be learned from their works, the two authors spent considerable thought reflecting on the role of religion and God in nature, society and life. This paper reviews some prominent works by the two and compares their attitude towards religion in terms of style, narrative and ideological perspectives.

Voltaire: The Unapologetic Arch Nemesis
Like many of his contemporaries during the Age of Enlightenment, Voltaire’s views on religion and its many facets were rather fierce. A self-proclaimed deist, Voltaire did not hesitate to criticize blind faith and organized religion and saw the latter as an obstacle in the way towards human liberty, progress and happiness, famously arguing against religious extremism: “those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” Many of his works clearly and explicitly express these views, as well as the aspiration to replace the perceived repressions of the prevalent monotheism with a new sense of critical observations, justified reasoning and tolerance towards opposing views of nature and society.

One of the most celebrated examples for Voltaire’s criticism on the role of religion in society is his 1759 satire Candide. Briefly speaking, the thematic core of this short novel is a critique on the optimistic notion that God, as a perfect deity, created the world as the best possible world. The notion, which is usually referred to as Leibnizian optimism, is presented through the character of Dr. Pangloss, who argues that
things cannot be otherwise than as they are; for as all things have been created for some end, they must necessarily be created for the best end. Observe, for instance, the nose is formed for spectacles, therefore we wear spectacles. The legs are visibly designed for stockings, accordingly we wear stockings. Stones were made to be hewn and to construct castles, therefore My Lord has a magnificent castle; for the greatest baron in the province ought to be the best lodged. Swine were intended to be eaten, therefore we eat pork all the year round: and they, who assert that everything is right, do not express themselves correctly; they should say that everything is best. (Voltaire, “Candide” 12) Continue reading “Essay on Religion in the Works of Kafka and Voltaire”

Term Paper on Electric Geyser

Electric geyser is the appliance which is used for heating water. Naturally, every household requires such an appliance, because one can hardly live without hot water nowadays. Water heating is supposed to be quite an expensive service today because of the energy crisis which is becoming more and more serious every year. There are geysers of several types which are differentiated according to their size and the resources used for the production of energy. The most common geysers are the electric and gas ones. Of course, it is more reasonable to use electric geysers, because the majority of countries feel shortage of gas which is quite expensive today. Electric geysers use electricity to heat water and they resemble a small or middle-sized reservoir which works on the principle of a kettle, though it is more convenient and safer then kettle, because it is possible to control the temperature, reduce the consumption of energy, turn on and off the appliance when it is needed. Continue reading “Term Paper on Electric Geyser”

Research Paper on Religious Cults

Religious cult (from Latin: cultus – honouring, worship) is religious worship of some objects, real or mythical creatures, provided with supernatural properties, including deities; and also totality of the ceremonies related to such honouring.

University students collecting relevant information on the topic have to understand that he concept of religious cult is most developed in paganism that actually consists of various cults.

There can be also distinguished various types of cults on objects:

  • the cult of sky,
  • the cult of sun,
  • the cult of water,
  • the cult of fire,
  • the cult of plants,
  • the cult of ancestors,
  • the cult of animals, etc.

Continue reading “Research Paper on Religious Cults”

Essay about Online Education

In today’s fast moving world of technology many people find themselves trapped with no time to do all the things they want to. That is the reason why all services offered through the Web are constantly gaining more popularity. Many students prefer to take different courses online, communicate with friends online and as a result spend most of their time in front of the computer exploring the vast world online and everything it offers.

Online education is attractive for many, as it is convenient and saves a lot of time and money. Making a research is similar to online education in many ways. A constantly increasing number of students tend to use online articles, databases and libraries in order to save time and to be able to access more cost-free information from all over the world in a few mouse clicks. (Whitaker)

The research conducted on the topic “Online education” is based on articles and journal entries, published on the Internet. Some professors and scientists are reluctant to accept the validity and reliability of the internet sources due to the risk of plagiarism and the overuse of not cross-checked articles, low quality or false information. Despite all these facts, the use of electronic sources was chosen to save time and resources. Finding any information concerning any topic is extremely fast and easy, but finding reliable information online demands more time, a lot of patience and evaluation skills to determine the sources that can be used and cited. However, compared to the old fashioned library based research is much faster, but tricky at the same time. Knowing how to make use of the online sources saves costs, because ordering books or paying registration fees is not needed. Continue reading “Essay about Online Education”

Essay on My Earliest Childhood Memories

My earliest memories are that of playing games in preschool. It was a fun time for me, at least that’s how I recall it now. The only things I had to worry about were: what will I have for lunch today, whether that big kid will leave me alone and which toy do I want to play with. My mother would always pack one of those perfect lunches for me, although, being a bit of a health nut, she wouldn’t always give me the snacks that the other kids had. I guess it was this upbringing that has made me health-conscious when it comes to food. Buying organic for me is a bit out of my price range, but I maintain fresh ingredient standards, stay away from fast- and junk-foods and manage to balance my meals. I’ve recently become a fan of cooking shows on TV, which have inspired me to explore the culinary world a bit, but not on a professional level. When I come home, the first thing I like to do is cook a nice meal. I’m not a vegetarian, yet there are many vegetarian dishes to which I have become accustomed to. A lot of my cooking influences come from Middle-Eastern and Indian cuisine. On occasion, I like to have friends over to share my newfound talents with them, and so far it has been a success. Continue reading “Essay on My Earliest Childhood Memories”

Term Paper on Determinism

Determinism is the study about the interconnection of all the processes and events, which can be described in the easy way – every process causes the only one definite result and these two processes are interconnected being the result of one another. Determinism is a deep philosophical thought which is used in numerous branches of the human thought. For example, there is theological determinism which claims that the human life, all the natural and physical processes and events are the result of the will of God; in cosmic determinism all the processes happen due to the power of the nature; in anthropological determinism – due to the human will. According to the concept of determinism such qualities as freedom of thought, ambitiousness, activity, opposition, responsibility, etc are useless, because the human being is not able to change her fate and redesign her life. Continue reading “Term Paper on Determinism”

Effective Classroom Management Research Paper

Effective classroom management is determined by the main task of the education sector: to promote the development of the student’s personality.

To exercise an effective classroom management, a teacher has to stand in the position of assistant to the student, the person contributing to achieving the student’s objectives. It is necessary to make the teacher-student interaction predictable and understandable to the student, so that he could make a choice, to make independent decisions.

Use free sample research papers on effective classroom management for better understanding of the fact that the main task of the teacher in the classroom when working with student is to teach students to set goals, plan, evaluate the results of their activities. Continue reading “Effective Classroom Management Research Paper”

Free Essay on Biological Perspective

Biological perspective is a branch of psychology that considers physiology as affecting human behavior.

Use free sample essays on biological perspective to understand that the idea of parallelism of psychic phenomena with the physiological processes in the nervous system was proved by a huge number of observations and experiments, proving that the damage to different centers of the brain, cranial or abducens nerves immediately distorts or destroys any mental functions with the full and detailed definitions, besides, it is not hard to see how close is the psychological development and the development of neuro-cerebral apparatus in the number of animals or in the human development from embryo to a mature man.

Biological perspective, sometimes referred to as psychobiology or biopsychology is a subset of psychology. Psychology can be defined as the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. Biological psychologists often use biological methods of research to base their practice on them. On the other hand, biological psychologists may be interested in the measurement of certain biological variables (anatomical, physiological or genetic variables) in an attempt to relate them quantitatively and qualitatively, from a psychological (typically behavioral) variable. Continue reading “Free Essay on Biological Perspective”

Lizzie Borden Research Paper

Lizzie Borden (19 July 1860 – 1 June 1927) was a United States citizen, which has become famous thanks to the famous case of the murder of her father and stepmother, in which it was accused. Despite the large amount of evidence of her guilt she was acquitted. Until now, her case causes various interpretations and disputes.

Use free sample research paper on the topic to learn that Lizzie Borden was born in 1860 in the state of Massachusetts. When she was two years old, her mother died. Her father, Andrew soon remarried. Lizzie and her sister Emma could not find a common language with their stepmother, did not like her, and suspected that after the father’s death a significant part of the inheritance would go to stepmother.

Lizzie’s father was quite rich, but stingy. He has not had much to spend on daughters. Continue reading “Lizzie Borden Research Paper”