Term Paper on the Great Depression

The Great Depression is the serious global economic crisis which started in 1929 and lasted till the end on the 1930-ies. The chronological boundaries in different countries vary but the strongest impact the crisis made in Western Europe and the USA at the beginning of the 1930-ies.

Generally, the Great Depression is the global financial crisis, but it is mostly associated with the US. The Great Depression is the most serious and the longest financial crisis in the human history and it is the indicator of the unfavourable condition of the improper economic structure. The crisis had extremely negative impact on all the people no matter what their social class is. Both the rich and the poor lost their money, the global trade reduce in 50%, the unemployment reached the pick of 25% in the US and 33% in Europe. The Great Depression started in October 29, 1929 and this day is also known as Black Tuesday. The stock market of Wall Street crashed and started the economic crisis in chain. Continue reading “Term Paper on the Great Depression”

Research Paper on Causes and Symptoms of Stress

To better understand causes and symptoms of stress, we have to get back to the notion of the stress.

Stress is the physiological-hormonal adaptation reactions in the body’s organ systems that are triggered by physical and mental stressors. For this, there can be several causes including pain, cooling, fear, and flight. From an evolutionary point of stress, the response that is conserved in all higher species, including all primates, rodents, and reptiles is very important. A man may feel stress not only to overstimulation, but also during stimulation.

The term stress was coined by endocrinologist Hans Selye.

Stress can manifest itself partly as an acute stress reaction, and provide a post-traumatic stress disorder. Stress can be positive and improve work performance, but prolonged negative stress can cause several diseases. Continue reading “Research Paper on Causes and Symptoms of Stress”

Term Paper on FDI

Foreign direct investment is the form of the participation of the foreign capital in the realization of the investment projects on the territory of the country-recipient of the investment, which is characterized with the active participation of the investor in the activity of the company. Foreign direct investment is the most required form of investment for the developing countries, because it enables to introduce the brand new technologies and quality production into the country which would never be able to start the production of this kind itself. Naturally, FDI is extremely important for the developing countries, because when the economics and political situation are unfavourable, it is fairly impossible to start the top-quality production with the involvement of the innovations of various kinds. There are several ways of FDI and every form is characterized with the specific procedure and motivation of investing. The first type of FDI is the investment from the very beginning. The investor builds a daughter-company on the territory of another country and provides people with work but own 100% of the company. Continue reading “Term Paper on FDI”

Research Paper on Future of Social Media

According to analysts, the future of social media will be capable to give users a reflection of all aspects of their lives (it is much easier to deal with people when you know something about them. For example, their hobbies, interests, or their professional skills).

Social media of the future is starting with mobile applications, because the core audience of such media consists of those people who will use your smartphones (since the rate of penetration of mobile technology is much higher than any other technology in the history of mankind).

Social media of the future have to be able to help people expand their horizons. The best thing that social media can currently offer is the comfort of searching and receiving a great amount of relevant information in no time. It also has to be independent, where each user will be the rightful owner of his content. For all the content owners the future social media will bring new and more effective tools for monetization of their ideas. Continue reading “Research Paper on Future of Social Media”

Term Paper on Ethics in Advertising

Ethics in advertising is the policy which is characterized with the fact that the producers of advertisements do not use the unfair tricks and strategies which influence the human emotions in the process of persuasion. Advertising is the process which is aimed to make the goods and services produced by the company popular. Naturally, even the best product would never be sold successfully without advertising and the right policy of marketing. In order to increase the popularity of the product the company should advertise it, but advertising is a dangerous thing which has to be made in the appropriate safe way. The human psychics is extremely vulnerable and people believe nearly everything what is told on TV or in the Internet and if the company decides to apply the tricks which are too far from ethics in advertising, it would make money and the people will be cheated. The most frequent tricks used in advertising are based on the human emotions. The brightest example is the involvement of babies in ads. Continue reading “Term Paper on Ethics in Advertising”

Prosocial Behavior Research Paper

Human prosocial behavior implies a helping behavior directed towards others in order to bring them an advantage or even physical or psychological well-being. It is a voluntary behavior intended to serve, to help. It is for example to respond positively to the emotional suffering of others, to help, comfort, support others, share and donate then to cooperate.

The emergence of the concept of prosocial behavior dates back to ancient philosophy. To understand prosocial behavior, we must answer two questions: “When and why do we help others?” Many factors are involved, among them are contextual, individual, cultural, cognitive, biological, or motivational factors. Researchers have often tried to determine whether helping behavior has altruistic or selfish purpose.

The term prosocial behavior is the antonym of antisocial behavior. Continue reading “Prosocial Behavior Research Paper”

Research Proposal on Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the modern equivalent of slavery and the process is characterized with the forced usage of people for the various purposes. The most common types of human trafficking are sex exploitation, forced labour, forced involvement into the clinical research and medication testing, extraction of organs (forced donorship), etc. It is obvious that human trafficking is the illegal process, but it is impossible to defeat the problem, because there are many sides interested in its existence, but it becomes the issue of ethics. Speaking about the types of human trafficking sex exploitation is the most common one, as more than 80% of the slaves are involved into the sex industry. The major targets of sex trafficking are the young women from the developing countries or the ones who have the unfavourable financial background and lack of protection.

These women are often cheated, as they have been offered prospects of job, love, tourism, etc. When the woman comes abroad, she understands that she is cheated when her documents are stolen. The targets of the forced labour are women, children and men, but the latter become slaves rarely. The developed countries which are practising clinical research and inventions of new drugs and weapon often use slaves for the involuntary testing and experiments. Such actions are prohibited, but it is fairly impossible to control them. The problem of human trafficking is very serious, because it breaks all the rules of the Declaration of the human Rights. Numerous international organizations strive to defeat the problem once for all, but their success is minor. Continue reading “Research Proposal on Human Trafficking”

Research Paper on Women’s Suffrage Movement

The women’s suffrage movement was massive and was conducted by both women and men of diverse views. One of the main differences between the movement members, especially in Britain, was the division into suffragists, seeking to change the constitutional way, and suffragettes, led by Emmeline Pankhurst, who created in 1903 the Social and Political Union of Women practicing more drastic action.

Suffragette movement spread received in late XIX-early XX centuries, mostly in the UK and the U.S. Suffragists actively used non-violent methods of civil disobedience: chained themselves to the gates, sat on the rails, organized demonstrations, and stood in the streets with streamers.

There were also differences in views on the place of women in society. Some thought that women are naturally better, softer, and more concerned about the plight of vulnerable members of society, especially children. In accordance with these views, women’s participation in elections should lead to a more civilized politics and, in particular, will help introduce a turnover control of alcohol. They also believed that the main task of the women was the maintenance of the home, and a woman should be able to influence the laws relating to her home. Continue reading “Research Paper on Women’s Suffrage Movement”

Research Paper on Autism Treatment

Autism treatment should start the earlier the better. The earlier the correction of an autistic child development begun, the more likely it will adapt to a normal life.

Typically, the disease is diagnosed to 2-2.5 years of age and, it should be remembered, never develops in a healthy child after 5 years. If deviations are detected at an older age, the parents should first think of schizophrenia, and not about autism. In addition, some of the symptoms of autism are similar to manifestations of mental retardation, speech disorders, congenital deafness, and regressive psychosis. Therefore, only an experienced professional can determine whether or not your child is autistic.

For nearly twenty years, the world has been steadily increasing the number of cases of autism in children. If in the seventies of the last century for 10,000 children there was one case of the disease, today it is one for hundred healthy children, and in many countries the statistics are even worse. Continue reading “Research Paper on Autism Treatment”

Research Paper on Legalizing Steroids

To understand why anabolic steroids need legalizing we should consider first what it is.

Anabolic steroids are synthetic analogs of testosterone chemically modified to reduce the androgenic effects (specific to male sexual characteristics), increase the anabolic effects (allow the synthesis of substances including promoting increased muscle mass) and reduce the incidence of adverse effects.

Some authors use a common terminology for androgens and anabolic steroids: they simply called steroids, because they have the same basic chemical structure.

Anabolic steroids are prohibited substances, which are used to increase physical capacity of an athlete. This practice is contrary to the ethics of sport and can harm the physical and mental integrity of the athlete.

It comes to doping behavior when a person consumes a chemical or drug to face an obstacle, real or perceived, and/or to improve his or her performance, whether physical, intellectual, artistic… There is no one but a multitude of doping behavior: nothing comparable in effect between the student who uses supplements just vitamins during an examination period and those who consume regular or high-dose anabolic to increase their weight or improve physical performance or to push the limits of fatigue. Continue reading “Research Paper on Legalizing Steroids”