Research Paper on Ohm’s Law

Ohm’s Law is a statement of the proportionality of the current strength in the conductor to the attached voltage.

Ohm’s law is valid for metals and semiconductors at not too high applied voltage. If the Ohm’s law is valid for an element of the electrical circuit, the element can be said as having a linear current-voltage characteristic.

Ohm’s law is valid for conductors made ??of materials, which are free charge carriers: the conduction electrons, holes, or ions. If the voltage is applied to such conductors, there is an electric field in the conductors that would force carriers to move. During this movement, the charge carriers are accelerated and increase their kinetic energy. However, the increase in energy of the charge carriers is limited by collisions between themselves, and to the atoms displaced from equilibrium positions due to thermal motion of the material, to impurities. In such collisions the excess kinetic energy of the charge carriers is transformed into the heat via the vibrations of the crystal lattice. Continue reading “Research Paper on Ohm’s Law”

Home Health Care Research Paper

Home Health Care will give you an opportunity to write an excellent research paper on the topic.

Home Health Care is services of assisting the individual with the help of the healthcare professional, but the services can also be purchased from private companies. Today, the home health care services are often fused with home care efforts.

Personal home health care consists primarily of nursing assistants but also physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and assistants. Usually, the assisting staff wears special clothing, such as uniform jackets, vests, aprons, and sometimes other equivalent tops and pants. However, for the most part home health care staff works in their own clothes, often with a protective apron over. Continue reading “Home Health Care Research Paper”

Tourism Industry Research Proposal

Tourism industry is the complex industry which proves tourists with the unique opportunities of visiting the interesting countries for them, original places for leisure and entertainment. Nowadays tourism has become a very popular activity and the majority of people enjoying travelling all over the world in order to learn something new about the world around, the traditions and customs of other cultures and to improve their health visiting the seaside and the areas which influence the human health positively. Obviously, it is very difficult to travel alone and without the slightest idea where to go in the host country. Tourism industry has appeared for the solution of numerous problems related with travelling. With the help of the industry tourists are able to book a hotel, buy tickets to the country they visit, attend the most famous places in the country with the guide who would inform about everything step by step. Tourism industry is the facilitator of every traveller, because its numerous spheres cooperate for the tourist’s benefit. The person simply pays money and all the services are supplied for her advantage. Continue reading “Tourism Industry Research Proposal”

Carl Rogers Research Paper

It is a very productive idea to write a research paper on Carl Rogers topic.

Carl Ransom Rogers, born January 8, 1902 in Oak Park, died Feb. 4, 1987 in San Diego, was a prominent American psychologist and one of the founders of humanistic psychology, also called “The third force.” Rogers is widely considered to be one of those who laid the foundations of psychotherapy research and was honored for his pioneering work with the Award for Distinguished Scientific contributions of the American Psychological Association APA in 1956.

In 1944, he was offered a professorship at the University of Chicago where he was commissioned to develop a Counseling Center. Continue reading “Carl Rogers Research Paper”

Climate Change Adaptation Research Proposal

Climate change adaptation is the process of the adaptation of ecosystems, groups of organisms and singe organisms to the changes in the climatic patterns. Today the process of climate change is very relevant and is closely connected with the anthropologic activity: pollution, deforestation, etc. Because of the development of industry and the growing effect of the pollutants on the environment the ecologic condition of the planet has become poor. The most obvious impact of the human activity is seen on the example of the change of climate. Nowadays the process of the climate change has become so rapid, that it is fairly impossible to stop it. In fact, it is quite possible to reduce it, but the process will be long and troublesome. The scientists who research this issue have understood that it is more adequate and helpful to adapt oneself to the new circumstances and climate than to change it. The issue of climate change touches upon many spheres, especially upon agriculture, because plant crops of the definite type grow in the definite kind of soil and in the definite climatic zone. Continue reading “Climate Change Adaptation Research Proposal”

Cell Phone Security Research Paper

Cell phone security is a very popular topic for writing an interesting research paper.

Cell phone security is methods and remedies to ensure the confidentiality of information exchange between subscribers. Monitoring of cell phone calls is one of the most common types of industrial espionage and actions of criminal elements. The reasons are simple: low costs and risk of threats, remote position of the perpetrator, a variety of ways and places for the information retrieval, etc. Cell phone calls may be monitored in any spot of the network area using a cellular telephone. Given the current cost of information technology, cell phone security will rapidly develop and evolve.

The basis of any information security system, any plan of counteractions is knowledge of threats and their hazard degree. Currently, HF, VHF, radio relay, troposphere and space communication channels as well as cable and fiber-optic communication lines are used in the cell phone systems.

Depending on the specifications of communication channels, interception channels can be divided into electromagnetic, and of electrical induction.

Modern means and methods of protection against interception of telephone conversations show the number and variety of threats to their feasibility. Continue reading “Cell Phone Security Research Paper”

Research Paper on Robotic Arm

Students may freely use Robotic arm topic for the research papers as it has proven its urgency.

A robotic arm is a mechanical manipulator with functionality similar to a human arm. A robotic arm is made up of a number of segments, which are connected together by pivotal joints, where the transformation and/or rotation are possible. These parts together form a kinematic chain. The manner in which the components are connected to one another and how they can move mutually determines the number of degrees of freedom of the robotic arm.
At its end, the robotic arm is equipped with a tool with which the robotic can carry out a task, such as hold or twisting anything.

A robotic arm is driven by actuators (type of electric motors). Inverse kinematics is used to calculate how the actuators have to move the tool at the end of the robotic arm to a certain position and orientation. The movement of a robotic arm is subject to movement planning. Continue reading “Research Paper on Robotic Arm”

How to Succeed in Writing an Essay

An essay is a standard assignment which teaches students to analyze the suggested topic in the appropriate way and present their personal opinion about it. In spite of being a basic assignment, an essay causes many troubles to students, especially to the inexperienced ones. Many young people try to find the solution to this problem in the Internet and the high-quality essay writing tips below are able to improve the student’s chances for the success.

essay writing tips:

  1. First of all the student should know that an essay is not a complete research on a chosen topic, it is rather a demonstration of the personal opinion about it. The student is not asked to prepare an objective piece of writing, because it is fairly impossible, so a regular essay is a descriptive and critical subjective paper which observes the problem form the point of view of the writer (student).
  2. Secondly, an essay is not a chaotic piece of writing, but the assignment with the strict structure and logic. The basic and efficient parts of an essay are the exposition, the main part and the denouement. The introductory part informs the reader about the topic and the theme of writing and prepares the reader for the analysis. The body of the text dwells on the argumentation, facts and evidence which research the problem in the appropriate way and observe it from all sides. The final concluding part summarizes the essay in the brief way and leaves to the reader the space for suggestion. The student who wants to succeed in essay writing is obliged to follow this order without any alterations.
  3. Continue reading “How to Succeed in Writing an Essay”

Tips for Writing a Research Paper Fast

A research paper is a complicated and troublesome assignment which is waiting for college and university students. Of course, the students on different levels of education have different complexity and requirements towards their research papers, but the general manner of writing is fairly the same. The most relevant problem for every student is how to prepare a research paper rapidly, because very often students forget about the assignment till the deadline is close.

The research paper writing guidelines below will help young people cope with the assignment at a moment’s notice:

  1. First of all the student should gather his thoughts and concentrate on writing. One should get rid of all the things which can consume time, attract the unnecessary attention and prevent from writing. One should choose a calm place for writing, turn off the TV, radio, music, the Internet, etc and dwell on the assignment. The student must not waste time on the unworthy things which can spoil his academic progress.
  2. The next step is the analysis of the available sources. The student is supposed to collect much information about the problem under research if he wants to complete a worthy and logical paper. If the student finds the right books, journals, articles in the Internet where there is much information about the problem, he will be able to cope with the assignment rapidly. The only thing he needs is to devote time to look through the sources and select the most important facts and arguments which can be the evidence and support of his point of view in the paper.
  3. Continue reading “Tips for Writing a Research Paper Fast”

Research Paper on Ethical Treatment of Animals

To understand the concept of ethical treatment of animals, we have to get an idea on ethical behavior as such.

Ethical behavior assumes the care of another person, empathy with another person, action on behalf of that person. This kind of moral setting of an individual, who feels responsibility for another, is called altruistic, as opposed to selfish, when the personal interests are in the first place, or even egocentric, when personal interests exclude the possibility to act in favor of someone else. Willingness to sacrifice own interests in the name of justice or virtue of compassion is always regarded as the most important quality of an ethical personality.

However, pragmatic aspects also played a role in the evolution of ethics in human society; ethical behavior of an individual member of society was in the public interest, the main cause of ethics development in historical terms was spiritual growth of man. Continue reading “Research Paper on Ethical Treatment of Animals”