Tips for Writing a Research Paper Fast

A research paper is a complicated and troublesome assignment which is waiting for college and university students. Of course, the students on different levels of education have different complexity and requirements towards their research papers, but the general manner of writing is fairly the same. The most relevant problem for every student is how to prepare a research paper rapidly, because very often students forget about the assignment till the deadline is close.

The research paper writing guidelines below will help young people cope with the assignment at a moment’s notice:

  1. First of all the student should gather his thoughts and concentrate on writing. One should get rid of all the things which can consume time, attract the unnecessary attention and prevent from writing. One should choose a calm place for writing, turn off the TV, radio, music, the Internet, etc and dwell on the assignment. The student must not waste time on the unworthy things which can spoil his academic progress.
  2. The next step is the analysis of the available sources. The student is supposed to collect much information about the problem under research if he wants to complete a worthy and logical paper. If the student finds the right books, journals, articles in the Internet where there is much information about the problem, he will be able to cope with the assignment rapidly. The only thing he needs is to devote time to look through the sources and select the most important facts and arguments which can be the evidence and support of his point of view in the paper.
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Research Paper on Ethical Treatment of Animals

To understand the concept of ethical treatment of animals, we have to get an idea on ethical behavior as such.

Ethical behavior assumes the care of another person, empathy with another person, action on behalf of that person. This kind of moral setting of an individual, who feels responsibility for another, is called altruistic, as opposed to selfish, when the personal interests are in the first place, or even egocentric, when personal interests exclude the possibility to act in favor of someone else. Willingness to sacrifice own interests in the name of justice or virtue of compassion is always regarded as the most important quality of an ethical personality.

However, pragmatic aspects also played a role in the evolution of ethics in human society; ethical behavior of an individual member of society was in the public interest, the main cause of ethics development in historical terms was spiritual growth of man. Continue reading “Research Paper on Ethical Treatment of Animals”

Research Paper on Future of Web Services

The future of web services will have a tendency to move from a specific computer to a remote server.

To see this, we need only think of how many people playing online games, instead of using their your computers or game consoles. The same applies to applications of other nature, more utilitarian.

So, what a new web service type can bring to life of an average user? First of all, he or she will not need to buy expensive office programs. Instead of buying such expensive licensed software as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, and the like, the user will pay a minimal fee for using such services remotely. This greatly will relieve the RAM of your computer, and save you some money.

Of course, the main condition for the smooth operation of SaaS services technology is a stable broadband Internet access, which would not reset the results of long work due to the connection failures. However, it has almost become a reality for most people. Continue reading “Research Paper on Future of Web Services”

False Memory Syndrome Research Paper

The expression induced false memories is the fact induce voluntarily or involuntarily, through psychotherapeutic interview techniques, false memories of abuse or mistreatment in a patient. The result is called false memory syndrome, that is to say, the appearance of the memory of an event that has never took place or the altered memory of a real event. Late resurgence of memories implanted by a therapist in the memory of his patient is controversial.

The expression False Memory Syndrome is of American origin and was created by the mathematician Peter Freyd after he was accused of sexual abuse by his daughter. Some psychotherapies claim to bring back the forgotten memories of patient’s childhood trauma, usually sexual. In this context, the therapist would speculate, possibly correlated with the statistics (frequencies of abuse of all kinds in a given pathology) and invite the patient to “remember” or even “invent” such experiences without one and the other does necessarily realize. According to Interministerial Mission for Monitoring and Combatting Cultic Deviances, the phenomenon is frequent. According to the American psychologist Robert Baker, of 1.7 million reported cases of sexual abuse in 1985 in the United States, 65% were unfounded. Continue reading “False Memory Syndrome Research Paper”

Term Paper on the Great Depression

The Great Depression is the serious global economic crisis which started in 1929 and lasted till the end on the 1930-ies. The chronological boundaries in different countries vary but the strongest impact the crisis made in Western Europe and the USA at the beginning of the 1930-ies.

Generally, the Great Depression is the global financial crisis, but it is mostly associated with the US. The Great Depression is the most serious and the longest financial crisis in the human history and it is the indicator of the unfavourable condition of the improper economic structure. The crisis had extremely negative impact on all the people no matter what their social class is. Both the rich and the poor lost their money, the global trade reduce in 50%, the unemployment reached the pick of 25% in the US and 33% in Europe. The Great Depression started in October 29, 1929 and this day is also known as Black Tuesday. The stock market of Wall Street crashed and started the economic crisis in chain. Continue reading “Term Paper on the Great Depression”

Research Paper on Causes and Symptoms of Stress

To better understand causes and symptoms of stress, we have to get back to the notion of the stress.

Stress is the physiological-hormonal adaptation reactions in the body’s organ systems that are triggered by physical and mental stressors. For this, there can be several causes including pain, cooling, fear, and flight. From an evolutionary point of stress, the response that is conserved in all higher species, including all primates, rodents, and reptiles is very important. A man may feel stress not only to overstimulation, but also during stimulation.

The term stress was coined by endocrinologist Hans Selye.

Stress can manifest itself partly as an acute stress reaction, and provide a post-traumatic stress disorder. Stress can be positive and improve work performance, but prolonged negative stress can cause several diseases. Continue reading “Research Paper on Causes and Symptoms of Stress”

Term Paper on FDI

Foreign direct investment is the form of the participation of the foreign capital in the realization of the investment projects on the territory of the country-recipient of the investment, which is characterized with the active participation of the investor in the activity of the company. Foreign direct investment is the most required form of investment for the developing countries, because it enables to introduce the brand new technologies and quality production into the country which would never be able to start the production of this kind itself. Naturally, FDI is extremely important for the developing countries, because when the economics and political situation are unfavourable, it is fairly impossible to start the top-quality production with the involvement of the innovations of various kinds. There are several ways of FDI and every form is characterized with the specific procedure and motivation of investing. The first type of FDI is the investment from the very beginning. The investor builds a daughter-company on the territory of another country and provides people with work but own 100% of the company. Continue reading “Term Paper on FDI”

Research Paper on Future of Social Media

According to analysts, the future of social media will be capable to give users a reflection of all aspects of their lives (it is much easier to deal with people when you know something about them. For example, their hobbies, interests, or their professional skills).

Social media of the future is starting with mobile applications, because the core audience of such media consists of those people who will use your smartphones (since the rate of penetration of mobile technology is much higher than any other technology in the history of mankind).

Social media of the future have to be able to help people expand their horizons. The best thing that social media can currently offer is the comfort of searching and receiving a great amount of relevant information in no time. It also has to be independent, where each user will be the rightful owner of his content. For all the content owners the future social media will bring new and more effective tools for monetization of their ideas. Continue reading “Research Paper on Future of Social Media”

Term Paper on Ethics in Advertising

Ethics in advertising is the policy which is characterized with the fact that the producers of advertisements do not use the unfair tricks and strategies which influence the human emotions in the process of persuasion. Advertising is the process which is aimed to make the goods and services produced by the company popular. Naturally, even the best product would never be sold successfully without advertising and the right policy of marketing. In order to increase the popularity of the product the company should advertise it, but advertising is a dangerous thing which has to be made in the appropriate safe way. The human psychics is extremely vulnerable and people believe nearly everything what is told on TV or in the Internet and if the company decides to apply the tricks which are too far from ethics in advertising, it would make money and the people will be cheated. The most frequent tricks used in advertising are based on the human emotions. The brightest example is the involvement of babies in ads. Continue reading “Term Paper on Ethics in Advertising”

Prosocial Behavior Research Paper

Human prosocial behavior implies a helping behavior directed towards others in order to bring them an advantage or even physical or psychological well-being. It is a voluntary behavior intended to serve, to help. It is for example to respond positively to the emotional suffering of others, to help, comfort, support others, share and donate then to cooperate.

The emergence of the concept of prosocial behavior dates back to ancient philosophy. To understand prosocial behavior, we must answer two questions: “When and why do we help others?” Many factors are involved, among them are contextual, individual, cultural, cognitive, biological, or motivational factors. Researchers have often tried to determine whether helping behavior has altruistic or selfish purpose.

The term prosocial behavior is the antonym of antisocial behavior. Continue reading “Prosocial Behavior Research Paper”