Modern Political Science Essay

Modern political science is characterized by freedom of thought and a great variety of political theories, every one of which has found its followers and opponents. Despite the existence of a great variety of political theories, only some of them prevail nowadays as their followers try to analyze and solve the most important issues of the modern world using these theories. By the 21st century the majority of countries either developed or developing ones have transformed to democratic political regime, because only democracy provides people with equal rights, gives people an opportunity to have a free choice of their political leaders by means of elections and gives people the right to express their opinion about government and every event taking place inside and outside the country. For this reason, his the two most popular political theories nowadays are, of course, democracy and liberalism. Exactly on democracy, liberalism, as well as the theory of environmentalism and feminist social theory famous contemporary political philosophers, focused. They have been studying the patterns of development of democracy and liberalism in the modern society, development of modern feminism and environmental politics, which is an essential part of human life. Continue reading “Modern Political Science Essay”

Causes of Family Violence Essay

Aggression and violence in modern families

The topic of domestic violence is often discussed in psychological researches and published in scientific and mass magazines. Domestic violence can be observed from different points: either psychological or physical. The latter includes not only beating, but sexual actions and debauches. However I might admit that psychological trauma may be as painful as physical one. It suppresses children’s feeling of happiness, love and identity. As a result children suffer from certain inner disorder. It often leads to criminal actions, asocial behavior or even parents murder.

The problem needs deep complex research with the help of psychologists, medical scientists, sociologists, lawyers etc. Violence against children faces moral accusation and criminal punishment as well. Psychologists, government and other institutions wishing to solve the problem, take certain measures to change the threatening situation. However not much of them appeared to be really efficient. Violence often takes place in families with high level of conflicts, drug and alcohol problems, unlawful behavior and asocial values. Continue reading “Causes of Family Violence Essay”

Communication in Aviation Essay

Communication always played an extremely important role. In the course of time, human relations grew more complicated and so did the process of communication. Gradually, communication became vitally important, especially in such fields as aviation. At the same time, it should be said that the effectiveness of communication influences not only on the safety of flights but also on the quality of services. In this respect, it is possible to refer to the functioning of the airplane engine repair center, in which the effective communication is one of the basic conditions of reliable work of all units of the organization. Continue reading “Communication in Aviation Essay”

Essay on Color and Race Discrimination

Dealing with the topic of racial discrimination, it’s important to mention that nowadays lots of measures have already been taken to solve this problem. Revolutionists stood for equality of all people, apart from their race, sex, language or religion. All people are born equal and they have right to be free. In this way, racial discrimination is supposed to be false, blameworthy and unfair in every respect. No matter whether a person is black or white, whether he is from West or East, he should be respected as a representative of human race. People are equal before God.

Speaking about racial discrimination it’s important to mention an outstanding person Athalie Range who defended rights of Afro-Americans. She is famous for her unbelievable prospects in life, being the first Afro-American woman to occupy high positions in government. At first, she used to serve in Miami Commission and later in the government of Florida. Athalie Range actively participated in political affairs. Maybe that was the reason for her outstanding knowledge of politicians. Speaking about her activities I can’t help telling about probably the most amusing ones. At the age of 80 Athalie took responsibility for the reconstruction of Miami Museum into a “colored” beach, trying to renovate old views.

Although Range is known for being intelligent and polite, she never lost a chance to criticize poor, miserable sides of life. On the whole, she was a real activist in the problem of racism. This can be justified by her struggle for Haitan immigrants, desperate attempts to find working place for Blacks, born in America. She even took part in less important sides of improving life conditions. That is to say Range fought for the building of new playgrounds and proper refuse collection. She even fought against women discrimination, giving them a chance to become political leaders. Athalie greatly improved the situation of Blacks in America, being motivated by her own sad life experience. She once told about awful conditions in an overcrowded school for blacks where she used to study. Educating more than 1000 students it afforded only 13 toilets. There wasn’t enough space for toilets, let alone auditoriums. Her own poor life conditions made her deeply concerned in taking certain measures in order to improve even unimportant elements of Blacks’ life.

Lots of other activists used to fight against racial segregation in the USA. Many of them continue to take measures even now, when people became more tolerant to colored nation. They used different methods of resisting the oppression. Black children had to study apart from their white colleagues.

Even public toilettes used to be separate. Moderate black revolutionists were called “Uncle Tom”, for they were not strict and persistent in their actions. Along with “soft” activists there still were hard-edged leaders. Continue reading “Essay on Color and Race Discrimination”

The Colosseum Essay

Historical background

The Coliseum or Colosseum, was originally constructed as a Flavian Amphitheatre, an amphitheatre is the form of ellipse, situated in Italy, in the center of Rome. It was build during the time of Roman Empire and was the largest amphitheater ever built in Italy. It is a real masterpiece of architectural and engineering decision.

The Colosseum was a ‘marvel’ of Rome when it was new, almost nineteen hundred years ago, partly because of its size and partly because the circumstances under which it was built made it one of the world’s great ‘gallery plays’ (Scherer 80).

The construction was started in 70-72 AD by the emperor Vespasian and was completed ten years after, in 80 AD by the Titus. Some modifications were made under emperor Domitrian reign during next 5 years. Continue reading “The Colosseum Essay”

Essay about Government Issues

The issues of secrecy in governments, and personal lives have never been more important. Different parties on different levels are constantly looking for the ways to hide some information or to make some other information known to the public. Though, there is also one more issue in the legislation that came to openly exist early in the 90s. This issue is either the people should be granted the right to access their personal files or not.

I would like to start the examination of this question through presenting the advantages for a person to be granted the right to access his/her secret files. To begin with, it must be said that today many bodies, both public and private, hold files on the people they deal with. What is even more remarkable is that important decisions about the person may be made on the basis of his/her file. Thus, the person should have a right to access all his/her secret files in order to check what information is there about him/her and dispute it if it is unfair or incorrect. In this way, the person would not be just the passive observer waiting for the verdict. Continue reading “Essay about Government Issues”

Mercantilism and Capitalism Essay

The development of mercantilism produced a profound impact on the development of Western Europe and the entire world. Historically, mercantilism defined the basic ideology that dominated in Western Europe and western civilization in the 1600s and even in later epochs, even though mercantilism was not shaped as a theory at the early stages of its development. Nevertheless, the mercantilist ideology was one of the mainstream ideologies of that epoch and it proved to be so powerful and significant that it had managed to replace Christianity as the dominant ideology, though mercantilism has preserved some elements of Christianity, adapting its ideas and beliefs to more pragmatic theoretical assumptions of mercantilism. In such a context, the decrease of the role of the Roman Catholic Church and the consistent strengthening of mercantilism became two major factors that laid the foundation for the capitalist system which gradually outgrew into the dominant system which define socioeconomic and political relations throughout the world. Continue reading “Mercantilism and Capitalism Essay”

My Decision to Attend College Essay

Changing your life is a hard thing to do. Many people need a shock to convince them that the time has come to act. Too many of us tend to focus on their everyday life, wait for something to happen, being unsure of our power to go ahead and be excellent in this world. For me, going full speed ahead is a way of living.

We live in an exciting world. The new globalized economy has brought great challenges to young Americans, and I think that the hardest part has not yet to come. We feel the waves of change every day, as the world is going global, competitive technical and much more demanding than ever before. Fortunately, such an environment offers some great opportunities, as the new economy seeks for the talented, the educated and the creative among us. What counts here is where and how fast we are going. Continue reading “My Decision to Attend College Essay”

Combining Physical Fitness with Education

Sports are an important part of just about every group, every society, every country, every part of our planet. In one or another way, every person is involved in some kind of a sport activity: whether she/he is playing something, watching the game on TV or just knows someone who does either of the above.

In some countries sport is described as the national passion, a sheer leisure activity that somehow has become symbolic of some country’s national character. Whether people prefer to watch slim swimmers, battling attractive tennis stars or laconic cricketers or golfers scoring in the hot sun, most of us admit to having at least some kind of a sport interest. Continue reading “Combining Physical Fitness with Education”

Country Analysis Essay: Russia

1. Per Capita GDP
Russia is the 10th largest economy. Its 2007 Per capita GDP was 8,122 USD, an increase of 17.2% from 2006.

2. Population
As of December 2007, 141.4 million people reside in Russia, about 700,000 people (or 0.5 percent) less than in 2006. 80% of population are ethnic Russians. 22 million (or 15%) of Russian live below poverty line.

3. Illiteracy Rate
The Russian education system is still one of the world’s finest, a tradition kept for centuries and developed extremely well under the communist regime. Russia’s illiteracy rate is as low as 0.3 of adult population. Continue reading “Country Analysis Essay: Russia”