Research Proposal on Gender Disparity

Gender disparity is the phenomenon of division of the human beings according to the male and female gender and dedication of the social roles on the basis of the human gender. Historically, male gender was always dominant in the human society. Men had all possible rights and freedoms, while women were supposed to fulfill the role of the mother and maintenance of the peace and security of the household. Gender disparity is also closely connected with gender based violence, like sex trafficking and forced marriages, which still exist in the human society. Nowadays, the problem of gender disparity is partially solved, because women have the same rights and duties as men have, but still prejudices have remained and women feel the effect of gender inequality in numerous spheres of human life. First of all it is domestic violence.

When the woman reports about the accident of this kind to the police, the call is most often treated not seriously. Speaking about career making, women still have problems, because the majority of bosses and managers of the highest links are men and they do not treat female employees as the equal ones, believing the quality of their work and the entire approach toward the work is poor. Then, in many countries young women still have problems with the free access to education, occupation of the professions connected with technologies and “man’s work”, like drivers, IT administrators, etc. Gender disparity is often not limited by simple prejudice but with the real sex discrimination, for example, the woman can not be employed just because she is a woman (in spite of the fact that she is well-educated and skilful expert). Continue reading “Research Proposal on Gender Disparity”

Research Proposal on Sex Workers

Sex industry is an important sector of economy both for developing countries, where it is often the basic source of foreign currency and for industrial countries. Two basic subdivisions of sex industry are prostitution that includes the direct exchange of sexual services for money and other types of economic reward and pornography, including execution of the sexually-oriented tasks, sometimes with participation of two and more people, busy in the production of photos, films and video tapes various live performances in and night-clubs, except for direct sexual services paid by a client. Those who are about to write a research proposal on sex workers have to understand that there no clear distinction between prostitution and pornography, as sometimes sex workers usually having sexual intercourse for money, perform only the actions of erotic character or dance for private clients, and some sex workers, for example, a stripper and exotic dancer in the night-club, enters into sexual contact with a client after the performance.

Legal status of prostitution and pornography workers is varied in different countries from complete prohibition on the cycle of moneys from sex industry, as, for example, in the United States; and decriminalizations of cycle of moneys with prohibition on pornography in many European countries; to tolerant attitude toward an individual and organized prostitution, for example, in Netherlands and regulation of prostitution by the law on public health care and prohibition only to that part of sex industry that falls short of to the requirements of law, as in many Latin-Americans and Asian countries. Even in those countries, where a sex industry is legalized, the government remains ambivalent to the health of sex workers, and the attempts of imposing the norms of labour safety are rare. However, from the beginning of 1970s, prostitutes and performers of the erotic programs began to create organizations in order to call to the questions of their labour safety and try to reform the legal context of the work. Continue reading “Research Proposal on Sex Workers”

Global Change and Sustainability Research Proposal

The problem of global change and sustainability already a long ago went through the transformation from a number of the strictly specialized natural-science disciplines in the grade of one of the most sharp problems of the world economy and politics. Affecting global economy regardless of will of the certain states, it is perceived presently as a major issue of new reality to which certain countries and all humanity have to adjust their economic activity. It in any case is related to the deficit of fresh water, problem of hunger and epidemics, natural disaster, migrations, and also by the prospects of development of a number of key industries: energy, transport, building, and the agriculture industry. International negotiations on climatic issue grew into the arena of fight, defining placement of economic and political forces in the world not only for the nearest years, but also on decades, and maybe, for the whole XXI century.

The concepts of Global change and sustainability lately so firmly entered the lexicon first of academic circles, and then average citizens in the whole world that this article of researches inevitably began to be accompanied not only by washing out of strict definitions, but even by apparition of about climatic mythology. Its different directions are cultivated by politicians, playing upon the conflict of interest, inevitably arising around any politicized problem, and also various con-artist from science, refuting the fact of climatic changes with coming of every cold winter or, vice versa, intimidating public with the beginning of new ice-age, cooling-down of Gulf-stream or new world flood. Continue reading “Global Change and Sustainability Research Proposal”

Distance Education Research Proposal

Distance education is a form of education where the teacher-student interaction is made in the distance, reflecting all the components inherent to the educational process (objectives, contents, methods, organizational forms, educational tools) and realized by specific means of Internet-technologies or other means, envisaging interactivity.

College students who are trying to prepare their research paper on distance education have to understand all the significance of the given task. It is very important to find eligible information and check the sources of the information. It is as well necessary to be objective in your investigation and present facts from possible angles. Free sample research papas on the topic may be of certain use for the writers having small or none of the experience.

Distance education is an independent form of education, Information technologies play a leading role in this form of education.

The modern distance education is built on the use of next basic elements: Continue reading “Distance Education Research Proposal”

Research Proposal on Internal Control over Cash

Internal control over cash is the process which maintains the quality of financial operations and protects cash from the access of the third people with the help of various techniques and policies like signatures and record of cash withdrawal and other transactions in the databases. It is natural that the modern world goes round with the help of money and it is important to insure people in the safety of their finance, financial operations, banking services, etc. The success and quality of banking services and control over cash can be maintained by segregation of duties; authorization and processing of disbursements; managing restricted funds and check signing. So, the first method is the segregation of duties which is based on the participation of several sides in the process of disbursement – the receiver and the bank, company, accountant, etc.

Everyone has his own duty and controls the operation on different steps. The next method is authorization and processing of disbursements which is associated with the matter that the disbursement is impossible without the identification of the receiver, who has to show his ID or other documents which prove his identity. So that it is impossible to withdraw the cash with the help of ATM which require no documents. Check signing is one of the most widespread practices which are supposed to control cash. When one receives the disbursement in the form of check, he is asked to put his signature on it to make sure the handwriting and the signature are similar to the example ones. Every bank and company has the example of the client’s of employee’s signature and it is easy to define whether the signature put on the check is right or not. Continue reading “Research Proposal on Internal Control over Cash”

Research Proposal on Climate Change and Food Security

Food security is the element of national security.

A situation in which all people at any given time have physical and economic access to sufficient amount of food needed for an active and healthy life.

Using of free research proposal samples on the topic will let you know that food security should have the highest priority for the state with the idea to ensure ideal conditions for the population free access to food. In this regard, the pursuit of food security is a continuous process. At the same time to achieve it there are often changes in development priorities and mechanisms for the implementation of agricultural policy.

One of the most notorious effects of climate change is changing of the water distribution in all its forms on earth. Rising sea levels due to thermal expansion of seawater, while melting emerged glaciers imbibes and salinizes the coast, when more than half the world’s population lives in coastal areas. Continue reading “Research Proposal on Climate Change and Food Security”

Tourism Industry Research Proposal

Tourism industry is the complex industry which proves tourists with the unique opportunities of visiting the interesting countries for them, original places for leisure and entertainment. Nowadays tourism has become a very popular activity and the majority of people enjoying travelling all over the world in order to learn something new about the world around, the traditions and customs of other cultures and to improve their health visiting the seaside and the areas which influence the human health positively. Obviously, it is very difficult to travel alone and without the slightest idea where to go in the host country. Tourism industry has appeared for the solution of numerous problems related with travelling. With the help of the industry tourists are able to book a hotel, buy tickets to the country they visit, attend the most famous places in the country with the guide who would inform about everything step by step. Tourism industry is the facilitator of every traveller, because its numerous spheres cooperate for the tourist’s benefit. The person simply pays money and all the services are supplied for her advantage. Continue reading “Tourism Industry Research Proposal”

Climate Change Adaptation Research Proposal

Climate change adaptation is the process of the adaptation of ecosystems, groups of organisms and singe organisms to the changes in the climatic patterns. Today the process of climate change is very relevant and is closely connected with the anthropologic activity: pollution, deforestation, etc. Because of the development of industry and the growing effect of the pollutants on the environment the ecologic condition of the planet has become poor. The most obvious impact of the human activity is seen on the example of the change of climate. Nowadays the process of the climate change has become so rapid, that it is fairly impossible to stop it. In fact, it is quite possible to reduce it, but the process will be long and troublesome. The scientists who research this issue have understood that it is more adequate and helpful to adapt oneself to the new circumstances and climate than to change it. The issue of climate change touches upon many spheres, especially upon agriculture, because plant crops of the definite type grow in the definite kind of soil and in the definite climatic zone. Continue reading “Climate Change Adaptation Research Proposal”

Research Proposal on Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the modern equivalent of slavery and the process is characterized with the forced usage of people for the various purposes. The most common types of human trafficking are sex exploitation, forced labour, forced involvement into the clinical research and medication testing, extraction of organs (forced donorship), etc. It is obvious that human trafficking is the illegal process, but it is impossible to defeat the problem, because there are many sides interested in its existence, but it becomes the issue of ethics. Speaking about the types of human trafficking sex exploitation is the most common one, as more than 80% of the slaves are involved into the sex industry. The major targets of sex trafficking are the young women from the developing countries or the ones who have the unfavourable financial background and lack of protection.

These women are often cheated, as they have been offered prospects of job, love, tourism, etc. When the woman comes abroad, she understands that she is cheated when her documents are stolen. The targets of the forced labour are women, children and men, but the latter become slaves rarely. The developed countries which are practising clinical research and inventions of new drugs and weapon often use slaves for the involuntary testing and experiments. Such actions are prohibited, but it is fairly impossible to control them. The problem of human trafficking is very serious, because it breaks all the rules of the Declaration of the human Rights. Numerous international organizations strive to defeat the problem once for all, but their success is minor. Continue reading “Research Proposal on Human Trafficking”