Bluetooth Technology Term Paper

Bluetooth is the technology of the wireless connection, created in 1998 by the group of companies: Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Nokia, Toshiba. Nowadays, the research on Bluetooth technology is carried out by Bluetooth SIG – a group of companies which include Microsoft and other companies which work on the development of the wireless technologies. The major task of Bluetooth technology is to provide an economical, rapid, cheap and safe wireless radio connection between several devices, such as cell phones, laptops, printers, etc. Bluetooth is economical, because the technology does not consume much energy, which does not cause the exhaustion of the accumulator of the device.

The technology is cheap and safe, because the user does not have to pay for this option as the radio connection is free and does not cause harm to the human organism. Much attention is paid to the portability of the electronic components, which enable to apply Bluetooth in compact devices of the size of a hand watch. Continue reading “Bluetooth Technology Term Paper”

Term Paper on Terrorism in Nigeria

is a troublesome country in Africa which has a great number of problems which prevent the country form the regular development. First of all, there are such problems as unemployment, economic crisis, population crisis, troubles with education, healthcare and social services. But probably the most obvious reason of all possible problems which destabilize the life and economic growth of the country is terrorism.

Terrorism in Nigeria is a very serious problem which causes much harm to the citizens of the country and nearly every month the country suffers from serious terroristic acts which take dozens of human lives. The major cause of terrorism is the conflict between radical Islamic organizations and Christians. The most well-known and radical terroristic organization in Nigeria is Boko Haram. This organization is known for its severe terroristic acts which are characterized with explosions, kidnapping, threats, etc. Continue reading “Term Paper on Terrorism in Nigeria”

Term Paper on Natural Disaster and National Development

Natural disaster is the factor which influences the national development of a country and is characterized with the country’s potential which is revealed under the effect of the disaster. It is obvious that the country’s development depends on climate and geographical location. If the country is situated in the favourable climatic belts and has constant access to the renewable natural biotic resources (vegetables, fruit, wood, meat, etc), its economic growth is not a rapid one, because the people are satisfied with the conditions and do not take many efforts to change something for the better. The countries living in the severe circumstances, on the North, islands, which are under the threat of tsunami or mountain regions, are observed to work hard for the improvement of their conditions of life and their national development indicator is very high. If the country survives natural disasters frequently, it improves its technologies and its population is always ready to resist the threat and restore the damaged objects. Continue reading “Term Paper on Natural Disaster and National Development”

Term Paper on the Great Depression

The Great Depression is the serious global economic crisis which started in 1929 and lasted till the end on the 1930-ies. The chronological boundaries in different countries vary but the strongest impact the crisis made in Western Europe and the USA at the beginning of the 1930-ies.

Generally, the Great Depression is the global financial crisis, but it is mostly associated with the US. The Great Depression is the most serious and the longest financial crisis in the human history and it is the indicator of the unfavourable condition of the improper economic structure. The crisis had extremely negative impact on all the people no matter what their social class is. Both the rich and the poor lost their money, the global trade reduce in 50%, the unemployment reached the pick of 25% in the US and 33% in Europe. The Great Depression started in October 29, 1929 and this day is also known as Black Tuesday. The stock market of Wall Street crashed and started the economic crisis in chain. Continue reading “Term Paper on the Great Depression”

Term Paper on FDI

Foreign direct investment is the form of the participation of the foreign capital in the realization of the investment projects on the territory of the country-recipient of the investment, which is characterized with the active participation of the investor in the activity of the company. Foreign direct investment is the most required form of investment for the developing countries, because it enables to introduce the brand new technologies and quality production into the country which would never be able to start the production of this kind itself. Naturally, FDI is extremely important for the developing countries, because when the economics and political situation are unfavourable, it is fairly impossible to start the top-quality production with the involvement of the innovations of various kinds. There are several ways of FDI and every form is characterized with the specific procedure and motivation of investing. The first type of FDI is the investment from the very beginning. The investor builds a daughter-company on the territory of another country and provides people with work but own 100% of the company. Continue reading “Term Paper on FDI”

Term Paper on Ethics in Advertising

Ethics in advertising is the policy which is characterized with the fact that the producers of advertisements do not use the unfair tricks and strategies which influence the human emotions in the process of persuasion. Advertising is the process which is aimed to make the goods and services produced by the company popular. Naturally, even the best product would never be sold successfully without advertising and the right policy of marketing. In order to increase the popularity of the product the company should advertise it, but advertising is a dangerous thing which has to be made in the appropriate safe way. The human psychics is extremely vulnerable and people believe nearly everything what is told on TV or in the Internet and if the company decides to apply the tricks which are too far from ethics in advertising, it would make money and the people will be cheated. The most frequent tricks used in advertising are based on the human emotions. The brightest example is the involvement of babies in ads. Continue reading “Term Paper on Ethics in Advertising”