Banking System Term Paper

Banking system is the system of work of the financial institutions which provide various sorts of banking services. Naturally, banks appeared in the human civilization centuries ago and their structure, functions and manner and manner work has changed a lot. The primary duty of banks was to make loans lending money to the people and organizations which required money and then returned the money with serious percent. Later on the system of banking services has become more varied and fulfils other services which are more or less connected with economy, politics and social life. Banks are divided into private and state ones, so that there is a reason in the distribution of the capital and the amount of profit. Naturally, private banks work definitely for themselves for their own development and enrichment while the state banks have the duty to work for the sake of the national budget improving the national currency on the international level.

Among the functions and services which are popular in banking system are the monetary operations, depositing and making loans, investment and trade. The highest state central bank works with the country’s currency; other banks use their capital to invest the money into various projects private and state ones, for example, for the reforms of the government, etc. Every bank has a great number of clients who decide to keep their money in the bank depositing into it. So that, the money is kept in the bank and the sum growth constantly, because the bank uses the client’s money for his own purposes. At the same time the bank lends money to clients and takes percent for this service. Continue reading “Banking System Term Paper”

Adolescent Psychology Term Paper

Adolescent psychology is the branch of psychology which studies the peculiarities of the teenager’s behaviour, emotions and nervous system.

Adolescence is the period between 12 and 17 years. Of course, girls and boys survive the period of adolescence differently, as girls start growing earlier than boys, that is why the level of development of teenage girls and boys is completely different. Adolescence is the period which is characterized with the psychological and physical chances of the human body and the human organism is getting prepared to the grownup life. After the period of adolescence the human body reaches to its grownup sizes, but still the person can not be called a grownup, because her psychology is completely different. The psychology of teenagers is a very difficult and varied problem, and many scholars devoted much time to observe this issue in detail. To begin with, a teenager is very emotional and sensitive, so if something negative happens in his life, he can suffer from depression, his self-esteem and self-confidence reduce. Moreover, because of being emotional, teenagers are angry and anxious.

Especially it touches upon boys, who can become really angry from time to time and this behaviour is caused by hormones. Next, teenagers often suffer from low mood, because of various reasons – family problems, first love, relations with mates, etc. Finally, young people are associated with categorical attitude towards the world around and their worldview is radical, as they protest against conservatism, order, laws and everything what limits the human freedom, so that they protest against the system and disrespect the achievements of the previous generations and they try to find themselves in life. Continue reading “Adolescent Psychology Term Paper”

Emergency Management Term Paper

Emergency management is the discipline about the prevention of risks and the complex of actions when the risks have occurred.

The discipline works out the methods which are supposed to prevent catastrophes and accidents and to react to the existing problems of this kind adequately (evacuation, deactivation, etc). The discipline embraces also the policy of the support of the citizens who suffer from the catastrophes of the anthropologic industrial or natural origin. The general idea and purpose of emergency management is the creation of the methods which are able to protect people from the threat of a catastrophe, save the human lives and their property when the accident has already occurred. Naturally, nowadays emergency management is a serious and extremely relevant service, because in every city and town there are industrial objects which can cause harm to the human life and health in case of an accident. There are complicated services which include monitoring the industrial objects, the planning of their location in the country, improvement of their technical basis, improvement of their safety, informing the population about the possible threats and educational measures aimed at the teaching people about the dangers and the ways of the solution of the complicated problems and the ways of self-protection in case of an accident. Continue reading “Emergency Management Term Paper”

Family Dynamics Term Paper

Family dynamics is the complex of factors which influence the variety of family interpersonal relations. It is natural that a family is the smallest but the most important unit of the society and it is of vital importance to improve the relations between family members and the set the roles played by the each member in the family. Family dynamics observes the problem of the structure of the family: parents, children, grandparents and close relatives, like aunts and uncles, their influence on the human relations and well-being of the family.

It can also refer to the family issues, for example, misunderstandings between parents and children and between younger and elder children. It does not worth mentioning that a younger child often faces troubles during the communication with the elder brothers and sisters, so it is important to know about the psychological techniques of communication between the children of different age and the techniques of conflict resolution within the family. Continue reading “Family Dynamics Term Paper”

Term Paper on Function Generator

Function generator is the appliance which is used to test various electronic devices and their functioning. It is natural that every electric device requires profound testing and it is possible to do it with the help of a function generator. The appliance is not a big in size and it powered by batteries or electricity and its duty is to produce electric signals of various shapes which demonstrate the effectiveness of the tested device. The generator produces electric signals of several kinds and wave shapes: sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, etc.

Every shape of the wave demonstrates the definite type of the tested device and shows whether it works well. Function generators are most often connected to computers with the special software which guarantees the quality and accuracy of the analysis. Generators are able to produce noises and support AM and FM modulation of the radio waves. Generators are used to check the effectiveness of work of TV-sets, radios, robots applied in industry, etc. Sine waves can be seen on the device when the generator checks the quality of the energy supply to the certain building and these waves go up and down smoothly. Triangular and sawtooth waves differ from one another with the speed of rising and dropping. The field of usage of the function generators is quite wide, because the device’s service can not be overestimated in such spheres are telecommunications, broadcasting and energy supply, as these branches require constant and quality work of its numerous devices. Continue reading “Term Paper on Function Generator”

Domain Name System Term Paper

Domain name system is a varied system of alteration of the name of a computer or any other network device into the IP address.

Every computer in the Internet has its own address – the number which consists of four bites. It is obvious that it is difficult to remember dozens and hundreds of numbers, so all the machines possess names which can be easily remembered. The whole system of names in the Internet is hierarchic and it is done not to support the single source but distribute it into the smaller ones. The whole domain name of the machine can be divided into two parts: the name of the domain area and the machine’s name. In order to maintain domain name system administrators follow the originality of every machine’s name with the special computers in order to avoid situations when there are several machines with the same names. The system can be compared to the tree which is turned upside down. The tree has a root which is marked as «.». The list of the root servers should exist in every server – it is placed in the named. ca file. The file can possess another name – depending on the settings on the server. There is a certain name of the domains of the higher level, the most famous among which are com, gov, net, org, etc. Naturally, domain name system is very important for the functioning of the global network, because every computer has to possess its own definite address. The address is standardized and meets the international protocols and can be maintained all over the world. Continue reading “Domain Name System Term Paper”

Term Paper on Electric Geyser

Electric geyser is the appliance which is used for heating water. Naturally, every household requires such an appliance, because one can hardly live without hot water nowadays. Water heating is supposed to be quite an expensive service today because of the energy crisis which is becoming more and more serious every year. There are geysers of several types which are differentiated according to their size and the resources used for the production of energy. The most common geysers are the electric and gas ones. Of course, it is more reasonable to use electric geysers, because the majority of countries feel shortage of gas which is quite expensive today. Electric geysers use electricity to heat water and they resemble a small or middle-sized reservoir which works on the principle of a kettle, though it is more convenient and safer then kettle, because it is possible to control the temperature, reduce the consumption of energy, turn on and off the appliance when it is needed. Continue reading “Term Paper on Electric Geyser”

Term Paper on Determinism

Determinism is the study about the interconnection of all the processes and events, which can be described in the easy way – every process causes the only one definite result and these two processes are interconnected being the result of one another. Determinism is a deep philosophical thought which is used in numerous branches of the human thought. For example, there is theological determinism which claims that the human life, all the natural and physical processes and events are the result of the will of God; in cosmic determinism all the processes happen due to the power of the nature; in anthropological determinism – due to the human will. According to the concept of determinism such qualities as freedom of thought, ambitiousness, activity, opposition, responsibility, etc are useless, because the human being is not able to change her fate and redesign her life. Continue reading “Term Paper on Determinism”

Term Paper on A Good Man Is Hard to Find

A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories is the book written by the famous American writer Flannery O’Connor. The book was published in 1955 and since that time its popularity and relevance has not decreased. The book consists of ten short stories, each of which has its own plot, characters, themes, problems, symbols and motives. Nearly every story demonstrates the psychological and spiritual revival of the characters that undergo the life problems, solve them and learn something new becoming better. Furthermore, the short stories are filled with the ideas of Catholicism and there is always discussion on the problems of life and death and their impact on the human life. Here the reader can find the scenes of severe violence, but the aim of these scenes is to help people see the beauty behind the terrible and negative environment. Continue reading “Term Paper on A Good Man Is Hard to Find”

Term Paper on AVL Trees

AVL tree is the self-balancing binary search tree in computer sciences. For every AVL tree the height of its two sub trees does not differ for more than 1. The letters AVL can be deciphered after the name of the inventors of the tree – G. M. Adelson-Velskii and E. M. Landis. It was the first concept of the data structure of this type and it was designed by the two scientists from USSR in 1962. The invention was very useful, because it made a great contribution into mathematics and computer sciences which appeared later. In the roots of balancing of the AVL trees lies the operation of making the heights of the two sub trees equal to 2, while the main and the sub trees have the difference in height in no more than 1. The operation is followed by tree rotation which is supposed to maintain the heights of the sub trees. AVL trees are applied in computer sciences to find the required information in the data basis. Due to its complicated but logical composition, the tree enables experts to find the information rapidly. AVL trees are used to sort the result of searching, to improve the speed of searching, etc. Continue reading “Term Paper on AVL Trees”