A Rose for Emily Term Paper

The three men in Emily Grierson’s life in William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” shaped her life in different ways. Her father, Homer Barron, Colonel Sartoris represented different facets of masculine influence in a woman’s life. Their inputs created the “fallen monument” that Emily Grierson had turned into by the end of her life. Although every impact was important, her character and destiny were mostly moulded by her father who instilled in his daughter the views and perceptions that ultimately turned her life into a dreary existence in a closed house. Receiving this initial impulse toward unhappiness, she was unable to break free from her father’s influence in the relationship with the other men. Inspiring her to live a life bound by social convention, he deprived her of chances to find simple feminine happiness and has a share of blame for her awful deed. At the same time, the surrounding society with its fixed understanding of a woman’s role also contributed to Emily’s misfortune. Continue reading “A Rose for Emily Term Paper”

Term Paper on Mending Wall Analysis

Mending Wall is a poem written by Robert Frost in 1914. This poem has deep philosophical meaning and it has become a part of educational program for high school students. The plot of ‘Mending Wall’ is very easy. There are two neighbors who separated their farms with the help of a wall. Every year this fence is ruined by nature and they have to renovate it repeatedly. Robert Frost said that this poem is autobiographical, because he experienced these events himself. He could not understand why there was a wall between his farm and his neighbor’s property and the narrator of this poem reproduces the same ideas. On the one hand, there is no sense in walls, because it is unnatural. Nature itself strives to ruin this wall every year. One can understand this phenomenon as a hint that all people are equal and there is no need to live behind high fences. Neighbors should help one another and explore the world together. On the other hand, a wall is a positive thing, because another neighbor repeats the same phrase all the time. He says ‘Good fences make good neighbors’.

It is possible to guess that a wall is a good method to save your identity. Everyone is a unique personality who wants to carry out her life independently. Therefore, this wall is an indicator of one’s independence and maturity. The neighbors lived in peace and cared about their own property. When there are no fences, there is chaos and disorder. No wonder, every country cares about its borders in order to avoid unnecessary intrusion from the side of their neighboring countries.

Mending Wall is a good poem for analysis, because one is able to train his critical and analytical thinking skills.

Students should observe this poem from the points of view of philosophy, political sciences, ethics, morality, psychology, etc. It is easy to notice that this poem is a universal one and it is possible to analyze it differently.

Consequently, students ought to say a few words about Robert Frost; then, analyze this poem from the side of its stylistics and then analyze its plot and hidden ideas and motives. It is possible to present several alternative results in order to impress your teacher.

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Term Paper on USA Patriot Act

USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 is an Act of the US Congress that was designed to improve safety and security of the USA.

The year of 2001 was the crucial one, because the country faced the fears of the global problem of terrorism. After the attack of terrorists and hundreds of victims, it has become evident that the government of the USA has to do its best to protect its people from the threat of terrorism. The main idea of the USA PATRIOT Act is to maintain superintendence over telecommunication. Naturally, terrorists communicate between one another and arrange their activity with the help of a telephone and the Internet. Therefore, it is possible to prevent a great number of terroristic acts if you intercept a telephone communication. FBI has received a permission to intercept telephone calls and online messages without a warrant.

This Act makes all services and providers of cellular communication cooperate with the US government. They have to provide the police and FBI with constant access towards the Internet and telephone communication. FBI is able to intercept computer networks, telephone calls, social networks, etc. to maintain peace and security in the country. The USA PATRIOT Act was signed by George Bush and since that time the Act has been extended several times. Barack Obama extended it on 2011, though this Act is quite a controversial one. There are many opponents of this document, because they claim that it ruins the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. They say that it is immoral to intrude into one’s private life. In spite of these speeches and criticism, the US government continues extending this Act motivating their decision with its exceptional usefulness for the security and safety of the country.

The USA PATRIOT Act is a controversial and interesting issue for research. Students have a good opportunity to share their point of view about the usefulness of this document. It is possible to observe this Act from the point of view of political sciences, ethics and psychology. One should observe the USA PATRIOT Act in detail in order to analyze its elements and to understand its main ideas. Moreover, one ought to think about its strong and weak sides and evaluate its effectiveness on practice.

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CanGo Financial Analysis Term Paper

is possible to prepare a financial analysis for CanGo if you join its intranet and analyze the data that is placed there.

One is able to look through its financial statements and draw out wise conclusions. Financial analysis for CanGo starts from an introduction to accounting. Then, there are financial statements that enable to research the company’s success and its current position on the market. One is able to evaluate its revenue and expenditures and evaluate its actual success and potential. Next, it is important to observe current ratio of CanGo in order to evaluate its capital and its flow. Moreover, it is reasonable to focus on inventory turnover to get to know about the current condition of its equipment. Finally, one should observe debt ratio and profitability of CanGo and predict its productiveness in future.

The main idea of financial analysis writing is to learn how to fill in the ratio analysis tables correctly and compare financial progress of CanGo with any other company. Continue reading “CanGo Financial Analysis Term Paper”

Term Paper on Anti Bullying

Anti bullying is a social movement that is aimed at the defeat of all types of bullying. Bullying is a relevant problem that is connected with physical and psychological abuse of young people, especially schoolchildren. It is not a secret that there is a target of bullying in every class. This child is neglected, mocked at and humiliated by his classmates. He does not have any friends and he does not enjoy attending classes, because of constant abuse from the side of his mates. Obviously, such children have solid problems with their psychological condition. It is easy to imagine that such children have poor self-respect and self-esteem and they underestimate themselves considerably. Bullying causes harm to educational progress as well, because if one does not want to go to school, because of constant fear, he will not be able to concentrate on studying.

Furthermore, a grownup who suffered from bullying at school will not reach success in his career, because of low self-esteem and numerous complexes. No wonder, people have understood that the problem of bullying is extremely relevant and requires instant and efficient solutions. Continue reading “Term Paper on Anti Bullying”

Term Paper on Identical Twins

Identical twins are the twins who are formed from a fertilized single zygote that is divided into two embryos of the same gender. It is very difficult to differentiate identical twins, because their appearance is very similar and only close people are able to recognize them. In addition, identical twins are connected with each other on the emotional level and they have the same temperament, similar types of behavior and traits of character. No wonder, such twins are always the best friends and they spend the most of their time together believing that they are an ensemble. If one tries to research the problem about identical twins, he will say that these cases are occasional and they are not connected with heredity and genes, because it happens that parents have identical twins, though their families had never had such cases before. Continue reading “Term Paper on Identical Twins”

Diesel Engine Term Paper

Diesel engine is an internal combustion engine that uses light oil fuel for its work. This type of engine looks like a gasoline one, but the principle of its work is slightly different. First of all the air is introduced into combustion chamber, where it is heated with the help of high pressure. When the air is hot, fuel is introduced into this chamber and it burns. While the fuel is burning the engine fulfils its operation. The most obvious advantage of this engine over other types of internal combustion engines is its economic consumption of fuel, what makes its more preferable for prudent drivers. Nevertheless, because of its little consumption of fuel, the engine is less powerful than, for example, a gasoline engine. On the other hand, automobiles equipped with diesel engines are easier for control and they react to their driver’s actions rapidly. Continue reading “Diesel Engine Term Paper”

Engineering Ethics Term Paper

Engineering ethics is a branch of professional ethics that touches upon the field of engineering. The main point of engineering ethics is to solve technical issues in the objective way, though every engineer has his own views concerning the solution of these problems. The principles of engineering ethics become very important when there are personal and public interests about any engineering projects. Obviously, when there are any errors with a public project that lead to an accident, the engineer has the whole responsibility for it. If the accident causes harm to the human health or life, this case will studied scrupulously and the engineer will have to report about his actions. It does not worth mentioning that in this case his professionalism will be questioned. In addition, if the engineer’s unprofessionalism is proved, he will be punished seriously. Continue reading “Engineering Ethics Term Paper”

Religion and Terrorism Term Paper

Religion and terrorism is a connection between terroristic actions and their religious background. It does not worth mentioning that religious issues have always been the main cause of military conflicts between different nations and cultures and these conflicts still occur nowadays. Every day there are cases when representatives of different religious organizations murder one another committing terroristic acts that kill a great number of random people. The most negative side of religious terrorism is that its victims are innocent people who often do not participate in any religious conflicts.

Religious terrorists choose the most crowded places for their terroristic acts in order to kill as many people as possible.

Therefore, such places as supermarkets, metro stations, markets, etc. are supposed to be the most dangerous places for everyone.

In addition, terrorists practise transport terrorism stealing and destroying buses and planes with passengers. Most often, such cases finish with death of many innocent people. Terrorists are ready to sacrifice their own life for the sake of their religious views. It is obvious that religious terrorism is closely connected with such problems as anarchism or nationalism and radicalism. Terrorists prefer persuading other people that their religion is better with the help of weapon and fear. Continue reading “Religion and Terrorism Term Paper”

Term Paper on Oil Field Development Plan

Oil field development plan is a document that is aimed at the detailed planning of discovery and intensive development of the definite oil field. Naturally, every company that produces oil should create a good plan that will help it organize the processes of discovery, extraction and production of oil in the effective manner. First, a company tries to find a smart investor who will donate money into the extraction and production of oil on the definite territory. Obviously, it is quite easy to find an investor, but still executives of a company should persuade him to share his money with them. A good development plan should illustrate the whole process of oil field development, production of oil, etc. in the step-by-step way illustrating all expenditures, profit and loss and all major points about this definite oil field. The first parts of this development plan should contain information about the selected oil field and its potential. Continue reading “Term Paper on Oil Field Development Plan”