Comparative Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Comparative Rhetorical Analysis: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
Barack Hussein Obama was born in August, 1961. He is America’s forty forth president. However, he became the first African-American president. Additionally, he was born in Hawaii and graduated from Columbia University and Havard Law School. Surprisingly, he was president of the Havard Law Review. In history, he was a leader because he worked as a civil right attorney in Chicago, taught constitutional rights, represented the district in the Illinois Senate and also served Americans as a senator. Moreover, he won the noble peace prize laureate in January 2009. Above all, he is also the first American president to publicly support and legalize same sex marriages. On the other hand, Willard Mitt Romney was born in March, 1947. Mitt is an American businessman, politician and a nominee of the Republican Party, for the Unite States presidency in the 2012 elections. Additionally, he was the seventieth governor of Massachusetts. He also participated in his parents’ campaigns.

In summary, both Obama and Mitt are individuals with a leadership background and are vying for the presidency seat in 2012. However, there are differences and similarities in the use of ethos, pathos and logos, as well as language, repetitions and oppositions in the Obama and Romney’s campaigns. Continue reading “Comparative Rhetorical Analysis Essay”

Research Paper on Terrorism in Pakistan

News from Pakistan often resemble reports of warfare. Not a week goes by that the country has been not rocked by the terrorist attacks, blowing tens or even hundreds of lives. According to the Government of Pakistan for the period from 2003 to the present time, the terrorists killed more than 40 thousand people. Direct and indirect losses exceeded 70 billion dollars.

Use free sample research paper on terrorism in Pakistan to understand that the President Asif Ali Zardari said that “terrorist cells have been artificially created and nurtured by previous governments with the short-term tactical objectives.” However, before the advent of terrorism in its modern form, Pakistan went through a period of violence, to a great extent prepared the current situation.

After the separation of India and Pakistan in 1947, in Pakistan separatist sentiments began to grow that led to the introduction of martial law in 1956. In 1960, the Bengalis in East Pakistan started the uprising that turned into a war for independence. As a result, the Republic of Bangladesh seceded from Pakistan and became independent. Continue reading “Research Paper on Terrorism in Pakistan”

Free Essay on Biological Diversity

According to the definition given by the World Wildlife Fund (1989), biological diversity is “the diversity of life forms on earth, millions of species of plants, animals, micro-organisms and their gene sets and complex ecosystems that make up the wildlife.” Thus, biological diversity should be considered on three levels. Biological diversity at the species level covers the entire range of the species on Earth from bacteria and protozoa to multicellular kingdoms of plants, animals and fungi. In a smaller scale biological diversity includes the genetic diversity of species, formed as a geographically distant populations and individuals within the same population. Biological diversity also includes a variety of biological communities, species, ecosystems, formed communities and the interaction between these levels.

Use free sample research papers on the topic to understand the idea that biological diversity includes the genetic diversity (genetic variation within each species), species diversity (set of species in the ecosystem) and the diversity of the communities/ecosystems (habitats and ecosystems in this area) necessary for continuous survival of species and natural communities at all levels of biological diversity. Continue reading “Free Essay on Biological Diversity”

Term Paper on A Good Man Is Hard to Find

A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories is the book written by the famous American writer Flannery O’Connor. The book was published in 1955 and since that time its popularity and relevance has not decreased. The book consists of ten short stories, each of which has its own plot, characters, themes, problems, symbols and motives. Nearly every story demonstrates the psychological and spiritual revival of the characters that undergo the life problems, solve them and learn something new becoming better. Furthermore, the short stories are filled with the ideas of Catholicism and there is always discussion on the problems of life and death and their impact on the human life. Here the reader can find the scenes of severe violence, but the aim of these scenes is to help people see the beauty behind the terrible and negative environment. Continue reading “Term Paper on A Good Man Is Hard to Find”

Research Paper about Thomas Hobbes

Thomas Hobbes, born 5 April 1588 in Westport (now part of Malmesbury), Wiltshire, died 4 December 1679 at Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire, was an English political theorist and philosopher.

Thomas Hobbes was born April 5, 1588, two months early. His father, also named Thomas Hobbes, was a priest, but nevertheless was likely illiterate, he could just say some prayers and obligatory texts, it is also said that he hated learning Hobbes’ father were arguing outside the church door one day and knocked down a priest from the neighboring township. He was then deposited and fled to London, where he died under unknown circumstances. Thomas Hobbes was then looked after by his uncle. Hobbes distinguished himself early on in school, especially in the Greek and Latin classical literature, and began studying at Magdalen Hall in Oxford in 1603, which was much influenced by Aristotelian ideas. In 1608 he graduated. He worked as a teacher and, among others, of a future Earl of Devonshire, and the Prince of Wales (1646-1648). Continue reading “Research Paper about Thomas Hobbes”

Term Paper on AVL Trees

AVL tree is the self-balancing binary search tree in computer sciences. For every AVL tree the height of its two sub trees does not differ for more than 1. The letters AVL can be deciphered after the name of the inventors of the tree – G. M. Adelson-Velskii and E. M. Landis. It was the first concept of the data structure of this type and it was designed by the two scientists from USSR in 1962. The invention was very useful, because it made a great contribution into mathematics and computer sciences which appeared later. In the roots of balancing of the AVL trees lies the operation of making the heights of the two sub trees equal to 2, while the main and the sub trees have the difference in height in no more than 1. The operation is followed by tree rotation which is supposed to maintain the heights of the sub trees. AVL trees are applied in computer sciences to find the required information in the data basis. Due to its complicated but logical composition, the tree enables experts to find the information rapidly. AVL trees are used to sort the result of searching, to improve the speed of searching, etc. Continue reading “Term Paper on AVL Trees”

Research Proposal on Climate Change and Food Security

Food security is the element of national security.

A situation in which all people at any given time have physical and economic access to sufficient amount of food needed for an active and healthy life.

Using of free research proposal samples on the topic will let you know that food security should have the highest priority for the state with the idea to ensure ideal conditions for the population free access to food. In this regard, the pursuit of food security is a continuous process. At the same time to achieve it there are often changes in development priorities and mechanisms for the implementation of agricultural policy.

One of the most notorious effects of climate change is changing of the water distribution in all its forms on earth. Rising sea levels due to thermal expansion of seawater, while melting emerged glaciers imbibes and salinizes the coast, when more than half the world’s population lives in coastal areas. Continue reading “Research Proposal on Climate Change and Food Security”

Research Paper on DARE Program

Drug Abuse Resistance Education, short DARE, is a US-based drug prevention program. Since the beginning in 1983 it has become the best known prevention program against drug abuse in adolescents. It arose from “a collaboration between the police and school administrators in Los Angeles” and is a non-profit organization managed (DARE America, Los Angeles).

DARE is a phased program in which the following objectives should be achieved by means of targeted teaching by uniformed police officers in
elementary school:

  • Increased knowledge;
  • Decision-making ability;
  • Self-confidence;
  • Ability to peer pressure withstand.

Continue reading “Research Paper on DARE Program”

Going Green Research Paper

Going green is a socio-environmental movement that became popular in the twentieth century in the European countries, which aims at enforcing the measures for environmental protection, as well as management theory of socio-economic development and environment. The movement considers the man a part of biosphere and believes in appropriate transform of nature for man. It is as well an ideology, formed in the middle of the nineteenth century, when it meant a number of new ideas that people to the great extent are developed under the influence of the environment.

College and university writers trying to write a descent research paper on going green topic have to know the problems the environmentalists are paying their attention to:

  • reduction of biodiversity,
  • global warming,
  • ozone layer deterioration,
  • acid rains,
  • disposal of radioactive waste,
  • the possibility of a nuclear winter,
  • infringement of the rights of animals.

Continue reading “Going Green Research Paper”

Marketing a Corporate Breastfeeding Program Essay

This program targets lactating mothers both home-based and working mothers. It will be marketed through interactive digital media, organizational, and community channels. There are ten objectives for setting up this program. First, to ensure that health care staff has the necessary skills to implement the breastfeeding policy. Secondly, to establish a breastfeeding policy that can routinely be communicated to health care staff, and informing pregnant women about management and benefit of breastfeeding. Thirdly, helping mothers to initiate breastfeeding program within the first 2 hours of their birth, and helping them understand how best they can maintain lactation even after they are separated from babies. The programs also aims at teaching mothers on how to practice rooming-in, and avoid giving their newborns drinks or foods other than their breast milk unless they are medically indicated. The program will further encourage mothers to breastfeed their infants on demand, and discourage them from giving the breastfeeding infants pacifiers or artificial teats. Last yet important is fostering the establishment of groups that support breastfeeding and referring mothers to them. Continue reading “Marketing a Corporate Breastfeeding Program Essay”