Essay on All Quiet on the Western Front

Erich Maria Remarque is a writer who unsurpassably conveys the romance of war and camaraderie, as well as a horror and panic accompanying it; and love – it is what I underneath it all, so subtle and touching, even during such a sinister period as war, it has a place, but a more profound one – it is love for life in general, when there is chaos, in the heart of the most toxic war.

For me it is very important that All Quiet On The Western Front is the first book that inspired me to write a review, which was the point of reference in my still very meager literary experience. And for a reason: the novel refers to the type of literature, which simply turns you inside out. It is a novel about war, yes, but, first and foremost, it is a novel about people, about their feelings of friendship, of partnership, the sincere, honest, genuine relationships in the hardest period when it very hard to save the human face when the truth is uncovered. And at the same time, it is the riddance of false ideals that distort the lives of millions of innocent people that are responsible for the destruction and chaos that nobody needs, but are imposed from above in order to please the ruling elite. That is why the novel really does not leave anyone indifferent. Corny as it may sound, there are no better words for it. Continue reading “Essay on All Quiet on the Western Front”

Essay on Importance of Cleanliness

Each person has his own idea of cleanliness.
For example, when a mom tells her child to wash his hands and face, the child thinks that to open a tap, hold hands under the water and to wet his mouth is enough. But it certainly will not his mother happy. She will take her son in the bathroom and will wash her child’s face and hands, despite his protests.

Of course, the rules of cleanliness are different throughout the world and people are brought up with different views on cleanliness. In the past, in many countries, cleanliness and order in schools help students develop good habits of cleanliness. Today many school yards and playgrounds are so dirty and neglected that they look more like a trash dumps than a place for recreational activity. But are classrooms clean? Darren, a cleaner in an Australian school, remarked, “Now it is also dirty in classrooms.” Some students perceive as punishment the request “clean it” or “wash that.” The problem is that some teachers actually make the cleaning a punishment children. Continue reading “Essay on Importance of Cleanliness”

The Adventures of Tintin Essay

is a young and energetic Belgian reporter with a characteristic forelock, main character of the comic book series The Adventures of Tintin (Les Aventures de Tintin) by Belgian artist Hergé worked from 1929 until the late 1970’s. Tintin constant companion in all his adventures is a white fox terrier Milou.

In all probability, the hero’s name is associated with the French expression Faire tintin, which is close to the English saying to do much fuzz about nothing (about not effective, but the accompanying sound effect action).

In addition, the French diminutive names are often formed by the doubling of one of the syllables of the name: Cricri – from Christian, Doudou, from Édouard). Thus, Tintin can be diminutive form of a name containing the syllable “tin,” such as Constantin, Martin, Augustin or Valentin. In favor of this version, we can also say that in the name of the Tintin predecessor, Totor, it is easy to guess the Victor.

However, Hergé himself has refused to clarify the internal form of the name. Continue reading “The Adventures of Tintin Essay”

1984 Essay Sample

This novel “1984” is probably a discovery of dystopian genre for me. Before that, I have never read a book where all is really bad and you, the reader, can actually believe that there nothing to live for, there is no happiness or freedom, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I have to say it is an impressive work, there is nothing to say, you just have to read a bit to feel yourself in the world, created by George Orwell for his readers. This world is fantastic enough as weather forecasts for the month ahead…

Surprisingly, despite the fact that the novel was written a long time ago, it has surprisingly much in common with the real world of today. It would seem we have a thriving cult of personality in all its glory: everyone is different, everyone is unique, and inimitable. However, the society, the large companies, the Government, the manufacturers of a variety of goods perfectly fit us all to one size, providing visibility of diversity. We are now very easy to satisfy – the offer is enormous and often exceeds the demand, but if there slightest market-surges and individuals, choosing the cream for their skin type, will be angered by the presence of only one kind of creams, which make them all a grey mass with one type of skin – the usual human. Continue reading “1984 Essay Sample”

Free Essay on Madame Bovary

Madame Bovary is a novel by Gustave Flaubert, first published in 1856 and I< like many other people, believe it to be one of the masterpieces of world literature. When reading the novel, I was very interested in its main character, Emma Bovary, a doctor’s wife, living beyond her means and having extramarital affairs in the hope of getting rid of the emptiness and prosiness of provincial life. Although the plot is quite simple, even banal, the true value of the novel is in the details and structure of the plot. Flaubert as the writer was known for his desire to bring each piece of his work to perfection, always trying to find the right words. The novel was published in the Parisian literary magazine Revue de Paris from October 1 to December 15, 1856. Since the publication of the novel the author (as well as two publishers of the novel) was accused of insulting the morality and, together with the editor of the magazine brought to trial in January of 1857. Such scandalous notoriety made the novel popular, and the acquitting judgment by the February 7, 1857, made possible the subsequent publication in the same year the novel as a separate book. Currently, it is considered not only one of the key works of realism, but also one of the works that have the greatest influence on literature in general. Continue reading “Free Essay on Madame Bovary”

Essay on Factors Affecting Business Ethics

The founder of ethics (from the Greek. “ethos,” custom order, tradition) was Aristotle, who, in the 4th century BC, created the basic treatises of right and wrong, moral and immoral actions. He established the concept of “ethical” to refer to the special qualities of the human – ethical virtues – specific properties of the human character. To designate the whole set of these ethical virtues as a specific subjective knowledge area, as well as for distinguishing this knowledge as a special science, Aristotle coined the term “ethics.” The works of Aristotle, translated into Latin by Cicero, used the notion of “morality” (“mores” – temper). In some languages there are words, similar to the Greek “ethics.” In the original version “ethics,” “morality,” “ethics” were synonymous. However, over time these words acquired different meanings.

Ethics is the field of scientific knowledge, which studies morals, ethic as a form of social consciousness.

Morals are the existing system of values within a society that functions as regulating human behavior.

Ethic is the sphere of the spiritual life of the individual and the community, which includes the various customs, norms of human coexistence.

Business ethics is one of the youngest and most rapidly developing branches of science. This discipline is taught in the United States, not only in schools but also in reputable universities, becoming an integral part of the economic training. Continue reading “Essay on Factors Affecting Business Ethics”

Essay on Factors Affecting Study Habits of Students

The modern approach to the educational process organization is characterized by increased attention to the individual motivation of students to study educational disciplines. For example, the educational process organization implies the optional choice of disciplines, contributing to a better adaptation of training to target a student’s aspirations. It has been noted that in choosing their disciplines, distance-learning students are guided by the interests of their professional activities, while full-time students are guided by actual labor market needs. It is also widely acknowledged that the modern period is characterized by the rapid obsolescence of information, particularly in the area of information technology.

Therefore, one of the most important factors is to develop the students’ skills to master new knowledge and acquire new skills. The importance of optimizing the teaching and learning process has resulted in the formation of significant volume of psychologically and pedagogically orientated studies and publications.

The overall objective of this work is to improve the individual motivation of students to learning by investigating and analyzing factors affecting study habits of students and thus academic performance.

The research established the existence of preferred forms of perception. There are three representative system, dominating different personality types: Continue reading “Essay on Factors Affecting Study Habits of Students”

Free Essay on Mars One

Mars One is a private project, led by Bas Lansdorp, which goal is a flight to Mars, and subsequent establishment of a colony on the planet surface and the broadcasting the whole adventure on television. Gerardt Hooft, the Nobel Prize Winner in Physics in 1999, supports the project.

The appropriate timing for the launch to Mars is the most favorable during the mutual arrangement of planets and will be done using the Hohmann transfer orbit. The launch window opens every 2 years. The flight of a manned ship to Mars will take about 7months (~ 210 days), to minimize the impact of space radiation on organisms of the crew. Cargo mission may last longer, for fuel economy.

The communication with the spaceship are to be done via the communications satellite that will be placed in orbit around the Sun, Mars, and Earth.

The minimum distance from the Earth to Mars is 55 million miles away, the maximum is 400 million kilometers, when Mars is not hidden from Earth by Sun. Signal connection speed is the speed of light, the minimum time before the arrival of the signal is 3 minutes, and the maximum value is 22. Continue reading “Free Essay on Mars One”

The Avengers Movie Essay

I think this is that rare case when a long entry is not needed at all. Since everybody already knows about the existence of the Avengers movie and many have already seen it. That, honestly, is not even surprising. When going to the cinema I was hoping to see a luxurious blockbuster, but somewhere after the first half of the movie, I realized that my expectations were exceeded significantly. To be honest, at the beginning, the appointment of Joss Whedon as the director confused me. Joss was more known in tv series and had no experience in this kind of work. That’s maybe just based on the effect of novelty, Joss shot perhaps the most entertaining movie about the super heroes on such a level of spectacularity that all those done before, even the last Transformers seem not to bright against it.

The Avengers movie tells the story about the universal evil that wants to get hold of Tesseract — an inexhaustible power source to conquer new worlds. Behind all of these, a dear son of the god Odin, Lokki, which has long been eager to enslave the Earth, to hurt his brother Thor, who has there something to lose. At the same time the head of a top-secret anti-terrorist organization, Nick Fury assembles a team of the best heroes the Earth ever knew and including super-soldier Captain America, demigod Thor, extravagant billionaire and inventor Tony Stark, known as iron man, a huge green monster Hulk and a couple of first-rate killers with impressive nicknames: the Black Widow and Hawkeye. Continue reading “The Avengers Movie Essay”

Essay on Role of Grandparents in Our Life

Thanks to grandparents as a child we believe in magic. Yes, and without them there would be no MOM and dad! And what else?
They love us with their unconditional love!

Yes, only our grandparents can love that way: expecting nothing in return and not demanding from their grandchildren to speak at least three languages or to know read and write at the age of three. Their grandchildren are always and no matter what the most intelligent, beautiful and beloved grandchildren, even if there is not one or two, but several there is always enough room for everyone in their hearts.

Our grandparents forgive us almost everything. They always support us with their fingers crossed and are full of pride when they tell others about our successes or show our pictures. They never forget our birthdates, however much grandchildren they had, and give us sense of security.

Grandchildren usually have absolute power over their grandparents and use it in their interests.

If grandparents can they come from the other end of town, just to pick up their kid home from nurseries or tell him a bedtime story — and not only when mom “goes down” after an important meeting, or dad leaves for long business trip in some delegation. They can take a vacation only to take their grandchildren to Zoo, or even just walk in the street. Help their child draw a hare, or take their side when they are not right. Continue reading “Essay on Role of Grandparents in Our Life”