Theory of Constraints Research Paper

Theory of Constraints is a repository of knowledge, methods, and tools for interdisciplinary management of organizations. The lead author is Eliyahu M. Goldratt, with other contributors.

The theory of constraints is a fundamental principle that the flow generated by an organization is limited by at least one process, that is to say, a neck or bottleneck. Production value can be increased by increasing the production capacity at the bottleneck.

Those who are writing their research paper on theory of constraints have to know that there are five key stages of implementation of the theory of constraints:

  1. Identify the constraint (bottleneck).
  2. Exploit the constraint (increase its use and efficiency).
  3. Make all processes in the process forced.
  4. Raise the performance of the constraint (if necessary).
  5. Repeat step 1 if the constraint has changed.

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Research Paper on Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions mean the total amount of CO? released in the atmosphere, due to direct and indirect human activity.

Since there is still no internationally accepted definition, it refers to greenhouse gases even involving additional factors.

Carbon emissions (measured in CO?) and greenhouse gas emissions (measured in CO? equivalents) are often measured in tonnes per year or in vehicles in grams per kilometer.

Students who write their research papers on the topic must know that carbon emissions have increased in recent years, especially since it could became a useful tool to determine the climate impact of products, services, and other events in the life of every person. Only with this information we can effectively minimize the climate impact by providing symmetric country measures – for example, to reach the limiting of the global warming to 2° C. Continue reading “Research Paper on Carbon Emissions”

Research Paper on Stress and Health

The cause of many diseases is a reaction to modern living conditions and lifestyle. Stressful situations can have a catalytic effect, but can also lead to disease. Stress, especially if it is frequent and lengthy, have a negative effect on the psychological state as well as physical health.
When a conflict situation requires quick reaction and immediate response, the body triggers the mechanisms of adaptation.

Those college students who are about to prepare their first research paper on stress and health have to know that stress interferes with the person’s behavior, leading to such common disorders as depression, anxiety, emotional instability, neurosis, mood decline, or, conversely, anger, excitement, fatigue, insomnia, impaired memory, etc.).

Stress can manifest itself, for example, through high blood pressure, inability to fall asleep at night or on weekends. People exposed to stress, often feel tired. Various trivia or other people remarks may seem so annoying to them that it can bring people out of themselves for the day. Stress weakens the body’s resistance forces, causes changes in the autonomic nervous system, hormonal glands, and metabolism. Continue reading “Research Paper on Stress and Health”

Essay on What is Love

Love is interested, caring and attentive attitude to the people we love. We can talk a lot about love, but if short, love is unselfish and joyful concern for others. It is caring and attentive attitude to the person, objects or any affairs and events. If you like an adult, intelligent, and responsible person, love should comply with other requirements: it should not be blind sighted, but intelligent, to not be only a feeling, but also responsible behavior. Love without respect is fragile and unstable, respect without love – cold and feeble.

Many judged love by their feeling and their partner’s feeling, but it looks like the feeling of love is just a reflection, a glare of the present (or not present…) that actually lives in our soul. It is separate and not simple topic about the basics of love, its driving forces, or how and why love is born. In any case, loving feelings are very different, containing both delight and tenderness, fear and hatred – depending on the form of love.

If you look closer to love, we will find a big depth of the feeling. However, it is not just a feeling, and behavior, it is a certain way of life with its own values, worldview, priority of attention and even breathing and intonation. In love, as in relations, there are a few lines. Continue reading “Essay on What is Love”

Research Paper on Capital Punishment in America

The capital punishment in the United States of America has been debated. More than 15 000 people are believed to have been executed in the U.S. since 1608, with more than 1100 since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976 after a nine-year hiatus. In 1972, after a historic five-year moratorium, the country’s highest court said the death penalty to be incompatible with the U.S. Constitution, which practically meant that the death penalty could not be imposed as criminal sanctions. A major criticism was that there was arbitrariness in how and when the death penalty was sentenced.

But in 1976, several states have tightened up the rules for how a trial that examined a prosecution that could lead to the death penalty would be carried out. The Supreme Court was pleased with this, and since then, the death penalty has been re-established as punishment for crimes in the United States. Since 1977 (when the last execution was effected in France) the U.S. is the only state in the West to keep the death penalty in practice, although a few other democracies (Japan, India, Taiwan, Botswana and Indonesia) regularly effects executions. Continue reading “Research Paper on Capital Punishment in America”

Essay on Philosophy of Teaching

My personal philosophy of teaching is that people are teaching differently. There are even those who for anything in life will not be able to teach. As Seneca the Elder said: “Whom the gods would destroy, they would make a teacher.” Persian proverb says: “If heaven had heard the prayers of the children, there would be no living teacher in the world.” George Bernard Shaw put it this way: “He who can, does; who cannot, teaches others.” Peter Lawrence continued, but in a humorous way: “Who knows, makes; who cannot, teaches others; and who cannot teaches teachers.”

There enough categorical statements about teaching “Fools teach, smart people learn.” Humorously it sounds pretty funny: “Smart people love to learn, and fools – to teach. Thus, smart people are often forced to learn from fools.” Probably, these statements are not accidental – to say such things you have had to suffer a great deal from teachers. In all this, of course, there is truth; despite this, the teaching seems to me a noble occupation. I am eternally grateful to my teachers and convinced that it is important to be able to teach, because it helps people (although, judging by the above quotes, not all). It is interesting that Alexander the Great said: “I owe my father for he gave me life, and my teachers for they made my life worthy.” Continue reading “Essay on Philosophy of Teaching”

Expectancy Value Theory Research Paper

Expectancy value theory is psychological models of the motivation to perform a certain behavior, the subjective expectation is to achieve a certain consistency with the behavior and explain the subjective or objective value of behavioral consistency. The theory has great importance in the behavioral economics and is based on the mathematical construct expected value.

Those college and university students who have chosen expectancy value theory to write their research papers on, have to know that the motivation to show a certain behavior, results from the product of the value of behavioral consequences (emotional or rational) and the subjective expectation to achieve the desired consistency with the behavior; formal: M = V × E. Motivational considered a high value can thus compensate little chance of success, or a low value is compensated by high chances of success. Continue reading “Expectancy Value Theory Research Paper”

Social Media Essay Example

The world, today, has become a global village due to innovative technologies that have seen social media taken a new platform. Social networking has opened many opportunities throughout the world and solved major global political, social and economic problems. Integrating people in one social place with innovation will be the highest ever achievements of the 21st century.

The first source describes privacy and surveillance. People like to be watched and to watch what is happening around them. The author talks about situational power that is the dynamic interaction between people on who is watching whom. Different technologies have given us different platforms as if what Facebook can give us is not what TVs can offer us for interaction. Violation of privacy happens, and that is when situational power comes in through controlling of what people do. People’s comprehension of surveillance and privacy depends on social platforms in which they are associated, and it has shown it affects their behavior (Foley, 2011). Continue reading “Social Media Essay Example”

Research Paper on Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Sarbanes-Oxley Act was approved by President George Bush on 30 July 2002 and was later also approved shortly thereafter by the U.S. Congress. It gets its name from its two authors: Paul Sarbanes, Senator for the State of Maryland and Michael Oxley, a member of the U.S. Congress for the Republican Party. The law is often referred to colloquially to SOX or Sarbox.

College students preparing their research papers on the topic must know that Sarbanes-Oxley Act came into being as a reaction to the large corporate bankruptcies that shook American business around the turn of the millennium. The most famous was the bankruptcy of the energy company Enron in autumn 2001 when a large number of employees lost their paid-up pension savings and the shareholders lost their invested money. However, this was not the only example, as also the telecommunications company WorldCom, Tyco International, Adelphia, and Italian dairy group Parmalat may be mentioned. Continue reading “Research Paper on Sarbanes-Oxley Act”

Tips on Writing a Good Term Paper

A term paper is the assignment which is waiting for every student in order to check his knowledge and writing skills he had accumulated during the semester of studying. It is troublesome to succeed in writing a high quality term paper writing without possessing enough experience and advice.

  1. The most obvious starting point of writing is the appropriate selection of the topic, which would satisfy both the student and the professor. One should dwell on the more or less familiar topic in order to waste less time on writing and attempts of understanding the issue.
  2. The introduction of the term paper is the section which informs the reader about the factors which have influenced him to choose this problem for the research, the purpose of writing and the methods which will be used for the research for the improvement of the quality of the text.
  3. The major part of the term paper should concentrate on the research of the problem, the supply of the arguments which prove the student’s opinion about the issue and the strong and weak sides of the problem under the student’s observation. The student is expected to pay attention to the methods and sources applied for writing in order to demonstrate the ability of the young professional to chose the most useful and adequate materials for the research.
  4. The aim of the term paper is not to create a certain original project, but to inform the reader about the chosen problem in detail, so the requirements of the quality and authenticity of the text should be met.
  5. In the concluding part of the term paper the student should write what he has learnt due to the process of writing and whether he is satisfied with the results of the research.

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