Term Paper on Advancement of Wave Energy

Wave energy is the kinetic energy which is produced by the fluctuations of the surface of the sea under the effect of wind. Wave energy belongs to the renewable sources of energy, so, much attention is paid to the advancement of this source. The principle of the use of wave energy is very simply – the special devices catch, transform and transmit the energy producing electricity or other forms of energy form it. The most favourable regions on the planet which can take advantage of wave energy are the coastal areas of oceans and big seas. Nowadays, because of the rapid exhaustion of the traditional resources which produce energy, the scientists think about the alternative and renewable ones to provide the humanity with the sufficient amount of energy. Moreover, the traditional resources are harmful for the environment, while the renewable ones – not.

Wave energy does not produce any wastes and it can not pollute the environment with anything and this point is very important for the humanity as well. Naturally, the process of production of energy from the sea waves is quite a difficult process and today the amount of energy produced in this way is quite low. Scientists work hard to invent the brand new technologies which would make the process more productive. Continue reading “Term Paper on Advancement of Wave Energy”

The Andromeda Galaxy Research Paper

The Andromeda Galaxy (or Andromeda, M 31, NGC 224) is a spiral galaxy type Sb, the largest Galaxy of the local group. It is the nearest large galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy. The Andromeda Galaxy contains roughly 1 trillion stars that 2.5-5 times more than in the Milky Way. It is located in the constellation of Andromeda and become separated from the Earth at a distance of 2.52 million light years. The plane of the Galaxy is inclined at an angle of 15°, its apparent size is 3.2 × 1.0°, apparent magnitude is +3, 4 m.

Use free sample research paper on the topic to learn that the first written mention of the Andromeda Galaxy was written in the Catalogue by Azophi, the Persian astronomer, in 946. The first description of the object based on telescopic observation was given by German astronomer Simon Marius in 1612. When creating his famous catalogue, Charles Messier catalogued the object under the definition of M 31, mistakenly attributing its discovery to Marius. In 1785, William Herschel noted little red speck in the center of M 31. He believed the galaxy to be the nearest of all the nebulae, and calculated the distance to it (entirely untrue), equivalent to 2000 distances between the Sun and Sirius. Continue reading “The Andromeda Galaxy Research Paper”

Risk of Teenage Pregnancy Research Paper

Teenage pregnancy is a pregnancy in the age of 13-17. Teenage pregnancy usually originates in the inadequacy of age to sexual and social maturity. The age and social maturity criteria vary in different countries and cultures.

For better understanding of the topic, we recommend you to consult free sample research papers on risk of teenage pregnancy. In such way, you may eliminate the gaps you in understanding phenomenon, as well as to see the procedure of writing research projects. In addition, these free samples can be used as a reliable source of some relevant information you may properly use in your future researches.

Teenage pregnancy has medical, social, economic, psychological and other aspects. In developed countries it is seen as a social issue because of the low level of education and a high poverty rate of teenage mothers. According to the statistical data, 40% of girls were pregnant before age 20, 3.2% of mothers give birth between the age of 15 to 17. In developed countries, the average proportion of teenage pregnancies is about 10-15%.

Teen pregnancy is a very dangerous phenomenon. To ensure its healthy progress, you need to know what the risks of teenage pregnancy are. Continue reading “Risk of Teenage Pregnancy Research Paper”

Term Paper on Administration and Supervision of Schools

Administration and supervision of schools is the problem which is related with the organization of the school life, the student’s curriculum, energy and water supply, tent of the school building, etc. Obviously, every institution requires professional administrating, and educational institutions are not the exceptions. Every school and university has a teaching board and administrators of higher levels who share their teaching duties with administrating and supervision. For example, a teacher can perform other functions instead of teaching, like supervising the graduate students who are going to defend their academic degrees.

Moreover, a teacher can be also a chief manager of various entertaining and cultural events at school. Of course, more serious and technical issues are fulfilled by the administrators of the specific spheres, like accounting. All the salaries are distributed by the school accountants who analyze the information about the school’s finance and make sure that the financial condition of the school is positive. Continue reading “Term Paper on Administration and Supervision of Schools”

Research Paper on Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breast milk is the best start of a child’s life. Scientific studies have shown that breastfed babies are less prone to respiratory and ear infections, diarrhea, diabetes and many other diseases.

To find enough relevant information, student writers may want to take a look at free sample research paper on benefits of breastfeeding. These free papers written by the professional writers can give you some valuable information on how properly prepare, process, and analyze the data, outline, structure, and present the results of your investigation on the paper. In addition, it may also be used as a textbook on the scientific text writing procedure.

Breastfeeding wonderfully affects all systems of a baby organism: digestive, immune, nervous, endocrine. Breastfeeding gives your baby the opportunity to evolve in the naturally intended way. Many of its benefits are becoming evident for both mothers and pediatricians, from the first day of the newborn’s life. Other benefits become evident, when the child grows up. Continue reading “Research Paper on Benefits of Breastfeeding”

Developmental Biology Essay

Developmental biology is a science involving the greatest range of biological problems. It plays a unifying role for different biological sciences and provides the framework for the integration of molecular biology, cell biology, physiology, anatomy, oncology, immunology, and even evolutionary and ecological research. Study of the embryonic development of organisms is necessary to understand any other fields of biology. Developmental biology is considered basic for studying other biological disciplines.

The development of a new life is a spectacular process, which constitutes a masterpiece of controls temporal and spatial gene expression. The developmental biology focuses on the effect of different genes on phenotypes and epigenetic parameters likely to modify them. The discoveries in this field of investigation to understand development, such chromosomal anomalies anomalies of Down syndrome.

Multicellular organisms are formed as a result of quite a slow process of progressive changes, called development. The multicellular organism development generally starts with is a single cell, a zygote, which divides mitotically and gives the beginning to all the cells of organisms. The science that studies the development of animals, by tradition, is called embryology, because the developing organism from fertilized eggs to the stages before birth is called an embryo or fetus. Continue reading “Developmental Biology Essay”

Research Paper on Medical Advancements

Medical advancements have transformed the world. They changed the course of history, saved an infinite number of lives, extended the limits of our knowledge to operating frontier, where we are standing today, ready for new great discoveries.

Use free sample research papers on medical advancements to understand that in ancient Greece, health care was rather a philosophy than a practical system of procedures based on the true understanding of human anatomy. The surgery was a rarity, and cadaveric dissection was not practiced. As a result, doctors had little information about the visceral organs of the human body. Only during the Renaissance anatomy began as a science, when a Belgian physician Andreas Vesalius decided to share his experience gained over the years doing skilled autopsies by writing a book on human anatomy.

The structure of the human body published in 1538 is considered one of the greatest works in the field of medicine, as well as one of the greatest advancements because it was the first giving the correct description of the structure of the human body. Continue reading “Research Paper on Medical Advancements”

How to Choose a Good Topic for a College Essay?

An essay is the most common assignment at every college, so students often face the problem of inventing interesting topics for essay writing. Many people think that it is quite easy to brainstorm a good topic for an essay but the problem is very serious on practice, so one can follow the pieces of advice about the successful choice of the right topic for the analysis designed by the professionals. Continue reading “How to Choose a Good Topic for a College Essay?”

Research Essay on Black Holes

Black hole is a region in space-time, whose gravitational pull is so great that it could not even be left by the objects moving at the speed of light, including quant of light. The border of this region is called the event horizon, and its typical size is the gravitational radius. In the simplest case of spherically symmetric black hole, it is equal to Schwarzschild radius.

In theory, the possibility of the existence of such space-time regions is based on some exact solutions of Einstein’s equations, the first of which was received by Charles Schwarzschild in 1915. The inventor of the term is unknown, but the designation itself was promoted by John Archibald Wheeler and first publicly used in popular lectures Our Universe: the Known and Unknown, December 29, 1967. Earlier such astrophysical objects were called “stars” or “collapsed stars” as well as “frozen stars.”

The question of the real existence of black holes is closely related to how true the theory of gravitation, which shows their existence, is. In modern physics, gravitation theory, confirmed experimentally, is the general relativity theory (GRT), confidently predicting the formation of black holes (but their existence possible and within the other (not all) models, see: alternative theories of gravitation). Therefore, the observed data are analyzed and interpreted in the context of GRT, although, strictly speaking, this theory is not experimentally confirmed for the conditions corresponding to the region of space-time near black holes of stellar masses (but is well confirmed in the terms of supermassive black holes). Continue reading “Research Essay on Black Holes”

Social Phobia Research Paper

Social phobia (from Latin socius — shared, common and Greek ????? – fear) (also known as social anxiety disorder) is a persistent irrational fear of any public action (for example, public speaking) or action, drawing attention of outsiders (the fear of being on the street, when others watching you, the inability to do anything under the supervision, etc.).

If you are looking for the best way to write an interesting and persuasive research paper on social phobia, you may find it helpful to use free sample research papers on the topic. These free example papers, if properly written by skillful professional, can teach you some interesting things on collecting and preparing relevant information, outlining your thesis statement, as well as presenting your own ideas in the most favorable light.

These fears may be initiated by an imaginary or real supervision. People suffering from social phobia may realize that their fears of social interaction are superfluous or unreasoned, however, they cannot easily overcome their fears. Some people suffering from social phobia, are afraid of a wide range of social situations, while others of only certain ones, such as those in which you need to demonstrate your abilities in the best way. Continue reading “Social Phobia Research Paper”