Architecture History Research Paper

The architecture history deals with the historical development of the building arts and aims at a systematic description of its artistic, socio-cultural, political, economic and technological diversity.

The construction industry is one of the most ancient types of the human activity, and this means that the foundation of all further development of architecture was laid already many millennia ago. In different ages, architecture had different appearance that was determined by the socio-economic level of the country, customs, traditions of the people, its culture, history, national and spiritual inheritance.

Those college and university students whose are about to write their research paper on the architecture have to use all their skills and imagination to prepare a really solid and interesting peace of work. To make this challenge a bit easier it might be a good idea to use free example research paper on the topic as a guide on the complex process of scientific writing. Continue reading “Architecture History Research Paper”

How to Succeed in Writing a Dissertation

A dissertation is probably the most complicated and the biggest-in-volume assignment ever prepared by students at university. When the young professional wants to defend his high academic grades, he is expected to complete a successful dissertation on his major subject. If one requires a piece of the professional advice, he is able to focus on the free dissertation writing tips offered by the experts: Continue reading “How to Succeed in Writing a Dissertation”

Where to Find Non-Plagiarized Essays?

Every student who studies at high school or college will be definitely asked to prepare essays on different topics frequently, so this assignment can be called a real common problem for every young person. Of course, there are moments when the topic suggested for writing is difficult or the student does not have enough time to work out the material himself and write an essay by the deadline. In this case the most reasonable way out is to order an essay online at the professional writing services which support students for money.

The biggest problem of every student who has decided to purchase an essay in the Internet is to choose the appropriate and quality writing service which would provide one with the professional and reliable assistance. There are professional and amateur services the quality of which differs considerably and the price for the services is different too. Amateur writers can prepare cheap essays rapidly, but the quality of these texts is quite low and very often the texts are plagiarized and should not be handed in at school.

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Essay on Pros and Cons of Obamacare

The health care reform also known as The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or simply Obamacare became one of the most ambitious projects in the history of the United States since the mid-1960’s.

Those of you who want to write an interesting college essay on pros and cons of Obamacare have to understand that the reform is an initiative of President Barack Obama and to date is considered to be the main achievement of his presidency.

This is the first attempt to reform the U.S. Health Care system of the United States since the 1960s, when the President Johnson created public Medicare and Medicaid, to help pensioners and the poor. The current reform was attempted back in 1993, however, unsuccessfully by Clinton’s administration.

Over the past thirty years, the health care costs have increased disproportionately in America, although there were not any objective prerequisites for this in the form of improved quality of services. During the last decade, the insurance cost per employee has more than doubled. A large part of the population remains uninsured, and the proportion of such people is growing. The insurance sector, provided by employers, is highly monopolized, hampering the mobility of the labor force and creating the conditions for discrimination of patients both before and after signing the insurance contract, including the denial of payment. The ever-increasing cost of Medicare and Medicaid is one of the reasons for the rushing United States budget deficit. Continue reading “Essay on Pros and Cons of Obamacare”

Research Paper on Positive Effects of Video Games

Today, the experts are sure about positive effects of video games and believe that they help develop qualities that people can use in everyday life.

Until recently, the more accepted view was that violent video games had a negative impact on the gamers’ mental health and hinder them to adapt to society. Allegedly being carried away with video game, people are at risk to grow fat and depressive. Gaming addiction is a serious problem, there even are some specialized clinics for the treatment of the gamers, and the Internet addicted.

Those college students, who are seeking to prepare a good research on the topic must know that most studies on the video games effecting our mental ability are dedicated to the study of its negative effects: addiction, increasing aggression and depression. However, as noted by the researchers at the Naumen University – authors of the review articles published in the journal of the American Psychological Association The American Psychologist – the problem requires a balanced approach. Continue reading “Research Paper on Positive Effects of Video Games”

Essay on Interstellar Movie

Today, Sci-fi movies are associated primarily with the adaptations of the comic series or the teenagers oriented bestselling books. That is, frankly, not a real sci-fi, where the first word stands for science. Interstellar,
directed by Christopher Nolan, who directed the Batman trilogy, has been shot to improve the situation and become the blockbuster, which cherishes the ideas of real scientists.

I do not really understand the modern physics, but in general, Interstellar makes a great impression. There are huge space ships, and various paradoxes and unexplained natural phenomena, which is not at all boring in their details and explanations. They say, it is not without blunders, but they do not hinder you to enjoy the movie.

For me as an average moviegoer, the plot, atmosphere, characters is much more important. And here Nolan put all in perfect order. The plot is good enough even for a three-hour of the opus, you will not be bored for a minute. The atmosphere of deep space is dramatized by the epic music by Zimmer. And the characters are lovingly acted by the great actors, who are, I believe, the most talented in our time. Continue reading “Essay on Interstellar Movie”

How to Write a Convincing Research Proposal

Sometimes students are asked to prepare an effective convincing research proposal which should reveal the topic under research from all possible sides. Of course, the student’s duty is to persuade the professor in the success of the chosen topic and one can do it if he learns to prepare the proposal correctly relying on some professional convincing research proposal writing tips for PhD or Master’s degree:

  1. The first thing which has to be done is the generation of the appropriate topic for the research. The student should focus on the creation of the topic which would be close to his interests and would motivate him to conduct profound research and devote much time to the process of writing.
  2. The second is the creation of the right title of the research proposal which would attract the reader’s attention. It is important to create a brief and catchy title which would reflect the idea of the proposal and the problem which would be mentioned in the research. After that one should prepare a good outline for the proposal in order to make the process of writing logical and well-organized. Finally, one will need to compose an interesting and short abstract which informs the reader about the idea and purpose of the investigation in a few words.
  3. Continue reading “How to Write a Convincing Research Proposal”

Research Paper on Negative Effects of Social Networking

Social networks denoted the Internet trends towards the integration, uniting various services in a single, multi-user Web platforms. These platforms provide users the ability to chat with friends, read the news, listen to music, watch movies, share it with others, and participate in discussions, join groups, create community, with all of these features being concentrated on one website!

Those of you, who have chosen the negative effects of social networking topic to write their research paper on, may want to look through some free example research papers on different topic.

Undoubtedly, the social network is a great technological achievement, which holds many possibilities. However, with these opportunities also problems come… Not to say that social networking is a harm, as well as the same cannot be said, for example, about video games. With the right, controlled approach to this miracle of Internet technology, you can get some benefits and make your life better. But at the same time there is always a risk that using social networks will have some adverse effects on our psyche. Continue reading “Research Paper on Negative Effects of Social Networking”

Essay on Benefits of Afforestation

Recently, they have asked me: “What inspired me to grow trees”? It made me fall to thinking. It would seem to be a simple question, but it made me take thought about what brought me over to that world understanding where I am now.

I was fond of trees since I was a child, and I always liked a lot to draw their roots, branches, their trunks of unusual involute form. Tree as a form are very interesting in itself and I could analyze them for hours and to see many various connections. Foremost, it is connection between the past, present, and future. Roots go downward, into the past, and branches grow upward and there are always new: they present the future. It is for reason that family is often presented as a large tree. In antiquity, people presented the worlds as based on tree. Even the word “antiquity” reminds me the word “tree.”

Even with a naked eye it is possible to see that the structure of a tree (its silhouette on the whole) is very similar with the patterns capillaries build-up in the animal and human, with lightning, with patterns the rivers draw on their way to the ocean. All these are universal and very well carefully thought out structures (fractals), more effective than you can think of something. Continue reading “Essay on Benefits of Afforestation”

Research Paper on Benefits of Yoga

One of basic benefits of yoga is its positive influence on the backbone, which, as is generally known, is the base of health for all our body. Most asanas, the body positions, are practiced for the maintenance of its correct functioning. As a result, nerves are actively provided with nitrogen and oxygen, supporting their proper functionality.

Use free sample research paper on benefits of yoga to understand that these exercises effectively help to get rid of the chronic pain in the lower back, closed thorax, and distorted backbone.

Yoga renders salutary influence on all systems of organism, including cardiovascular, digestive, and endocrine. When practicing asanas, internal organs and glands, responsible for the healthy functioning of organism are being specifically stimulated.

Practicing bandha (power locks) improves the blood circulation in the sexual glands in the representatives of both sexes and can be considered a prophylaxis and therapy of sexual disorders. Continue reading “Research Paper on Benefits of Yoga”