History of Art Research Proposal

History of art is the study about the chronological development of art in different periods of the human history. Obviously, everything has its own history and art is not the exception, because art has always existed in the human civilization and it changed on the way of the development of the humanity. History of art embraces such issues as the theory and norms of functioning of art, its critique, understanding and explanation of the works of art and illustrates the gradual development of art with the run of time alongside with the social historic events. The history of arts starts from the division of the human activity in the field of art into periods, because art, like literature has its own time periods and each period has its own style, symbols, concepts and manner of painting and expression.

History of art is closely connected with the general history, as the majority of artists reflected the contemporary social and natural processes in their works. Continue reading “History of Art Research Proposal”

Development of Action Research Proposal

Development of action is the branch of the human psychology which is focused on the process of the development of the human socially important activities, like emotions, thoughts, actions, etc. Development of action is an important side of the human psychological development, because without the well-developed emotional and intellectual activity it will be impossible to survive in the human society. The human life is not a static phenomenon, but a dynamic process which requires constant decision making, solutions of the different problems, interpersonal communication, education, work, etc.

Development of action touches upon the process of the emotional development of the human being from the early years of her life, so the issue is most often connected with education and developmental psychology.

There are many theories and approaches towards the research of the problem on development of action which are based on the basic concepts created by the well-known psychologists. Continue reading “Development of Action Research Proposal”

Cross-Cultural Communication Research Proposal

Cross-cultural communication is the way of communication between the representatives of different cultures. The communication can have the form of the direct verbal communication (language, speech, writing, online communication) and the informal communication between a few people belonging to the different groups. Cross-cultural communication is a discipline which is closely connected with linguistics, psychology, political sciences, ethics, ethnology, sociology and anthropology. The scholars from these different fields cooperate in order to define the peculiarities of the cross-cultural communication and its weak sides. The experts most often dwell on the problems and obstacles which can be met on the way of communication between the representatives of different cultures. Evidently, there are many codes which exist in every culture which reflect their behaviour and reaction in different situations. What is more important – the differences between two cultures can be so solid, that they can not understand one another.

The subject of cross-cultural communication appeared in the middle of the 20th century in the USA when the world was just entering the new era of globalization process. The countries of the world can not exist separately and require close political and economic relations with other countries, so it has become of vital importance to train businessmen communicate with the businessmen of other cultures in order to build new economic connections. Continue reading “Cross-Cultural Communication Research Proposal”

New Product Marketing Research Proposal

New product marketing is the complex of efforts aimed at the promotion of the brand new product among the target audience. Naturally, it is quite difficult to attract consumer’s attention to the new product, because the majority of people are conservative ones and they prefer buying the goods and services which they have tried before and know about their qualities. So, it becomes difficult to advertise a new product and make it popular among customers. It does not worth mentioning that the success can be achieved only due to the professional and wise process of marketing which does its best to make the product popular and famous among people.

It is not a secret that even the product of the highest quality will not gain popularity without the right marketing strategy, so it is important to pay attention not just to the quality and price of the product, but to the strategy of its promotion on the market. A new product can be advertised in different ways but there are a few most effective steps. Continue reading “New Product Marketing Research Proposal”

Forensic Psychology Research Proposal

Forensic psychology is the branch of psychology which studies the psychological problems which occur during the trial. The importance of forensic psychology can not be overestimated, because very often it is difficult to define whether the suspected person is guilty or not and the only way out from such a situation is to analyze the condition of her psychics. The main aspects of forensic psychology are the psychological analysis of the suspect, professional study of the crime by the psychologist, careful search and interrogation, etc. In the end, much attention is paid to the prevention of crimes and psychological help to the criminals on their way of socialization. Nowadays the experts in the sphere of crime and punishment dwell on the human psychology in order to define the motives of crime.

It is obvious that if the suspect was in the heat of passion, he can not be treated like a criminal, because he did not understand what he was doing. In this case the suspect is not imprisoned but he has to survive the treatment at a mental hospital in order to be able to live in the human society normally without causing harm to anybody. Continue reading “Forensic Psychology Research Proposal”

Research Proposal on Leadership and Innovation

Leadership and innovation are the two categories which influence the development of the company and any institution which has the aim of making money. It is obvious that every company has a leader and the success of the business plan, the activity of the firm of the market depends on the creativity, education, objectiveness and patience of the leader. He is expected to encourage the development of the company, work of the employees and the quality of their decisions. Moreover, the leader is supposed to be psychologically healthy and possess perfect communicative skills in order to be able to persuade, help and control his employees. It is important for the leader to be inventive and dynamic in order to make the scope of the company’s production flexible. It does not worth mentioning that progress is impossible without innovations and brand new risky and non-standard decisions in the selected spheres of the firm’s work.

Innovations can touch upon equipment, technologies, management, etc. If the leader is a smart master in his field, he would apply new technologies into the process of production in order to improve the potential of the firm and its position on the market. Continue reading “Research Proposal on Leadership and Innovation”

Research Proposal on Micro and Small Enterprises

Micro and small enterprises are the small types of business which are characterized with small investing, low profit and rapid turnover of the capital. Evidently, micro and small enterprises can be called the most important sector of the state economy after medium business. The average developed country has the 34% profit into its budget form micro and small enterprises and the sums are really serious and improve the country’s economy profoundly.

Naturally, these enterprises solve several problems – economical and social ones. For example, due to micro and small enterprises the country solves the problem of unemployment and poverty, because many people have the chance to start their own profitable private or family business and provide themselves with everything they need. Moreover, these types of business supply more than 30% of the country’s income and provide more than 30% of goods for export, what can be called serious profit for the state. Micro and small enterprises are extremely popular in India and for the majority of people these firms are the single source of profit.

Due to the growing popularity of these types of business India is developing rapidly and defeats the problem of poverty in the intensive ways.

Micro and small enterprises have got their names due to the limited financing for equipment and machinery used in business. Continue reading “Research Proposal on Micro and Small Enterprises”

Research Proposal on Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is the process of creation, development and improvement of the long-term, profitable and solid relations with the major partners of the organization: clients, suppliers, distributors, employees, etc. Relationship marketing is the process which is aimed at the long-term cooperation, so the methods are reliable, varied and logical. The final aim of these relations is the creation of the varied and broad business network which provides the company with the permanent returning clients, constant chain of suppliers, devoted employees, etc. Successful relationship marketing is characterized with close relations between the company and customers which are carried out with the help of the special techniques which influence the attitude of the client to the firm on the psychological level.

Relationship marketing is quite a complex structure which has originated in 1970s with the growth of big corporations. These corporations started building their complex business systems with the aim to attract a great number of customers and win the serious positions on the international markets. Relationship marketing is useful for all sides of the business cooperation. For example, the company receives constant suppliers which provide it with resources permanently and very often the price for the supply is low due to the treaty that the company purchases these resources constantly without the change of the supplier. Continue reading “Research Proposal on Relationship Marketing”

Soil Erosion Research Proposal

Soil erosion is the process of the soil degradation or the reduction of the soil’s quality under the effect of different factors. Evidently, soil is one of the most valuable resources on the planet, because without its qualities plants will not grow and as a result the variety of life on Earth would be quite poor, because there would no grass-eating animals and insects and the consumption chain would be not so varied. It does not worth mentioning that soil requires hundreds and thousands of years for its creation and development, because microorganisms which produce soil from the organic materials do not fulfil this duty rapidly. So, it is obvious that the humanity has to protect and maintain the quality of soils; otherwise people will simply die from hunger, when there is collapse of agriculture. The soil’s quality can be reduced because of the water and wind erosion and the anthropogenic activity.

Soil erosion under effect of wind occurs when the area is not protected by any natural shelters or barriers, like trees of high rocks. When the surface is flat and the wind is strong, the most productive and valuable upper layers of soil are blown away and the area becomes infertile and can suffer from deserting. Water is also dangerous for soils, because it washes away its upper layers as well as the wind does. That is why coastal areas always resemble deserts as there is no fertile soil there. Moreover, when the territory suffers from floods or running streams of water from the hills, it also becomes infertile, because the layers of soil are washed away into the lowlands. Continue reading “Soil Erosion Research Proposal”

Research Proposal on Human Wildlife Conflict

Human-wildlife conflict is the conflict which occurs between the human being and the representatives of the wildlife. This type of conflict has always existed in the natural environment, because it is obvious that animals of different species treat the human being as an opponent, threat or a target for hunting. For thousands of years people were the target of predators and from their own side – they were predators for herbivorous animals. The conflicts occur even nowadays, when the human being becomes a threat to the well-being of the wild animals and vice versa. The issue can be observed from the point of view of the opposite sides – the supporters of the animal wildlife and the supporters of the anthropological activity. First of all, it is possible to observe the problem from the point of view of the human being. Many people think that the human life is much more valuable that the life of an animal but they forget that they have to appreciate the animal’s life as well.

As a result, animals are hunted and tortured for fun and the majority of animals can not protect themselves against the human threat. It is easy to understand the nature of human-wildlife conflict, because the majority of these conflicts occur because of the human activity. If the human enters the habitat of the wild animal, it becomes protecting its territory by all means causing harm to the opponent – the human being. People have to pay attention to the areas they enter; about the reduction of the wild places, forests, lands for the wildlife if they want to reduce the chance of being attacked. Continue reading “Research Proposal on Human Wildlife Conflict”